Monday, August 31, 2009

Hitting a Brick Wall.....................

So today I was supposed to be productive.

Got up.
Showered and got ready.
Cash took a nap.
I gathered everything so we could go get our passports.

Then comes the part when everything started to go wrong.

The printer ran out of ink, or stopped working, so I couldn't print off my applications for my class I wanted to take this fall at UVA.
We got to the post office and sat in line for 30 minutes to be told I didn't need to wait in line next time for what I had to do.
We sat in another line for 30 minutes filling out passport stuff only to get up to the counter and be told I needed a copy of my drivers license, and no, they did not have a copy machine.

Also, we needed the baby's father to get Cash's passport. I wasn't good enough!
Then, off to the mall to finish a package for my friend's baby..........but oh, forgot Cash's stroller at home in the garage, so couldn't go in.

Got home, called Dr. to make another appointment with different pediatrician for Cash's head - but the computers were still down and will have to call back tomorrow!

So all my plans on being super productive - dashed as we have hit a brick wall on every single one of them!

Guess it is time to eat some birthday cake and veg out for a little bit!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Better Late Than Never............

I finally finished it.
Yes, for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!
I started this book over a year ago, and yet never could get super into it until recently!

I am lucky too, because.............I made it this long without having anyone spoil the ending for me!
I lOVE this series and am a bit sad it is over, but it ended great!!!
What should I read next? Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

For the Record.......

I have been experiencing a little piece of heaven this past week!

Cash is NOT a cuddly baby AT ALL!!!!
He doesn't like to be rocked, cuddled, or held when he goes to sleep.
However, he has been waking up in the middle of the night this week because he is cutting a new tooth.

What does he want? Yep, just to be held and rocked and to lay his head on his mommy's shoulder. (daddy's DOESN'T work)

I don't care that it is 1, 2, or 3 am. That I am exhausted, and just want to be back in bed.
I have been treasuring these moments, and rocking him just a little bit longer than I probably need to, because I realize my little boy won't be little for that much longer, and I want to cherish and live each one of these moments to the fullest.
It is wonderful to get to cuddle my little one, even for a brief moment!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Utah Trip August 2009

This is for you guys!!! (my family)

When it rains, it pours............and the last couple weeks have been packed with WAY too many things to blog about! However, I wanted to put these pictures up of our fabulous trip to Utah we had 2 weeks ago! We had a wonderful time, and the bestest family ever!!!!

At the zoo on August celebrate papa Dave's birthday!
Checking out the animals!
Cash's 2 favorite buddies: Sam and Kevi Enjoying lunch at the zoo! Some of my favorite animals to look at!!! Baby Giraffe that was only 5 days old
Cash enjoyed the ribs too for the b-day dinner!

Having fun with the presents....or part of the presents!

Pam Shelton brought over a perfect present for Dad: stuff for the garden!

Happy 54th Papa Dave: yummy peach cobbler he made for us!
Yummy - otterpops make me smile!

Everyone LOVING Cash:

Papa Dave and Cash hanging on the porch!

Sam and Cash playing around!

Grammy and Cash looking at the Tanners doggies!
Alex and Cash playing with toys
Kevi feeding Cash Working on walking!
hangin' with my cousin's kids during our fun lunch together!
Playing Peek-a-boo! Hanging out with the boys
After my morning run I came home to this happy face!
Sam taught us how to apply baby oil to properly to get a good tan: demonstrating on Kimmy! One of my favorite activities: watching Kimmy at the dance competition - dad - we can still see you :) Kimmy and her new partner Matt - ready to compete for their first time together!
They did great - placing 2nd in Latin!


Love watching her dance!!!!

Kimmy and Wendy at their duet recital - they rocked the pianos!
I got your hat!
ha - gave it back!

Playing in the tupperware........again!

Eating with Stan at the big table!!!

After Cash's photoshoot with Kelly, I decided to try my skills with my new camera on Cash in my parent's beautiful backyard! We went out while he was happy, and I shot a bunch! I am a novice when it comes to lighting, etc etc.....and these have not been edited or touched up, but i LOVED them anyways! Can't wait til I take my photography class this fall and I learn how to do even better!!!!

We LOVED cheering Kevin and Sam on in their softball games!!!

Sam warming up for his turn at bat!
Cash watching through the fence as Kevin hits a great one!

When he wasn't on the field, Kevin was playing with Cash!Sand in my shoes - yuck!!!
Go team!
Check me out - aint I cute?
In the box!Yeah - go team!

How bout a treat!

Mom and Stan cheering
Watching on as the team is up at bat! is close!

2 cute fans!