Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 14-22: A Vacation from a Vacation!!!

This week was crazy with a little mini vacation (for mom) from the kids to go back to California to be with Chip for the weekend, figure out our housing situation, spend quality one-on-one time together, get to eat out and sleep in and hang out and go to the temple and just have the best weekend EVER!!!  I am finding myself wishing it was this weekend all over again!!!
However, it isn't, and it is fun being back in Utah with the kids and just having a more relaxing week this week!  Wanted to recap the pictures from our last week tho!

We checked another item off the list and walked to the pharmacy for penny candy.  Just Griffin and Ivy went since Cash wasn't feeling so good after his bout of heat exhaustion on Monday.  Poor guy was so miserable and just felt absolutely horrible Monday - he went to Tennis and then was feeling lousy, but we went to swim cuz he felt better after his otterpop.  However, he was shivering through the whole thing and from then on got worse the rest of the day.  We have a super uncle named SAMMY, however, who was the kindest and sweetest helper and even got in the shower with Cash when he was feeling his worst and then puked everywhere.  Sam helped him, cleaned it up and didn't complain or grumble but just said he was happy to help!  That is true love and a true heroe in my book!  We love him and are glad Cash felt better after.  He had muscle cramps, high fever, headache and nausea and we were just glad it didn't last too long (altho longer then he would have liked!)

I had to document the walk of course up to the pharmacy so here is Griffin and Ivy taking a break in the shade halfway up pharmacy hill (it's a big one!)

They were so cute and excited to get the candy.  It is something I used to do growing up!  In fact, I always thought pharmacy meant candy store for quite a few years!

They picked out their sweets, then Griff paid and we went to go home - he had to put a few coins back in his wallet of course!

Outside with their goodies!

I had pretty much the worst day ever this day and my sweet friend Anne brought me a swig cookie at night and it made me feel so good and loved and like everything would be better!  Seriously it made my day and I am grateful for good friends (and yummy cookies!)  Chip got in a wreck this morning - he got rear ended on his way to work on the freeway, and so the back end is now smashed, along with the front end that slammed into the car ahead of him, and then we found out we didn't get the house we wanted and were hoping for, and then we got our deposit back and the LL kept a bunch of money that she shouldn't have and it just kept going.  A sad day, and I really am trying to count my blessings and believe that things will work out but this has been a trial of my faith for sure!  

The days started to get better tho on Wednesday and then Thursday and we had a GREAT surprise of a visit from Hollie and Emma!  Ivy LOVES aunt Hollie and was so excited (as were we all!)  It made me wish I could stay and hang out with her this weekend too, but I knew I needed to go be with Chip!  Glad we got to see her tho!

This guy was a bit out of it from taking a VERY long nap and couldn't really wake up - altho he then didn't go to sleep til after 10 pm so that wasn't so good! haha!

Friday morning I left bright and early for my trip to Cali solo!  It was amazing - from the airplane ride just talking to the lady next to me (not wrestling kids) to getting to enjoy my drink and time relaxing, to shopping the Nordstrom sale solo, to the beach with friends and visits, to the time I got to spend with my very best friend in the whole world! It was amazing!
We went to the temple Friday night in LA and it was packed - so took a really long time - however, it was soooooo good and I got some answers and help I really needed (not what I wanted to hear but what I needed and was able to let go of some things that were bogging me down!)

We are NOT good at selfies and so after these two a sweet lady asked if she could take our picture for us!

Together forever with this guy - and I AM SO LUCKY!!!!

After the temple we got to go to Chaya - one  of my favorite places in LA and it was yummy, as the sushi shows below, but even better was the uninterrupted time with my honey!

Afterwards it took us 8 hotels to find one that wasn't booked and sold out! 8!!!! Is that not crazy!?! Who would have thought?!  But we did finally roll into our room at 12:30 am and it was great to just melt into the sheets and not have to worry about getting up early and getting to really sleep well! (altho I woke up at 6:45 anyways - which is late for me - so went to the gym and did 4 miles while Chip slept in)

Then my amazing hubby came with me to the other Nordstroms up on 3rd street since they had boots the other one didn't - and he didn't complain or rush me even tho he was so hungry cuz we hadn't had breakfast and it was getting almost lunch time!  He is a true keeper!

We went to Sushi at Sugarfish - his favorite restaurant - and it didn't disappoint.  I was surprised he likes it as much as he does but it really was yummy and we left full!  We took this pic to send to Cash cuz he also loves edamamame!

I wanted to document our meal cuz was so different and yet good sushi!  They bring it out warm and it melts in your mouth! Yummy!

We ran into some traffic, of course, at 1 pm on a Saturday as is the case in LA ALL the time!  One reason we would not mind leaving ;)  We were on our way to Emily's house to have a break and a nap before our next fun plans!

We needed a little something sweet to finish off the meal so stopped for ice cream cones from McDonalds along the way - YUM!

After our nap and rejuvenation we went and looked at our friend's house that we would like to rent (since they are moving to Texas) and then went off to the Stake pioneer day activity.  It was fun and we got to catch up with some friends briefly before heading out for our dinner date with the Walters!

We went to Banderas - a VERY YUMMY place I want to go back to already with Dan and Amy and it was such a fun night!  Seriously we had a blast with them and we are excited to go out more! (don't mind my awkward hand position in these poses - not the best shots but had to get a pic)

We ended up at the pier in Manhattan beach and had to take a lovey picture - and obviously we don't take them much because we tried a bunch of times and they all look awkward and yet that's just how it was.  I love him, and the sunset and weather was perfect!!!

While I was away the kids stayed busy with Grammy - here Cash was cutting a zuchinni from the garden for dinner!

They baked cookies and cinnamon rolls and rice krispie treats and had a bakesale - where they made $37.85!  Ivy got her hair in curlers, and didn't want the curlers to come out but looked super cute - and they had a great weekend here!

They sold ALL the cinnamon rolls before they even had a chance to eat one!  Grammy does know how to make them yummy!

Making the cookies and doing the flyers!

Rice Krispie treats and curlers!!!

Sunday came and went too fast and I didn't get a pic with us at church - where Chip was released from the bishopric!!! It was a great day tho - altho people thought that meant for sure we are moving and so kept telling me how sad they were we weren't coming back - which we probably are coming back now so that was funny.  We hope we are. 

We then went and looked at a house - it was a LOT for what it is and so a little frustrated and then we went to have a business meeting with a guy for Chip, which ended up being good and helped us figure things out a bit.  So all in all the weekend was productive and good!  We drove back and visited friends and then it was late and we needed to check in to our hotel and get ready for the morning for my early flight home - I was SO sad to leave my hubby, but excited to see my kids!!! (altho Ivy was excited to see her daddy as she kept telling Grammy)

I was able to read and just relax the whole ride, and almost wished it would have been a little longer;)

Once I arrived home it was off to more activities however  - Liberty park to play and have a picnic with aunt Cynthia! A great morning!

Cash had showed me that he learned the 50 States song and it was very impressive - Grammy worked on it with him while I was gone!  Love this boy - see video for the song!

We went swimming on monday and then on Tuesday we went to the Nike outlet at Traverse Mountain for some new kicks for the boys! They were so excited!  Then more swimming again in the afternoon!

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 7-13: A lOT sad daddy is gone, but still partying hard anyways!

It is always hard for me after a holiday and having family - esp my HUBBY and LOVE of my life come into town, to get back into things the next week. However, since we are still in Utah we are making the best of being apart from our Chippi and filling up our calendar with lots of fun things.  

We didn't take as many pictures this week - but we did a ton of things and have checked off all but about 15 left on our list - so pretty awesome!

First we went to the BYU Cougareat and I showed my kids where I used to eat and we got some ice cream and hung out with Grammy.  I was even good and didn't get any - altho I wanted some!  Ivy got pink of course (marshino cherry and choc - yuck!) and the boys picked out lime green sherbert!
Fun times! And since it was so hot it is a good thing!

We have taken advantage of the sprinklers and yard at Grammy's and the kids have a blast!

We attempted to light off the fireworks and sparklers at Grammy's, altho the sparklers were kind of duds and didn't really sparkle - and the other leftover fireworks daddy bought! Ivy and Griff don't really like them too much and are more scared then anything!

Altho Sam Finally got Ivy to hold one and she had fun!

Cash was having a blast with them anyways!  He loves fireworks!

Griff's face here is my favorite - and Ivy was having fun too!  A little scared but happy!

I got to break away from the kids to enjoy a night of Sushi, dining out, and shopping with my beautiful cousin Carly!  Always have fun chatting and catching up with her!

These guys swam and played til they were exhausted and all 3 were asleep one day after swim and then more swimming at a friends!

We checked off more items on our list for the 100 things - and only have about 15 left. So we are doing great!

One day the troops came - Alex, Brittney, Houston, and Kimmy to the Provo Rec and my kids were in heaven!

Trampoline time with the Harris kids was too much fun!  Sawyer and Griff were instant best buddies and mom and Cheryl got lots of chat time too!

We both have 2 boys then a girl and similar ages so it is so much fun!  One of my besties from VA that is in Utah for visits too!  Love her!

These 2 are often best buddies and were playing so cute holding hands walking around the neighborhood so had to take a pic!

A mani/pedi for ivy with green toes and pink fingers - she loves it!

Caught red handed at Costco drinking from ALL the drinks after our little trip!

I achieved a new goal and got all my miles below 9 min/mile after when I first got here I couldn't even run 2 in under 10:30/mile so a huge improvement.  And without a sideache, and without wanting to die at the end, and in 90 degree heat! Yikes!  I might be starting to like it a little bit!

I didn't take any pictures, but my parents were on the Trek with the youth kids to Wyoming and while they were gone we got a new washer/dryer combo and had them installed and it was such a fun surprise!  They were shocked, and I hope they love it! We put a cute note on some soap that said Loads and Loads of Love and Appreciation for letting us stay with you!  We love you!  
I was sad to not be here when they saw it, but still super fun!

Yesterday this boy turned 4 for reals (he has been telling people all week he has 2 bdays since we celebrated last Sunday with his daddy and cake and presents!) This day wasn't too crazy, altho he got a new flashlight from Grammy that he loves and a game and he picked out the spaghetti dinner for our meal - which is his favorite.  I love him to pieces as he makes my days brighter and is always making us laugh.  He is so sweet and tenderhearted and I am honored to get to be his mom!  
Sure love you G-man!