Monday, December 14, 2009

December Happenings!

I haven't posted in awhile, but life has been busy and so packed lately I just realized we are already mid-december!!! Wo!

However, life has been good for us here at the Brown house, and I have felt so blessed and happy these past few weeks. After the passing of our dear friend I have been reflecting a lot about life and my perspective has changed! Suddenly, that toilet that needs scrubbing or the dishes that need putting away don't seem so important, and just spending quality time with family and friends has become a major priority!

(ok, who am I kidding - socializing has ALWAYS been a major priority.....but other things have become more important too!)

I have hung out with Emily numerous times, and each time am amazed at how strong spiritually and emotionally she is. The funeral service here was amazing, and each of us came away with a greater resolve to be better church members and more Christ-like people. Also, Chip and I recommitted to studying our scriptures together daily and being better at that and it has made the HUGEST difference in my life. I feel more patient, calm, and just overall happier! I know we are blessed when we truly follow the gospel and live a life of service!

We have also had many a fun times, and just wanted to jot down a few of my favorites of this month: (sorry, no pictures right now)

We had a great girl's night sleepover last night - so fun!!!
We had a great Christmas party with the ward - yummy biscuits and gravy and the best breakfast ever - only in the south do you eat like this!
I took Cash to see Santa at the mall and he LOVED it and smiled big for his pictures!!!
We got to enjoy the wonderful message from the First Presidency!!!

I got to play elf for a few and drop off a gift that was for me "the perfect gift" because of how good I felt after doing it - and we got to see later how perfect it really was!
I got into the Christmas spirit after that and made a list of other things we could do as elves that would be fun!
Packing and getting ready for Christmas at my parents this time has been exciting!

And mostly, I have been able to enjoy how fun a stage Cash is in, and the new things he is learning:

First - he has learned how to throw a mean tempertantrum, and can pull them out of nowhere, even on the Wal-Mart floor and throw his head on the ground and kick his feet up!!! (luckily, this one we have worked on and gotten much better at!)
He has picked up so many new words, but his favorite three: "Egg Nog", "Jesus", and "ipod"
He actually recognizes all three and will say them and it is hilarious!
He has also become quite helpful at folding laundry and i turned around to seeing him "fold" a shirt and put it in the basket and then smile at me with this huge grin that said - "look how good I am mommy!"
He LOVES his daddy and has passed the clingy stage and is so fun as he makes friends with ANY one who will give him attention!
He loves the Christmas tree and so all our ornaments are on the top half so he can't reach!
He loves Barney and will now sit and watch shows and still loves to dance to the music!
He also loves nursery and I can't wait the 2 months til he can actually go!
He is my little buddy and loves the park and slides and any animals!
He laughs and giggles and has this funny sense of humor that make me smile!

It has been a good year, and we feel blessed and happy! Merry Christmas to all!