Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I love holiday candy! Pretty much every holiday has certain treats/candies that go along with it and that I look forward to enjoying when as the day approaches. At this time of year, I can't help but buy a bag of these delicious cadbury minis every time I see them in the store. Luckily, people at work seem to really appreciate me having treats at my desk, so I don't end up eating them all alone. It might be a bit early to be buying easter candy, but when it comes to cadbury minis you just can't get enough. I love the chalky shell, popping it into my mouth and feeling it start to melt, biting through so the shell cracks and I get that milky chocolate delicious taste to fill up my whole mouth. Yum! Yum! Yum! Thank you Cadbury for such a delicious treat!
What are your favorite treats? Especially at Easter what do you like???

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is pretty much the story of my day!!! I am already counting down the days til I can quit my job, and after today's DEBACLE I am thinking that it just might come sooner rather than later.....I am not sure how much more I can take at a place where I feel so unappreciated, attacked for decisions I thought were good, humiliated by my senior and manager, and absolutely hate the work I am doing.

I know I should be treasuring my last few months of work, as I probably won't be working after the baby comes, but it is just hard to put my BYU Pride aside from graduating from the #2 school in the nation with a Masters in Accounting and accepting the fact all I really am is a data entry clerk --- yes that is right, I am wondering why I stressed and worked SO hard for all those years in the accounting program only to end up with a job that requires hardly any brain power! And the craziest part, I get paid better than I would have if I had gone with one of the Big IV! It just isn't right! And seriously, I am not sure I can handle that much more!

The only good thing --- every day at 4 pm when I get to walk out the door of the office and not think about work for the rest of the day!!!! And of course, some of my greatest friends in NC; if it wasn't for them being there, I would have already quit! We'll see if I can make it much longer! This day almost did me in! Picture this - a pregnant woman, already emotional, getting attacked in an office about her work, and she tries not to cry - but finally it erupts and she can't breathe or talk or anything for about 15 minutes while the 2 guys continue to talk about her faults as an employee! Pretty good picture -- well, that was me today, followed by an hour in my car crying and trying to get it together so i could go back into the office and finish the day's work!

Halleluah we don't have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days TOO often!!!!! Hope all of you had a great day! (hey, at least i have 2 hours of american idol to look forward to to cheer me up)!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I have had many cravings over the last few months, including Papa John's Pizza, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwiches from Subway, Wendys - (including Large Spicey McChicken Sandwich, Jr. bacon cheeseburger, 5 piece chicken nuggets, Biggie Fries, and Chocolate Frosty - yes I ate this ALL in 1 hour's time, twice), Macdonalds (from the $1 menu - cheeseburger, fries, orange soda, sundae, and parfait - also twice), beef jerky, wheat thins, and GUSHERS!!!! I have now cut out all the fast food, and pretty much everything else on this list, but I still want these gushers. They are the greatest little fruitsnack, that when you bite into them oozes out this juice that is just so tasty and delicious - I can eat multiple packs at a time, and bring them to work with me every day for snacks....I may try to cut them out too, but right now they are my treat of choice. So yes, I know I need to cut out the others (the Wendy's meal alone had 2000 calories in the one sitting - i looked it up on the website), and I don't plan on eating it anymore. I am now hoping to curb my cravings to healthy snacks and meals --- bring on the veggies and fruits! Thank you mom for some delicious healthy menus and ideas!!! So anyways, wondering what all you other mothers out there craved while you were prego? Anything funny or just plain weird? I have yet to crave pickles and icECream together, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? Let me have your funny stories!!!! And for any of you looking for a delicious treat --- check out Tropical Fruit Gushers!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Trimester: Check....and early Valentine's surprise

So the day FINALLY arrived. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hopefully now I am over the worst part: the nausea, the migraines, the insomnia, the CRAVINGS, the super SUPER tiredness, and wondering when I will finally start to have energy again! I woke up one day last week with more energy than I have had in 2 months, and boy did it feel good. This next week I hope to bring back to my life exercise (I am now in withdrawals and have the energy to get on that treadmill), healthy eating (see next post for update on this one), and feeling once again my old happy self! Although I am now starting to just feel fat all the time - I'll take that to what I felt the last few months!

I realize now that I am feeling sane again that these last few months haven't just been a trial for me - they have been hard on my husband, my mom, and any other friends who have had to listen to my complaints. Thank you all for your support, Chip for being the best husband I could ask for, mom for listening for hours each day to my crying about my helpless state and worries (to the point of almost flying out here to help me), and all friends for the encouragement that it would soon end. I really do appreciate it. And yes, I am now feeling up to actually helping with the cleaning and laundry at the house ---- Chip has been so amazing at not only working so many hours a week, but taking over ALL responsibilities of the house! He is a master cleaner, great at laundry, and wonderful at appeasing me with all my crazy cravings!!!!

Last week Chip went to NY for work for 3 days. He asked me if I wanted him to bring anything back to me - to which I responded I really wanted some new Chanel sunglasses since I had broken mine (of course the knock-offs from the street vendor I am referring to). Anyways, he called to tell me the next day he had went to find them, but upon getting off the subway had been soaked by the rain, and that no street vendors were outside selling them. Well, at least he had tried, right?

Upon returning home he put his bag up on the couch and asked if I wanted my presents he had brought me. Confused as to what he could have gotten I said sure. He then proceeded to pull 2 gifts out of the bag. He had gotten not only my sunglasses (he had made an extra trip after the rain back to the vendors), but also my MOST favorite perfume - ISSEY MIYAKE. Smells SOOO good!!!! What a husband! Happy Valentines early! It was a happy ending to a very LONG 3 months.......and now bring on the next phase!!!! (and good ideas of things to get your husband for valentines day....pressure's on!)