Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rosen Family Photos 2015!!!

 My mom really wanted a family photo with EVERYONE in it - and since we were all there on Christmas day we made it work - this is from less than 5 minutes outside in the FREEZING cold, on Christmas day, with 5.5 kiddos, and my cousin taking the pics on Alex's camera! Turned out pretty darn good for that!  LOVE ALL THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Christmas Card 2015!

After last year Chip told me I couldn't top the Christmas card from 2014 - I had something in my mind this time that was a little more formal, involved a sleigh and gifts, and the lifeguard shack, required the lighting to be good, sunset being better this year for the lighting, and was just about as hard (if not harder) to get set up than last year - but we LOVE how they turned out!  Super fun, and gotta take advantage of the beachy theme while we live here!  Love this place!

Merry Christmas from the Browns!
I love my little sweet, and patient with their amateur mom photographer, kiddos!

December 2015!!!

To say December flew by is an understatement.  I know it is the middle of January, and I am just now catching up, but the past month seems like a blur, and also like it took forever and lasted so long.  We crammed so many things into the month and were lucky enough to stay healthy in order to do it - largely due to the fact I kept Griffin out of school for the last 1.5 weeks before the break since his class was having such a crazy epidemic, but more on that later.  

So first I was asked to be in charge of our ward Christmas party - it was SO MUCH WORK, and a bit overwhelming, but turned out AWESOME and I am grateful (now) for the experience.  It really was a great night.  We did the theme A Night In Bethlehem and it was really cool.  The gym was set up as Bethlehem city and the food, which was catered by the yummy chicken dijon,  was set up in food tents to act as the open market.  We had a pastries stand, a fruit stand, the chicken and pita stand, and a winery booth (sparkling grape juice of course)! -  all were given a bag of sheckles (chip's old poker chips painted gold) at the first so they could buy their food.  The stage was set with the manger for the program and it was a perfect night to come dressed as if you were in Bethlehem and remember the Savior's birth, the reason for the season!  Totally cool!  It helps that I know a guy who could provide us with all the linens for the tables and booths.  Looked beautiful, the pics don't do it justice!

Chip and Cash flew out to Utah for the weekend before the dinner began so they weren't there but got to see the set up and that was fun!

Disney On Ice FROZEN with these cuties!!!  Somehow my other photos from this night won't upload so this is all - but the kids had a blast with our little friends Capri and Liam!

 Temple lights with the Walters is a fun tradition!!!

Then Kevin and Hollie came to visit and we took a walk on the pier with them (BRRRRRRR!!!!)

Cash had a great singing performance for the 2nd grade and it was darling!  Here is his class!

 Lots of parties at pre-school!!!

 All my kids LOVE Moose (baby McKoy!)

They went to Disneyland and had a great time!

Santa made a visit to pre-school!  Griff enjoyed it too!  And Ivy actually sat by him and didn't cry or get too scared.....FINALLY!!!

 Each child received a present!  The kids loved the American Girl Doll Bball outfit and the Legos!

Running in the morning in SoCal in December - Beautiful, and only a lil bit chilly!

The kids got to open their gifts to each other before we left for Utah - So exciting!

BYU vs. Utah Bowl game in Vegas - not a great game but we still had fun!

Made it to Utah in time for the Rosen Family Christmas party!  So much fun at my Grandpa's new pad - it is NICE there!

Snuggling with Sammy!

Best girlfriends!

Helping Grammy make fruit baskets for the widows!

BYU Basketball game watchers!

Little Heroes Foundation wrapping party for needy families - sooooo much fun and awesome!

Lights in Utah!

Normal Rockwell exhibit with the family!

Snowtime with Hollie!

 Christmas eve dessert - peppermint oreo icecream cake madness! Yummy!

 Christmas brunch with Grandma Katee!

Babysitter mom with Moose!

Gorgeous Utah!

Daddy getting serious with his syrup in the kitchen!

 Bowling with the family!

 The Good Dinosaur!

 Partying it up with our VA friends! LOVE this crew!

Swimming at the Provo Rec!

Love my sisters - celebrating Mary's new baby girl due in March!

Romans Family party!

Santa pic 2015!

First day of Primary!

 Personality?! Nahh!!!  This girl has plenty!

Some pics wouldn't download so gonna have to do another post with our pictures - but we had a great trip and Christmas season!!!!  Now back to reality!

Found a few I needed to add:

A snowy walk!

Loving Moose!

Snow pics with Hollie!

Christmas morning fun with Cousin Emma!

 Fun on the sledding slopes with daddy!

My family didn't love me for making us take pics in the 7 degree weather, but we didn't get to take them on Christmas sunday before due to travel so we took them the Sunday after!  Christmas outfits 2015!!! I LOVE these people!!!

Me and my better half!

 Ivy was happy to take a few! Love my girly girl!

Do you want to build a snowman!?!