Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy 56 to My Favorite Mama!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to the MOST AMAZING WOMAN EVER!!!!! She is my mom and I love her more and more each day, and also realize constantly I NEED her more and more each day. Even tho I am grown and gone with kids of my own, I am constantly calling her for help, advice, love and support, just to chat, to tell exciting things to, because my kids want to see their Grammy, and the list goes on.  We love her so much and wanted to write down our top 56 reasons (in no order and the list could go on and on more):

1. We love you because you let us stay at your house all summer
2. We love you because you play games with us.
3. We love you because you give us watches - Griffin
4. We love you because you sing Frozen - Ivy
5. We love you because you hug us - Griffin
6.  We love you because we like being with you
7. We love you because you are kind
8.  We love you because you listen and offer great advice
9.  We love you because you are responsible and dependable
10. We love you because you are awesome - cash

11. We love you because you are fun - Griffin
12. We love you because you do bake sales with us.
13. We love you because you inspire us to be better 
14. We love you because you are a great teacher.
15. We love you because you always want to talk to us - Cash
16.  We love you because you make yummy food.
17.  We love you because you are always happy.
18.  We love you because you always do what is right.
19. We love you because you are honest.
20.  We love you because you are always serving others.

21.  We love you because you like BYU volleyball - Griffin
22.  We love you because you like to play hide-the-thimball - Griffin
23.  We love you because you are VERY NICE. - Griffin
24.  We love you because you like to go on adventures with us.
25.  We love you because you call us a lot - Griffin
26.  We love you because you get things done and are efficient.
27.  We love you because you are so organized and such a good planner and give the best presents EVER: specifically the financial planner this year.  -Chip
28.  We love you because you have a strong testimony in the gospel.
29.  We love you because you are a good example to us of staying in shape and taking care of yourself and you seem so young!
30.  We love you because you are a great mom to all 6 kids and treat each one of us as if we are your favorite.

31.  We love you because you like to Facetime with us!
32.  We love you because you do fun surprises.
33.  We love you because you plan fun activities with us when we are there.
34.  We love you because you like to read to us.  -Griffin
35.  We love you because you ask us about what is going on in our lives.
36.  We love you because we love running with you - steph (and you tell stories to help me pass the time so I can just focus on running and breathing!)
37.  We love you because you are so generous to others.
38.  We love you because you are compassionate and empathetic.
39.  We love you because you are a good daughter and have been so great at helping your parents with the move and the funeral and everything they need help with.
40.  We love you because you are constantly letting people move in with you and treat them as if they are your family.

41.  We love you that you are the best hostess.
42.  We love you to go shopping with - steph
43.  We love you for the great wife you are too dad and support and encouragement you give.
44. We love you that you love icecream!
45.  We love that you want us to come to things but never demand or expect us too and never make us feel pressure and bad if we can't.
46.  We love that you like pig-out. -Griffin
47.  We love that you are the best Grammy ever - Cash
48.  We love you that you always seem to know what to say or do for anything and are so smart.
49.  We love that you like to come visit us.
50.  We love that you are so pretty - Cash

51.  We love that you are the best mother-in-law in this WHOLE world - Chip
52.  We love that you spend time to ask us about what's going on in our lives and want to have a great relationship even tho you live far away.
53.  We love hiking with you - Cash
54.  We love how smart you are.
55.  We love how you get along with everyone and are easy going and easy to please.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bathtime fun!!!

You know when you are looking for that one picture you know you took and you can't find it and you have looked in every single place you think it could be stored, the entire 12 months of the year taken, the external hard drive, instagram, FB, etc etc......yep that was me looking for this pic below of my two boys taken in Charlottesville right before I had Ivy.  And yet it wasn't uploaded to my computer I guess until 6 months later long after we moved to Cali and so I couldn't find it and spent about 2 hours wasting time on the computer, and another one racking my brain to try and remember, only to find it and then realize it was too pixilated to really be blown up and put on my bathroom wall anyways.   
Which is exactly what I wanted it for - a few weeks back I was surfing pinterest for bathroom decor ideas and came across one I loved that used pictures of the kiddos as the wall art and I knew that for the kids/guest room I wanted a few too.  So I looked up a bunch, and then after realizing most weren't that good of pictures decided to take a few of my kids now in their bathtime fun and I couldn't be more pleased.  They came out great, and are the perfect addition to my wall in that bathroom! (pics of that to come soon!)

Enjoy the fun below!

The pic I spent forever looking for and love but wouldn't work cuz blown up any bigger it's too blurry!

 My favorite of all 3 kiddos!  Water fight!

 Pure Joy!

 Washing sister!

 Fun times!

 Couldn't help myself but keep this one of these two - LOVE it!

My Ivy Girl!

 These two - the cutest pair of monkeys around!

Clean babies are the BEST!!! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kid pictures...and a few with me!

More pics from the ones I took with Yvonne - Trying to get shots for Chip's office - final ones still to come!!! 

And it is rare I am in them and really didn't want to be - but Yvonne insisted I hop in a few and so I did - and am so glad - my first instinct was to say, "but I didn't really get ready, I don't have much makeup, I am not dressed in photo-worthy stuff, etc etc ---" but then I remembered a friend writing about this very thing and how we should take time to be in pictures and so I got myself in there, insecurities and all, and got a few and I am so happy to have them and the memories of the hugs from the cute kiddos I have!  Take time to hop in, even when we feel less then our best - cuz the kiddos never do and who knows when it might be our last chance to do so!  Have a great day!