Monday, January 28, 2013

Lazy Days!!!

We had a little bit of sickness in our home last week with sore throats and a double ear infection for Ivy Jane, so we spent quite a bit of time resting and just hanging out inside away from our week of rain!  Ivy tried some sorbet for the first time and loved it! 

She also loves to just blow spit bubbles - I find it hilarious!

 Today she is 8 months old and boy do we love her!  Can't get enough of her cute smiles and giggles!

 Everywhere we go people ask "is she always this happy?" She really is always happy! (unless mom leaves the room now.......ahhh!!!!)

Cash experienced a sore throat for the first time and had a pretty high fever for 2 days but now is great! He conked out during a show - which for him never happens unless he is sick!  Poor guy!

 Ivy kissing the bathtub - or maybe eating it!  She is a little fish and loves the water!

 Mom has a new addiction - buying Ivy swimsuits -she already has 4 and they are all so cute!  This one is great to protect her a little more from the sun's rays - she is too cute!

Griffin took matters into his own hands while mom was fixing lunch and ate the cheese himself!  Big bite Griffin!

 Happy kiddos are my favorite!

Already ready for Valentines - I LOVE this holiday and Griffin and I made this cute button heart for decoration on my shelf.  My Sister-in-law Anne inspired me to do up a shelf and I tried doing what she did exactly and yet my frame wasn't big enough and my X-O were too big so it looked weird - so i went with this.  I love how the heart turned out - it was a pinterest activity!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January: A week without daddy!!!

This last week without Chip has been LONG!!  But we managed to have fun and do a bunch of things - first we sold the boys beds and so they had none and had to sleep on the floor on the Sunday night before I got them mattresses on Monday!  Griffin did great from going to a crib until this, and still naps like a champ in his new bed (mattress with blankets as of now)!

 We ate yummy food from many a different place - including Inn-n-Out and Krispy Kreme...on the same NIGHT!!!  One cool mama - as Cash said!

We went to the park in the beautiful 70 degree January weather here and practiced football and baseball with the boys - Cash has a great arm and hits the ball most times too with the bat - T-ball watch out!  Interestingly he bats left handed and throws right handed!  I have an ambidextrous child!

 Ivy enjoyed sitting in the stroller and watching the boys play ball!  She is so big sitting up in her stroller!

 Love her!

 Ivy got some new swimming suits and we had fun dressing her up!

Cash is a good helper and loves to help with Ivy!!!  Love G in Ivy's crib in the one above!  Got in but couldn't get out on his own! HEHEHE!

Went to other parks with friends and Ivy got to swing like a big girl!

 Ate yummy sorbet from Costco - these are our favorites right now- coconut, lemon-pomegranite!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Footprints in the sand!

I needed a few pics of tiny toes in the sand, and what cuter ones then my little Ivy Jane's painted ones!  So off we went to the park ready to go!  However, it's a good thing I only needed toes - because she actually HATED the sand!  It was like she froze and she just started moving her fingers really fast and making a sad face and then screaming.  Thank heavens mom was fast - thanks for providing some cute little toes in the sand - perfect for a picture in my beachy bathroom!  The last footprint was Cash's and he was a great helper, since we had to make the sand wet at the park and weren't actually at the beach - once we start going to the beach I will get some better ones soon!  I was thinking about footprints though and the impressions they leave and it got me started thinking about the impressions I have made and want to make, both on my kids, as a RS teacher, and just as a friend and person.  I have some new resolutions that will hopefully help me be a better person, and make better impressions, especially with my own children who I love and who right now are so impressionable!  I love them!
What kind of impression do you want to make?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Lately!!!

We have done a pretty good job for the most part of escaping the nasty flu bugs that are going around everywhere.  Knock on wood!  However, the past few days little Ivy Jane has had a mild fever and not been quite herself.  She is still pretty happy, but not sleeping so well and wants to be held and cuddled even more than normal.  She is so sweet and I do treasure the moments I can just sit and hold her and look at her and get lost in her and not think about anything else that needs doing.  It actually brings me back to thinking about how I thought I was so busy with one little child - when Cash was a baby - and how I really could just do that if I wanted (and I did a LOT I think), and how much more busy and crazy life seems now.  But I do love the moments when it's just me and her and I get my snuggle time with my baby girl!  Stop growing so fast my little princess!

Decided to go ahead and decorate the house even if we might not be here for too long, because I couldn't stand the bare walls and horrible window treatments any longer in this home!  This rug was a great find on craigslist that I picked up last week and I love it - the room is by no means done, and will be undergoing some major changes soon so check back in the future for the finished product, but wanted to get a pic of it now anyways (and no the baby bassinet doesn't belong there).

 Bathtime at our house is a great time because all the kids love it and for the most part get along well and Ivy is a little fish and is funny to watch - the last time she actually got on her knees and was grabbing up at the soap hole and almost pulled herself to standing - I was so shocked and scared she would slip I didn't snap a photo of that!  Love her cheeks!

 This cutie loves to read, as is evidenced in this picture, and also is getting to be such a big boy and talker.  While Cash is at school each day now he and I have lots of times and he has really started talking and is so sweet - and also he is out of his crib and now into a big boy bed (or mattress at this point still)!  Where did my little baby boy go?!  My favorite phrase he says is "you're welcome!" - he says it so cute and sweetly and it brings a smile every time!

 Cash goes off to pre-school each day with his best buddy Owen and is absolutely loving it.  I love him to pieces and miss him so much when he is gone, but love learning about his day.  He is practicing reading each day with me and we have so much fun one on one time during the other 2's nap times!

So pretty much my life is very busy with my 3 little ones, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my kiddos to pieces and I am working on being more patient and not yelling (currently I am on day 3 of my no yelling at all and am hoping to go a whole month!)
Happy Monday!!!