Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween: Cash's School Parade!!!

I remember being SOOOO excited each year as a child to go to school and wear my costume and do the parade.  When I was in school we would parade through the classrooms and then the parents would be in the gym and we would go through and we would then get to sit at our desks and watch as the other classes went through.  They played music, it was great and you really got to see every child's costume.  I loved it.  Here in Cali at Cash's school things are very different.  

You show up and can't find any parking anywhere (because there literally is none) and then you stand behind a taped off thing on the pavement where your child's class is - altho with 25 other parents or more if both came you can't really see anything and then the kids parade around inside the tape and so you can barely see.  Griff and Ivy both were wanting to get through to see and couldn't.  The music was fun, but it was so quick you almost missed it and not being able to see wasn't so much fun.  All of us were dressed up since we had to go to Griff's class right after for their party and I was helping so that was funny because we definitely stuck out - but Cash had fun and looked cute and that was the important part!  Love that boy - Happy Halloween from Batman the 1st grader!!!

His dad got a few shots of him parading thank goodness since I didn't!

The Morph suit and face covered in fabric was popular this year!

 I did get a few of him before we left when he was sitting with his class.  Such a stud that Batman!!!

 Happy Halloween (not sure who his friend is whose face you can't see -it was actually a pretty creepy costume!)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party Day 2: Different Class, Different Costumes, Mom Dresses Up too!!!

Day 2 of Pre-school parties was another success.  It was SOOO fun and I am glad I got to work in the classroom and see all the crazy fun activities the kids did.  It was so cute seeing their costumes and what they were and listening to them stand up and tell who they were - especially Ivy telling everyone she was Hedwig - so adorable!

The kids decided this morning they wanted to switch up their costumes so I pulled down the box from the attic with all the old costumes from the last few years and they chose what they wanted - Hedwig for Ivy (which she went as last year but it actually fit better this year) and Captain Jack Sparrow for Griff (Cash was this 2 years ago) and I decided to pull out the Cruella De'vil costume I wore 2 years ago and bring that back too.  So fun!  Tomorrow we will be back to our Batman Possy but it was a fun change for the day!  

Love watching them have rug time and sing songs and listen to stories - Ivy sits better than half the class for this and loves it!

Funny song!

 Ready for another candy hunt - oh boy - we have TOO much candy at the house!  Love Griff's face of looking completely zoned out!

 Cutest little jack - the hat was actually way too big for his head (funny cuz it was tight on Cash's when he was a year younger when he wore it - lol) and so Griff was constantly fiddling with it and the bandana - he wasn't so sure about the eye makeup either and is excited to go back to Robin tomorrow (i wanted him to go as Dobby again but he said no!)

 Love this little cool dude!

 Trying to get the whole class is always such a feat!

 Decorating her cookie (i mean eating frosting) at mom's table today!

 The kiddos and I at the end of it all - I was ready to go home and put my feet up! :)

Happy Halloween's Eve!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Parties at Pre-school!!!

Halloween at Pre-school is about the cutest thing ever.  The kids are adorable, they love dressing up as their favorite superhero or princess or fun thing and are excited about everything.   Today was the first of the next 3 days of parties for Griffin as he goes to the Mon/wed class and the Tues/Thurs class and each has a party and then the Friday class has its own celebration - so we are deep in the fun of dressing up each day and going.  Ivy wanted to join in so we obliged, and tomorrow and Friday I get to help out and will be dressed up too!  Too much fun right?!

I LOVE his teachers and the other little kids and so it is so fun.  Enjoy the pics of today's activities!

Helping Ivy adjust her eye piece before the trick or treat hunt began!

Outside before the candy hunt began!

Showing some love to his sister - he is ALWAYS so good to her when she comes and takes care of her!

The cute kiddos!

 And the hunt and free for all was on - hilarious to watch the kids walk by bags and not pick them up to put in their bags! 

Getting some goods!

 Griff and his buds!

Handsome cutie!

The whole class after with their two teachers!

 So much fun!

 My friend Paige helped in the classroom today and dressed up as Olaf and I thought she was so cute had to take a picture - she fit in great with all the little Elsas running around (there were 4 of them!)

These adorable pumpkin spiders the kids made!  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

PHOTOSHOOTS, and Trunk-or-Treats!!!

 I really need to catch up with all the stuff that happened prior to this, including my trip to the Alma Awards, Disneyland Trick-or-Treat, etc ---- but have been busy with so much haven't had a moment to sit and do it.  However, life has been busy and good.

Lately I have picked back up the camera and been in shooting mode and photoshoots and lots of things.  I just shot a friend's newborn baby girl Audrey Kate's pictures and am so excited to almost be ready to post them.  She is adorable and it was fun to get into photographer mode and get to do that.  What isn't so fun is that I am NOT so good at photoshop and so trying to learn and get things exactly as I want them is very frustrating at times - especially after 5 hours on one photo ;)  so that is where a lot of my time has been.  But am hoping to become great at it some day! :)

Anyhow, a few weeks back I wanted to find a place for some fall pics of my kids (here it is hard to fine that).  I was missing VA and the beautiful leaves and trees and mountains and also back home in UT and so we headed out to a park - it didn't much suffice, and we got there when it was really too dark so a bunch of my shots didn't turn out, but the kids were so cute and matching so wanted a few.  I love them and it was a very quick 5 minute thing so they didn't protest too badly!

I didn't get school pictures this year because they are such a joke as far as expensive and for what you get and the backgrounds are way too cheesy so am just going to take some of Cash on my own.  Love this boy to pieces!


Today once again my kids were all matching so I asked if we could take a few pics before church. I realize that by accident most sundays we go walking out the door matching - it seems once i get a color scheme or outfit for one child the rest just follow suit (sometimes myself included!)  However, on Easter and Christmas it is on purpose for sure ---- but I kind of like it and a friend posts pictures each week of her kids after church and I thought - what a great idea to have them all and see the change over the whole year so I wanted to start doing it - we'll see if it lasts!

 My favorite!

This week we had 2 Halloween parties we went to and the pics below are from the ward Trunk or Treat 2014:  So much fun - including a bounce house, hot dogs and chili cookoff, great friends, and TONS of sugar!  Kids had a blast and so did we!  We went as the Batman Possy this year, going as Commissioner Gordon (he looked the part so well), Cat Woman, Batman, Robin, and Bat Girl - love they still want to go as a family to things! (not sure how long this will last)!

Ivy LOVES bounce houses and had too much fun in here!

The YW painted faces and did a great job - Ivy got a little bat and it was adorable - she sat perfectly still getting it done too!

We invited our friends the Walters to come and they had a blast too.  Max and Christian below!

Cash's batface and Beebo joined in too!

 The gang - the only pic we got before Chip took his mustache off saying it was too uncomfortable! 
Love these guys!

More Soon!!!