Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I love FALL.... it is simply my favorite season for many reasons.

Delicious treats through all the holidays...especially CANDIED APPLES.

Halloween parties, costumes, haunted houses, & decorations

Fall leaves, crisp cold air, & beautiful outdoors (this is what it is starting to look like in NC)

Football, especially BYU football - we went with the cable where we could
get the most BYU games

Getting out sweaters and wearing LOTS of layers -- bundling up!

Fall semester of school - and yes, I am STUDYING even though i am not at BYU, as I am preparing to take the CPA exam!!! (Gotta love books --- also, curling up in a blanket inside on a cold day and just reading a good book)

Fall just puts me in the best MOOD -- I love everything about it!!! I think I am the happiest during this season!!! As a side note, for all you individuals who can't go home for thanksgiving and find yourselves on the east coast - we are having a big celebration here in NC at my house! I will be attempting to make the whole meal - turkey and all (with a lesson to teach me 2 weeks earlier from my dad when I go to Utah) but the invitation is open to EVERYONE --- we are going to make it a great day, with a live football game in the morning, to stuffing ourselves full so we can just sit around and watch football in the afternoon, to some delicious pies and fun games at night!! Should be quite a feast -- and we hope to have a full house!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pick "Pickler".....an Explanation for Kelly Pickler

So one might wonder if Kelly Pickler is really as dumb as she comes across. Well, I visited her hometown, the wonderful place of Ablemarle, North Carolina, and I think it explained a LOT. Nobody seemed too educated, but it sure was pretty. We drove through on our way to a YW camp, and the lovely truck below is a great example of what the town consists of --- mostly chickens --- this truck was in front of us for a good while, and feathers were flying out everywhere. Although education didn't seem to be the prime concern of the town, I am sure that they all have the best "DOWN" comforters and pillows ever (from all the chickens). Maybe that is one reason for the great furniture NC is known for --- there was more "down" in that town then people. And maybe Kelly Pickler has a little of that fluff stuck in her head, which is why she can't seem to say certain words like "calamari" right. Bless her heart, she is doing pretty well considering where she comes from.

Brought the phrase "don't count your chickens before they hatch" to mind!!! An interesting site for us to follow on the very narrow 2 lane roads - a not so favorite characteristic of NC!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home Preview #2: Guest & Master Bathroom

I wanted to wait until a room was completely finished before posting pictures....but I realized I will forever be adding, changing, and coming up with more ideas of add-ins for each room, and I had better just put up pictures of the process along the way. The bathrooms are not fully done, but each has a couple of features that I love!!!

Hand-painted (by me) shelf
Navy blue accents
Beautiful granite countertops , Oak Cabinets, and tiled floors

FUTURE: Walls painted in fall orange, some more fun orange/blue accents!!!

I found this great shelf at Target, but it was white, and I wanted brown. Thanks to Home Depot and a little paint -- turned out just how I wanted!!!

I got crafty and put the flower pot together myself, and doesn't it go well with the Navy. I love deep, rich fall colors!!!

FEATURES: Brown glass vase and flower arrangement
Delicious smelling RED APPLE candle
Glass squares window
Soft red rugs and brown towels
Elevated granite vanity
Beautiful oak cabinets and custom tile work

FUTURE: Few more add-ins above the tub on wall --- maybe a shelf, picture, or even a flat screen TV!?! (the tub got its first use this week, and it is even bigger than it looks - love it)

Loved this vase, and colors matched perfectly (my first chance at creating my own bouqet)

Tile shower is the way to go - don't even need a squeegee!

View into the bathroom from our bedroom!

I love the higher vanity, and the little drawers in the middle were a gift from Chip from Home Depot -- it is perfect for holding all my makeup!!! Who would have thought?

More pictures to come soon!!!!