Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Madness!!!

We had a blast with everyone on Thanksgiving - and quite a big crew! For the dinner we had 15 people, so for my first time cooking the pressure was on! Despite my little bout of Pneumonia I was diagnosed with on Tuesday, Thursday was great and the meal came off tastin' mighty fine! Thanks Dad for all the recipes and live coaching via my cell all week. The stuffing and bird came off just like I remember it at home!

We loved having Jordan and Beth (Chip's sister and husband) out here all week! It felt a little more like a real holiday with them around. Also, we had a blast with Cady and Jeff and little Jarrett, and the Stevesons (both down from DC). All in all, an absolutely perfect day!

We ate lots, relaxed more, watched a LOT of football! (GO COUGARS), shopped a bit on Black Friday, and laughed even more. A perfect way to start off the wonderful holiday season. I am truly grateful for wonderful friends and family with which we have such good memories and so much fun!

The countdown is now on for Christmas!

Happy Birthday Chip!!!

One year older and wiser too!!!! Chip turned 28 this year on Monday, November 26th. It was a little anti-climatic since the last of our company from Thanksgiving left Monday morning. It was going to be hard to top last year's surprise party I gave him where we had over 40 people show up, I did all the cooking, and he was 100% totally surprised. So I decided, since I didn't know his schedule of when he would get home, I would just do something a little more intimate and celebrate with just the 2 of us.

It ended up being great - I would have liked to go to a nice hotel and have the whole weekend to spend at a spa, relaxing, and sipping strawberry daquiris, but as that wasn't an option, I decided to create our very own "fantasy suite" and create our own spa-like retreat at our house. I decorated the room, made a chocolate/peppermint cake and chocolate dipped strawberries, and got a few presents together. It was nice, and he even got off at 9 pm so we actually had a little evening to enjoy.

He has a tradition in getting me presents that he actually wants for himself, and so I decided to do that for him this year....and I got him ELF, my most favorite Christmas movie, and one we will watch tomorrow on the 1st to kick off our Christmas activities, after we set up our tree and decorations! I love you Chip - and wish this year to be even better than last!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FAIRYTALES....and the answer to the question WHY?!?

As I have previously mentioned, I am one of those individuals who loves REALITY tv. And last night, after watching the debacle of a finale of The Bachelor, I had to contemplate why I have fallen in love with that show and continue to watch it every season.

For a show that was supposed to end in true love, it ended in a complete disaster, with neither woman being chosen, both leaving in tears, both asking why?, Brad (the bachelor) sitting alone staring at the ring he had chosen but then did not give to anyone, and a whole lot of upset fans!!!

My husband has pointed out numerous times to me that this show is a complete waste of time. He feels it exploits women and makes them look completely stupid and ridiculous -- which I must admit it sometimes does; then there are always the crazy girls who do the most outlandish things to get the bachelor's attention; and then usually in the end the happy fairytale ending doesn't last much more than a few blissful months once the cameras aren't rolling, the glamour is stripped away, and TRUE REALITY actually sets in!

So why then do those of us who can't miss an episode, who set the TVO each week, who look forward to an hour of catfights, draMa, tears, and picking out who will be sent home and who will be the lucky ones to get the rose, love it so much? Doesn't that seem a little twisted? A show that has more heartache endings then fairytale ones continues to hook us in and capture our undivided attention. I have pondered this question at the end of every season, as I am feeling remorse for the one girl he should have chosen, happiness for one picked, and that weird sense that I now longer will be associating with my new friends that I now feel a bond with, not that I really know them at all....but we get that feeling right? So why? Why do we watch the show expecting a fairytale ending, only to discover the truth that fairytales really do not exist?

I recently figured out my answer to this question of WHY?

The reason I like it so much and keep coming back to watching it is that I think innately inside each and every human we all desire to have that happy ending, that fairytale story. Although watching it does not provide one for us, it allows us to escape our own worries, trials, and problems, for one small moment and enter into this dream and imagine ourselves in this fairytale-like life. At least for me, I imagine myself getting to do the super fun, romantic dates, getting the pretty dresses and amazing jewelry, having the perfect relationship with the perfect guy, and having all the romantic moments they show! Although it really isn't reality, it allows all who watch to experience emotions that are, in fact, a part of all our lives and what we long for. I actually feel the happiness, sadness, frustrations, anger, love, etc. along with those on the show. (am i totally crazy experiencing this?)

As I pondered last night about the upset that no woman was chosen, although there were 2 great, beautiful women, and the bachelor seemed so great and nice.....I had another realization. I really am living in my own fairytale. I am. It isn't perfect, I don't have all the diamonds or gowns from the show, my house definitley is lacking in the number of candles when compared to the show, and I have never received a card from Chris inviting Chip and me to the fantasy suite --- however, I have married the most perfect man for me, who I love more and more each day, who is my prince charming, makes me laugh, loves me back, who I am so excited to live through eternity with, and who has given me his heart and the "final rose", and I wouldn't trade it for anything. As I watch these shows, or hear comments made by others about their husbands/boyfriends - both good and bad - I realize that I truly am spoiled and I really am living in a fairytale.

So why do I watch this show? Because it allows me to realize what my own personal fairytale ending is....and that I am actually living it!!! I love you my PRINCE CHARMING!!!

All of you who feel the same way --- please share something you have discovered about your fairytale ending!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What makes a day BAD enough to warrant a title like this?
1. Getting to the airport and finding out the FLIghT is delayed 1 hour.
2. Waiting an hour and then learning the plane is now delayed 2 hours.

3. Waiting and realizing after 3.5 hours there is no telling when we will get off the ground.
4. Finally loading the plane 4 hours late, and having the pilot say to sit back and relax because he broke a switch in the cockpit and we have to wait for a mechanic.

5. Not leaving until 45 minutes after sitting on the runway in a fully
loaded, smelley airplane.
6. Not being able to get up to go to the bathroom because the girl in the aisle seat has all her work stuff out and it is just "too much hassle" for me or the other guy to make her move.
7. Missing my connecting flight in Chicago.
8. Dealing with the airline folks after finding out my luggage is lost!

9. Arriving in Raleigh at 10 pm (4 hours after originally scheduled)

10. Trying to find my luggage, and then finding out the zipper on it has been broken off so that I can't even open the suitcase at all
11. Having to then drive 3 hours to get back to Charlotte to my wonderful husband and house!
12. And the last straw.....getting pulled over by a policeman and getting a ticket!!!!! Could it get any worse?

However, in the end, I did make it home (at 2 am), saw my husband, and got to sleep in my own bed. So the day did end on a good note!

By the way, my trip to Utah was great and SO much fun!!!! I had a blast with my family, seeing friends, and just getting a break from the mundane work life back in NC. I will post pictures soon!