Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Our annual visit and picture with a different Santa was once again a success!!! Thought we might get a picture with little Griff crying, but nope, both boys once again loved Santa and smiled great for their picture!

Cash told Santa he was going to get a Finn Macmissile from Cars 2!!! Since he's been a good boy all year he just might! What did you ask Santa for for Christmas???
Hope you have been good so you might get it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1st Time Gingerbread Houses!!!

With everything going on in our crazy lives right now we haven't had a ton of time for Christmas traditions, or new activities that I want to make Christmas traditions. However, with Chip home from work early yesterday due to him having pneumonia and needing to rest, we did actually get to have a little family activity time and build the gingerbread village I wanted to do back on the 1st of December!!! We had a great time as a family, the boys loved eating the candy (in fact that is why there aren't too many gumdrops on the houses), and they turned out pretty cute!!! What a fun tradition and one we will continue every year from now!

Ready to get started....or rather eat the treats!
Showing off some of the candy used to decorate!
Chip getting it all started and putting the houses together!
Griff, still smiling for the camera, enjoying the festivities...and Cash loved the GREEN frosting! Why? because it is uncle Kevin's favorite color of course!!! Yes, Kevin, he did mention that at least 100 times during the night while we decorated!
Almost all put together and ready to decorate!
Anxiously waiting to start the decorating!
Here's the little village pre-decorated!
And here it is after we worked our magic!!!
Love Griffin's little smile and happy face!
Proud of our work!
Love me my boys!
Just love Griff's face!
A picture with mom - since I did most of the decorating don't have any pics of the in-process work - but man did we have fun!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Excited for Christmas!!!

Showing off their new Christmas jammies!!!