Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I hate those relationships where I give and give and give....

Try and try and try...

Compliment, comment, pay attention to detail, and really make a conscious effort....

Only for the other person to never put forth any effort or say anything nice back!!!

Frustrated. Why are some people only takers?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's your walk?

So everyone has their own walk, whether you know it or not. You do!!! Some people swagger, some strut; others waddle, limp, or sort of just shuffle along.
I was thinking about my walk, and i would say most of the time it is a brisk beeline to wherever I am going; whether it be through the grocery store, across the room to save Cash before he pulls something over on his head, or around the track every morning alternating laps with running and walking fast.

I think I get it from my mother, as she always walks fast. I am grateful for it I think.
Anyways, Cash is FINALLY learning to move.....albeit he doesn't walk entirely by himself yet (he has taken 2 steps numerous times on his own from my lap to the couch); after thinking he might be immobile forever, he finally has figured out how to get around the house.

11 months and 4 days later.....he can crawl, SORT OF!!!! I call it more the Cashee Scoot!!!! But hey - it works for him! And now, off to find where he went and save him once again!!! (we are officially moving tomorrow so busy packing!!!)
What's your walk???????

let go, just let go!!!

look who is so happy to help me pack!!!

This is too much fun!!! (if only life were that simple for me?!!!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainy Days & Mondays Always Make Me Smile....

I LOVE the rain! I sat down to type a post called Random thoughts on a Rainy afternoon;
I started to download my pics from this last week in NC......
and then it happened....I saw my pictures, the ones that I had lost,
and yes, have spent many a day sad and sick about!
They were downloading to my computer - what?!?!???
I had talked to many computer geniuses, agonized, and then finally gave up the thought that I ever might see these pics again! And then today, on July 20, at 5 pm......
all of a sudden they are back!

I am not going to ask why, and I certainly have no idea how, but they are back!
I am saving them and blogging them right now so that they won't disappear on me again!
And so, here come a lot of pictures of my 4th of July!!!
I love rainy days and mondays today!!! (not guaranteed to like it next week tho)

Emily and Cash arriving in Williamsburg!

July 4th: Outside of the White House - watching Obama come out and wave. My little brother-in-law Jayton kept asking Chip and I if we would see the president, and I kept saying no; right after that we happened on all these people standing here with cameras ready. I asked what the fuss was about and they said - the president is going to come out and wave at 4:30. So Jayton, and us, did see him......although from quite a distance! I thought the guards with the big guns were a lot more interesting to watch myself!!!

Our family, waiting for the big wave!

Jayton - you got your wish this trip!

Hanging w/ Emily and Hannah at the Washington monument

Trying to escape from Heidi and Betty!

The greatest in-laws ever: it's always a party when we hang w/ them!

Heidi, jayton, becky, and hannah!

recommemorating last year here....altho I was so happy to not be prego this time!

All ready for the fireworks to start!

This little guy hadn't napped yet today, so wondered if he was going to like the fireworks, or sleep right through them?

The greatest firework show ever!

At first Cash wasn't so sure about the fireworks!

But soon he warmed up and was in awe at the big display!

Sunday we went to Arlington Cemetery!

The view is beautiful!

My 2 favorite boys!

Being quiet.....sort of....during the changing of the guards!

My favorite place we went- such a beautiful cemetery - could I be buried here please!

Right after the changing of the guards!Hannah, happy Cash, and me!

Looking good on his throne!

Who looks the most dead?

I loved the tall arches and architecture of this place too!

Always: the must have a kiss picture in the arch!

Sunday evening: trip to DC temple!

Come on dad, come have a picture with us!

Family photo take 1: (after take 20 we realized it was a challenge to get all 3 people to look)

Take 21: Problem solved

Daddy - you are sooooo funny!
Grandma Betty, Jayton, Emily and Cash - Jayton - think this is where you picked up those ticks!!!

This is the spot Chip proposed to me about 4 years ago! Man time flies!

Taking a break from all the walking!

Family photo!

Ok, enough pictures for one day!!!

Monday: 6 Flags!! The waterpark was a blast!

Chip took Cash down a babyslide: however, it is ONLY for 3 and under! Sorry, no dads! Chip did get yelled at!!!

Hanging w/ the aunts and uncles!

i DO love the water!!!

I also love drinking ANYTHING w/ a straw! This time - sprite mixed w/ lemonade!

My favorite rollercoaster!

On my way to go on my very first ride!

I think I am going to like these rides!

I love LOVE this kid!

Waiting in line for the merry-go-round!

All ready to go!

This is the best ride ever! Again, mom, again!

And now, I am going to climb the pole!

The teacups; I always have to go on this ride!

This was a GREAT GREAT trip for us!!! Thanks Brown family for coming out and spending the holiday with us! See you all in October for more fun at the beach!!!! Destination: Mexico!