Friday, August 29, 2014

August 27: Cash Starts 1st grade at Jefferson Elementary!!!

I know I have the past 3 weeks to catch up on - including this cute boy's b-day, the move-in, and our AZ trip, and Chip and my SF trip....but I had to skip ahead to this cute boy's first day of school!  He started first grade on Wednesday and was soooo excited!

His uncle Sam got him a new shirt for his b-day that he wanted to wear, and Sam also did his hair for him and he looked like a stud, and walked out with so much confidence that I just had to smile.  I didn't shed any tears this year, not like last year, but I must say I miss him throughout the day.  He is my little right-hand helper, my amazingly smart boy who nothing gets past, a great older brother to his siblings and has the kindest heart of anyone I know.  I know he will do great things this year at school too!  

Last year our theme for the school year was "Be a Good Friend!" and he excelled at that.  This year I wanted something else, but wasn't sure what to do......then I started thinking and for some reason President Hinckley's B's came to my mind - so for this year our theme is BE GOOD!!!! I think this encompasses a lot and I know Cash will really BE GOOD because he is innately super good - as in can't lie.  (I know someday I will love this - pending it lasts - but sometimes it is a little annoying it is so extreme! haha)  He is my favorite 6 year old around.  Good luck Cash man!!!

Before school shots!!!

 At school ready to follow his teacher into his classroom - they don't do meet the teacher here or anything - just a list goes up the day before at school and then you show up and line up outside and meet them and go to class!

 Ready to go in his classroom!

 After school - first day success!

 How cute is his teacher - Miss Gilson?!!!  We LOVE her already and it's only been 3 days.  Such a change from last year to this (we liked Cash's teacher then too but just the experience was not as great)! We got a letter from Miss Gilson the first day that was so warm and friendly and wonderful (with no typos!) and she gave her personal email and phone number and you can tell she really likes her kids and loves teaching.  We are very excited!

As a side note since my brother Sam is here we wanted to find out how old she was and set her up on a date with him, but Cash refused to ask her that or give her a note from my bro! HAHA  

Happy school year 2014/2015!!!  1st grade is awesome!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 22-August 2: Last Couple Weeks at Grammys!!!

To say we have had a fun summer is a bit of a UNDERSTATEMENT!!! We have had SO MUCH FUN being in Utah, hanging with old and new friends, going to the Provo Rec, exploring the mountains and beauty of the outdoors, and getting spoiled by being with my family! It has been so much fun that I am feeling really sad about leaving!!! As in it makes me want to cry!

We have enjoyed so much the Provo Rec (every day in fact) and have definitely gotten our use out of the pass!
Ivy was too funny below with the goggles so had to take a pic!

 I ran the Temple to Temple run for the 24th of July with my mom and it was so much fun - an easy 3 mile run from the Provo Temple to the new temple where the tabernacle used to be!  Beautiful morning and run and my mom told me pioneer stories the whole time and it was so fun!  She inspires me to want to run more and be in shape!

 Sam came with the kids to the temple to meet us at the end and I heard them yell "go Grammy!" they hadn't seen me in front of her but oh well!  So cute!

 Sam took the kids to feed the ducks at BYU pond - super fun! We also saw a few mice - gross!

 We celebrated the 24th with family coming over for a yummy dinner, meeting Aimee's Boyfriend Cody, and playing games - haven't laughed so hard in awhile!

 Grandpa agreed to help us check another thing off our 100 list and set up the tent and slept with the boys outside in it one night! They were SOOOOOO excited - Ivy actually was too and was very VERY sad when I brought her inside and didn't let her stay out there.  Awesome Grandpa as it was VERY hot!!!

 Uncle Sam hanging with the kids watching a movie!

 Kids greeting Grammy and Pops when they got home from their LONG (42 mile) bike ride!

 Sam got the scooter back (finally) and the kids enjoyed some free rides!

 I got a pedicure with 2 great friends and it was long overdue and I am loving it!

 We went to the zoo with Grammy and it was an AWESOME day - We got to see the lion show first - it was AMAZING!!!

Then afterwards we had a life lesson with 2 other lions that was sort of interesting - seems to always happen every time we go to a zoo, no matter where!  

Then we went to the Elephant show and it was super exciting too!  Grammy and the kids waiting for it to start!

 Then we saw seals and all sorts of other cool animals - it was a bit hot but the animal sitings were awesome!

 The tiger put on its own show for us and it was SO COOL!!!!  Came stalking down to the water and looked right at us and it was just so beautiful and fun to watch!

 We got to hang with our friends from VA all day and the kids had a blast!!! Here we were waiting out the rain so we could swim and kids were getting cozy on the couch!

 After enduring the rain - looking for my lost keys for over an hour, and finally finding them and seeing the sun we took the kids swimming and for pizza and it was so fun! These girls are some of my besties and we have been through a lot together.  They inspire me, are so fun, and I just love them and their kiddos!  Crazy where we have come from when it all started!

 At the pool watching the kiddos!

 We visited Great Grandma Rosen a bunch over at Jamestown and Griff played with Great Grandpa Rosen!

We had a crazy experience (NOT one I want to repeat) at Provo Rec where we had to clear the pool for awhile and didn't know why!  Someone pooped in the pool we found out.  Well, upon arriving home we realized that someone was GRIFFIN!!!! I couldn't believe it and was actually glad not to know while we were there!  It got worse when we discovered it was on the beds at home and smelling up the room - NOT a fun mom moment!!!

This little cutie having fun with a life vest!

Warming up on the cement on a colder day!

 This little girl got her hair all up into a pony and was so cute.  Love her tan skin!

Love her face!

 Singing songs from Frozen with Grammy!

 Yesterday we finished the very last thing off our 100 list! Going to the museum of curiosity at Thanksgiving Point.  It was super fun, and going with friends was even better! Kids had a blast! And I did too!

 I did lose Griffin for a time - or think I lost him, which was scary, but luckily I found him!!!

 Ivy loved the water table!

 Griffin, Cash, Emmet, and Margo waiting for the zipline - Griff loved it!

 I love this little tanned skin, blonde piggie tailed girl!  She is so much fun!  Here she crashed swimming - literally fell asleep on me and then on the chair she was so tired after the museum and swimming!

 We got Papa a BYU sweatshirt for his Birthday, but Griff couldn't help but tell him early so we gave it to him early!

 Cash had taken a nap so he could go watch a movie at BYU stadium with Sam and I at 9 pm last night.  It was the first showing there and they showed Remember the Titans! We had a great time, and i only fell asleep a little bit!!!

It has been the BEST summer, except for missing our daddy of course! We have loved the time here and all the things we have been able to do!
Feeling extremely blessed!!!