Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day times 2!!!

So this year is the first Father's Day in which I can pay tribute to my own father -- who is my #1 DAD -- and also to my husband (father to be in just 65 days)! These 2 men are alike in so many important ways, so unique in others, and 2 dad's that I love Very VERY VERY much!!! Happy Father's day to my 2 favorite dads! And now, for the top 10 things I love about each!!!!


10. He has been there for every important event in my life - at every basketball game, dance competition/performance, graduation, etc. (and he does this not only for me but for all 6 of his kids)

9. He is a Fantastic cook and can spice up ANYTHING to make it taste even better! My favorites are his chicken parmesean, dutchoven anythings, and of course - the best stuffing on thanksgiving ever!!!

8. He is the hardest worker you will ever meet, and no matter how hard he has worked all day at the office, still can come home and help with the cleaning, dishes, yardwork, and anything else that needs doing.

7. He doesn't like to lose at games, and yet when he is losing it is so fun to tease him with the family.....sorry dad --- but this brings me laughs to think about when you get quieter and more upset the worse you do in Mormon Bridge!

6. Hands down he is the best scoutmaster on this planet, and boy do the boys eat well when they go with him!

5. He always makes sacrifices for what he might want to please the family!

4. He has the answer to every school question I ever had and could always help me with my homework --- especially thanks for helping me with my tax assignments, and more for doing my taxes for so many years!!!!

3. He writes the best letters and I treasure the one I got as a freshman in college and on my wedding day --- both I read often when I am having a rough day!

2. He ALWAYS buys not only my mom flowers on Valentines Day, but also buys me and Kimmy flowers, and makes us feel so special! (I look forward to that each year)

1. He is the best dad I could ever ask for and I just love him for being MY DAD!!!

My HUSBAND/Future Father:

10. He is so cute when he practices his typing at night when we are watching tv -- but more it shows how he is always making himself better, even if it is at minor things such as typing speed!

9. He is the funnest person to watch the office with ever -- because he laughs more with each episode and you can't help but laugh with/at him throughout the whole show!

8. He not only works over 80 hours every week, but also does ALL the yardwork, and helps with cleaning the house too!

7. He is super fun to go to the lake with, and makes me proud since he is always the best wakeboarder on the boat --- i love filming him doing jumps and flips.....even if they make me super nervous sometimes!

6. He treats me so well, and we can have a blast together doing absolutely nothing!

5. He makes friends SO easily and I love having my old friends and his old friends at the house because they always become "our friends"! He can talk to ANYONE about anything and make people feel comfortable!

4. He doesn't get too embarrassed when I tell people he was a CK underwear model....and boy does he have "hot buns" and legs!!!

3. He is such a great example to the YM in the ward and will do awesome in his new calling as YM president!!!

2. He is going to be the greatest dad to our little boy, and I can't wait to see his face the first time he holds him!

1. He is my very best friend and I couldn't live without him!

I love you 2 -- thanks for making my life better!!!!