Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hannah's Mission Homecoming!

We decided to ditch school already (still in denial it started) and head to AZ to see Aunt Hannah since she came home from her mission this last week.  The kids were troopers and altho Cash was not happy about missing school we had a great time! Before we left we picked up griff from school and they were giving out icecream cones for the first week of school - Ivy enjoyed one too!

 Of course we had to endure some LA traffic at 1 pm on a thursday - stood still not moving for 10 minutes.  Luckily this was our only delay of the trip, and the kids were awesome travelers!

At 111 degrees in AZ there isn't much to do outside besides enjoy the pool.  Our happy place!

Ivy had fun playing with Grandpa Charlie and giving him a workout!

We love Sister Brown!  So happy to have Hannah home!  She gave an incredible talk and was such a good missionary and it will help her in all areas of life as she continues on her journey - excited for her to start back up at BYU Idaho soon!

One of my favorite things to see in AZ are these orange trees, which reminds me of my grandparents and their yummy fresh juice they always would make for us!  It was a very VERY hot run on saturday morning!

Cousin time fun in the pool Saturday! 1, 2, 3, jump!

 This girl started out clinging to me and wouldn't even let go of me in the water, to full on jumping in and swimming every where in her puddle jumper!

 Heidi, me, and Beth - so glad to have these sisters! They make life so much fun and are some of my most favorite people ever!  Girl talk fun!

My handsome hubby!

Conquering her fear!

Leaving there was the most AMAZING sunset - which the pic doesn't do it justice but it was incredible!

Now we are back and while the boys are at school Ivy and I play!  Love this time with her!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

School Starts!

 Altho I was in complete denial of summer ending, school came and started regardless of my wishes it hadn't!  The day before, Tuesday, we went to the beach for one last hoorah with friends.  It was supposed to be hot but actually ended up raining and drenching us!  The kids in the ocean didn't really even notice or mind and it passed quickly - so we waited it out and chose to enjoy our stuff, wet and all!  Memorable day!

That night Chip came home early and we had our FHE on the them for this year and then he gave each child a Father's blessing.  We always did this growing up and it helped bring me so much peace and calm my jitters for the year of school ahead!  The kids were so excited!  Our theme for the year is respect, and our song is "if the Savior Stood Beside me!"

Then it was time for Swig cookies and off to bed!

One was SOOOO excited (for Kindergarten) and the other was excited but so mad that I was making them take pictures instead of finding his line and getting there "early!"

 Both had friends in their class - Cash has Cash L., and Griffin and Wilson!  

Gonna be a good year!  Bring it on Kindergarten and 2nd Grade!!!

Taylor Swift Concert Weekend!!!

Normally I go into a depression once I get home from a long vacation, especially back to Utah where it was so much fun and with people I love and so many things to do.  And this time I wasn't so excited to come home and have school start up since I don't feel we had a long enough summer, but I didn't go into my usual funk because we were excited to come home for the weekend.

First, I was SOOOOOOO happy running early Saturday morning on the beach, with no altitude sickness and much easier breathing and better temperatures and this view! I mean I do live in one of the most pretty places ever!

It also helped that my cousin was staying with us and Chip's brother had flown in for the concert too and so we had a fun beach crew to go hang with Saturday afternoon!

Then, as if that wasn't enough fun visitors my newly married bro and his wife joined in for dinner and the concert and visiting us while on their honeymoon since they were leaving for a cruise the next day, and also my BFF Angie and her hubby Scott stayed with us for the concert and fun too - and we ALWAYS have a blast with them!  We went to Chaya for dinner, and had 13 people join for the concert - SO MUCH FUN!!!  Even with the menu change, my food was delicious!

My favorite date and the hookup for the box seats we all enjoyed!  (and altho we look like we are matching my shirt was grey and his blue)

Swifti sisters - as Terra called us!

This guy knows ALL the lyrics to all her songs on the new cd!  And man she puts on a very good, and inspiring, show!  Loved every minute of it!

Whole group shot thanks to Whitney's apple watch and setup!  Love all these people!

My kids love her, and me too!

The Pan - a favorite of ours for breakfast, and Ivy and Cohen entertaining themselves under the table during it!

Mandatory Selfie in our "black and white" suits!  Thanks Whit for staying with us!

Ok so maybe my funk started the next day when everyone was gone on Sunday by 3 pm!  I need visitors!

Summer Vacation to Utah: 2015!

August 2, 2015: We set out early in the morn to drive to Utah - we stopped in Vegas to see some friends who moved from Cali here and meet their new lilttle baby Winnie!  She was so cute and kids had a blast!  Thanks Jessica for the wonderful break in the drive.  It made all the difference!

A few hours later and we rolled into Provo, SPying the temple and beautiful mountains!  Feels good to be home!

We wasted no time having activities planned - we had my cousin's wife and 4 kids over for dinner so we could hang out.  They live in NC but were out visiting and was the only day we could see each other.  Was SO MUCH FUN!  I wish they lived closer as my kids LOVED them and they would be awesome babysitters and role models for my kiddos!

 Reagan played with Ivy dollies and was so good to her!

 Swim started - and while some were happy - Ivy was NOT! Gripped her teacher and cried the entire first lesson almost.  Hoping the next couple weeks would get better!

 She did finally sit on the step, altho kept climbing out!

This guy started his BYU camp this week and it was SOOOO awesome!  He loved it.  The first day was pouring rain - so luckily it was indoors!  Soccer day!

These two all bundled up after swim dropping Cash off at soccer camp!

 The gorgeous view of the mountains I got to run by - altho the elevation made me so sick!

Swim time with our good friends the Roneys!

 Day 2 was gymnastics - Cash wasn't excited - but then when I picked him up he told me it was even more fun then Soccer! The highlight was Cosmo - the BYU mascot coming!

My dad turned 60 on August 4 and my mom planned a big surprise party for him!  It was so much fun!

 It was fun hearing everyone's stories about my dad! My takeaway was what a good and selfless guy he really is.  All the stories had something about how he served others, was a master chef at scout camp, was helping others again, etc.  He is truly an example for all he is around!  We love Papa Dave

Meeting the future Mrs. Sam Rosen - Emily Curtis - was also a highlight - we love her!

 Opening his presents!

 Swim lessons did get better for all - they loved them - and Ivy was a fish by the end!

 Wednesday was football day - and Cash was SOOOOO excited!  His favorite day of them all!

 These 2 and I played a LOT while Cash was at camp - at Provo Rec of course!

Emma got there with Hollie and McKoy on Wednesday, and my kids were all SO EXCITED! We love them and the kids had a blast together!  She is darling and talked and loved them, esp Griffin - who she loved to grab his cheeks and say "griffiiiiiii!"  Cash was so sweet and took care of her on our walk to see the horses!

My Most FAVORITE chubby cheeked cutie ever!  McKoy! Oh how I love him - he is so cute and just fun to kiss and hug.  Kev calls him Mcmoose so my kids thought that was funny and do too!

Fun eating Grandpa's bday cake with Aunt Kimmy!

Alex came with Hollie and I to the Provo Rec and helped with the kids!  So much fun!

 Thursday was baseball day and Cash loved it too, altho said football was better!

While Cash was at camp we went to the BYU bookstore and the cougareat and got lunch - it has come a long way since I was there - and even had Chic-file as a choice! Yummy!

Playdate at Hollie's dad's house!

We hiked Bridal Veil Falls Saturday morning with my parents.  Was so fun!

We don't get to play with water outside, or have yards in Cali - so the hose was a great treat for them!

Take a picture of me mom!  Griffin on Sam's (used to be mine) Scooter!  Kids had fun riding with him!

We had some friends stop by for a brief visit on their way to Aspen Grove!  The Jardines live in DC but have family in AZ and then they were all in Utah for their reunion so we managed to cross paths - so fun catching up, even if it were too short!

Croquet is always fun at Grammys!

Alex got sustained and ordained an Elder on Sunday, which was super special and so glad we could be there to see and be a part of!

 All that were in the circle!  Such a special day!

The ladies with Alex!

The whole family!

Croquet with Grandpa!

Serious conversations!

 Bean Museum with Emma!  Griffin and Ivy channeling their inner lion roars - Ivy was in a serious stance too!

Icecream at the creamery after!

 Swimming with Uncle Sam - he is definitely their favorite guy when it comes to this stuff - mom didn't exist here!

Roasting hot dogs with the fam!  Then it was time to roast starbursts! Yummy!

7 Peaks with our friends!  Kids loved it.  I was a little stressed the whole time but loved seeing good friends from VA!

 Kevin blessed McKoy while we were there.  Another special experience.  Loved being able to be there for it!

Boating with Papa Wayne at Deer Creek - so much fun!

I even got up wake surfing - and LOVED it!

 A highlight for me was going to visit my Grandma Romans out at Stonehenge a lot.  I took a different child each time and they loved it too.  Here Griffin came and he had a blast rolling around in her wheel chair and showing her his drawings he made on a new ap!

Fun shoes Sunday with Kimmy - we went to our old dance trainer's homecoming from his mission on Sunday, and happened to be sitting right behind some good friends of mine from China - small world!

These 2 cuties have been married for 35 years!  Happy Anniversary to them on the 19th of August!

 Visiting Grandma  - she was in love with our shoes and also my skirt.  She has style!

 My favorite Sunday of the whole year happened here - we all got to eat together, and then we played games like old times - Annie Annie over was so fun!

Then speed - Hollie still has that awesome form!

Ring around the rosie and LOTS of laughing!

Blacklight golfing with daddy!

This guy turned 7 on the 18th and he got grammy to make his favorite breakfast - creamed eggs on toast!  

Then it was off to hike the Y with the family!

Then it was home for presents!  BYU gear!

Then Cash was out to ride his bike - he learned from Grammy how to do it while here and didn't want to stop!

Then while the boys floated the Provo River with daddy Ivy and I hung out poolside with Emma!

 Present from Kevin and Hollie a BYU football and he also got a BYU football jersey - SO happy!

We went to Brick Oven with the family for dinner and everyone loved it.  We love that place!

Because Chip was in pain and had to go to the Urgent Care after dinner for his Hernia, which almost required emergency surgery while we were there and put a damper on the wedding dinner/day plans --- but luckily didn't.  We ended up doing his bday cake (oreo cheesecake) the next day!

 Did up a couple center pieces for the wedding dinner for Sam and Emily!  Turned out beautiful!

 The happy couple we were celebrating!

The amazing chefs who grilled the delicious salmon and yummy chicken!

 The wedding day - I love to see the temple!

 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rosen!

The kiddos ready for the reception in their cute outfits!

I ended up doing the flowers on the cake!

 The cake service!

 We headed out early again for the drive home, and brought along a visitor!  Whitney, my cousin, made the trip with us!

Stopped again in Vegas for some pool time with aunt Heidi and Delilah!

 That tired everyone out!

After we got home we were happy, but man are we going through cousin withdrawals - and I miss my sister and BFF Hollie too! Wish they lived closer!  We had such a fun trip!  

Until next time!