Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dance Madness!!!

First Latin Dress design for Kimmy -- looks great

My first ballgown design - 40 hours of rhinestoning went into this one!!!

Hair done and ready for Standard!!!!

My cute little sis playing it up to her cute partner!!!

So March Madness doesn't only consist of Basketball in my house; March Madness also means The National Championships for Ballroom Dance at BYU. As you know, my passion is ballroom, and pretty much everything that goes into it. I love designing the dresses - 2 of which are featured above- I love doing the hair, makeup, tanning, nails, and everything else that goes along with it. Thank heavens I have a little sister now that my days are gone of actually competing and putting on all the gear, and I can focus all my ideas on her! She is so cute and easy to please, so we make a great team! Also, she looks absolutely beautiful in anything I create for her, so it is so much fun doing stuff for her.

I am flying in next week to Utah for a visit and to attend these championships. I am sad my bro Alex isn't dancing this year, because he is phenomenal, but will have fun cheering little Kimmy on in all of her different categories, as well as my bro Kevin who is doing cabaret - I am expecting a First this year from you man!

I love, love, love, the three days I get to spend cheering, videotaping, and running around with makeup, lip gloss, and bobby pins to help make sure everything is perfect before she enters the floor; it is truly a highlight for me at this time of year --- and spending time with family and friends makes it even better!!!!

Good luck my little Sis and Kevi this weekend. I will be there cheering you on......and look forward to more pictures and videos after I get back!!!