Thursday, December 23, 2010

Come, and Gone!!!

Another year has come and gone....and boy what a year it has been! Besides moving halfway around the world and back, adding an addition to our family in China, and getting a few premature grey hairs from a bunch of stress that these items have caused - it has been a wonderful year! It is always at this time that I get a bit sad that the year (and all my fall travels) is coming to an end - but also excited for the new year, new adventures, and a time to make goals and hopefully set off on my way to reaching them.

In honor of today being a bitter sweet day for me - My hubby got back from CHINA - HAPPY!!!! and my sister left our pad and headed back to Utah - SAD!!! I wanted to post other things that have come and gone lately and I haven't had time to do their own post for! Here's to comings and goings - and all that life brings us!

Chip turned another year older this past November (I, on the other hand, did not age a year this year :) We had friends down for the day to celebrate and it was a great day!

Chip cried for the 3rd time our entire marriage when he got his present - pics of the boys sketched by this awesome artist in China (and pics of me and him too - but this didn't bring about the same emotion)

Our trip to Utah in November came and went too fast.....along with Alex's braids!!!
Our time with Uncle Sam brfore his mission was way too quick! We miss him a LOT!!!
Griffin's blessing came and went without even 1 picture of him in his blessing outfit! Sad!
My time with this little guy is going way too fast!
Griffin having to be swaddled to sleep has come and gone - and now he just passes out when he gets too tired on the couch like the rest of us!
Friends visits always come and go too quick - Thanks Jenny for rescuing me this past week and being SO awesome with my boys - Especially Cash - the toothbrush was sure a hit!
And the love of the Book of Mormon was awesome too - and hopefully is one that won't pass ever for this little guy!
Visit from my favorite sister WAYYYYY TOOOO FASTTT - and yet so much fun and time spent with Suzie at lunch was awesome!

I love you more than you love me forever!
Holiday season always goes quick - but these cookies went even faster!
So much fun taking them to daddy at work and surprising him with our creative skills!
Cash's love for carseats in China has definitely went - as he cries EVERY time we are going in the car, complaining all the time that the sun is bugging him and so is the seat! Wish he would wear these shades more!
Eating healthy this holiday season came and went on DAY 1 --- just enjoying ALL the treats the holidays brings - and oh boy were these cupcakes from Lindsey's calendar no exception!!! They were the best tasting cupcakes I have ever made, and so pretty - and best of all --- SO SO SO SO SO EASY!!!! If you didn't buy her calendar, you are missing out - better get your order in now for 2012!
Pumpkin passion is what I call them because i am really passionate about eating them all up!
Another year of holiday cheer, beautiful tree and lights, and thoughts or our Savior!
Using my camera and testing out settings for some cool pics!
Got my shopping for Christmas done back in October in China - so just enjoying the season now of not having to buy many things and enjoying seeing the joy of presents through my child's eyes!
Thoughts once again of the gift of our Savior's birth we celebrate and how lucky I am to be a member of his church! I love the music, the lessons, and this holiday season when my thoughts are much more centered on Christ's gift to me of choosing to come down and pay the price for each of us! What a beautiful gift and far better than anything I have under the tree!
Merry Christmas - may you all a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa......

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
Cash: I want a Harry Potter Wand!
Santa: What will you do with that?
Cash: (pointing his pencil - aka his wand right now- at Santa and yelling) Leviosa not leviosah! Expelliarmus!!!!

Well, we'll see if Santa can find that wand!
I have a tradition of getting the picture of Santa and a frame to go with it each year so I can see the changes in my kids - for the past 2 years it has just been Cash!
This year, with 2 kids - i thought the picture might be disastrous or have 1 kid crying - but we lucked out and got them both smiling! How awesome is that! I then display the pics in the frames on our mantel - or right now in the cutout window on the staircase since we don't have a mantel! I love this tradition and get excited each year to make the trip to the mall to get it! We always do a new Santa, and it was a blast going to Richmond, seeing the authentic old Santa setup they had, eating lunch with Suzie, and having Kimmy join me! What a great time of year! The pic is a little blurry since i had to take a picture of the picture with my camera - but you get the idea!

Merry Christmas!
(what are your favorite Christmas traditions?)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Evidence Chip works tooooooo much!!!

My friend Jenny was over and we were all hanging on the couch watching Elf before Cash had to go to bed. I had fed Griffin, and we were getting ready for him to go to bed also!

Jenny looked over and Cash had ZBZ - his cute softy Zebra - pushed up against his skin on his belly shirt lifted. Jenny said "Cash, what are you doing?" to which he replied:

"I'm just feeding ZBZ like mommy feeds Griffin!"

Hmmmm - Daddy - your son really REALLY needs a father/son date ASAP!!!!!
Come home quick!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Like Deja Vu.....

Super bad snow storm!
Stuck inside!
Chip gone to China!
Sister in town!
Super cold outside!
Eating yummy soup and other warm dishes I can make in the crock pot!
Longing for warmth!

Wow! Last week felt just like a year ago when it was almost exactly the same scenario!
So glad last week is over!
Here is to a good week of time with hubby, family, and a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today is a bittersweet day for me! It is a day our family has longed for, hoped for, looked forward too, and especially prayed for for a really long time.....and one that at times seemed like it would never happen......and yet now it is here I wish it were yet a little farther off!

Today my favorite youngest brother left for the MTC! He is going to be serving in the Lansing, Michigan Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so proud of him, so happy for him, and yet will miss him terribly.

Sam is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met. He is great with my kids, calls me all the time to see how I am doing, shares my love of sports and games, and is the best "uncle Sam" we could ever have. We will miss him a lot, but it is so exciting he has made this choice and his great journey will begin! I love you so much Sam, and the pic below is one of my favorites (taken by the great and talented Kelly Anderson)

Today my hubby also left for China for a business trip. I have been dreading it since the moment I found out he was leaving. I hate when he goes, and it seems so much worse that it is so far away. However, i have friends planned to stay with me for each night, and had geared up for the week and settled in this morning to embark on it and make it go quickly - and then I got the phone call..........he called my mom while he was at the airport this morning and booked my sister a ticket to come stay with me while he is away! What a sweet heart! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present (ok, other than him not having to have gone at all - but that wasn't an option)! Thank you honey for making my day and week look so much better! I love you sooooooooo much!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I can NOT believe this little cutie is already 5 months old! Where has the time gone? We are loving him more and more each day and so happy he chose to be a part of our little family! My favorite part of his day is when Cash wakes up and comes in to our room and says "hey Griffi - hey griffi grew! how you doin' today griffi grew! it's me, Cash, your brother - i'm here now! i wuv you! hi griffi grew!" (yes, he does say all that, and sometimes more, every day!) Then Griff looks at Cash and smiles and smiles - it is so fun, and so wonderful having the kids be so cheery in the morning!

Griffin and Cash both had their 4 month checkup at 4.5 months, so easy for me to compare their stats!
Griffin weighs 14 lbs. 13 oz. (just 12 oz less than Cash did)
Griffin is 25.9" long (just 1 inch less than Cash)
Griffin's head is in 10th percentile (Cash's has been in 95% since his birth)

Starting out 2 lbs. lighter and 2.5" shorter, he is catching up quick......except for the headsize, and not sure that will ever catch up to Cash! But as the DR. said - looks like another tall, lean boy!
We like that!

Below are some pics of what Griff is up to these days at his 5 month mark!

Sitting in his high chair, eating his favorite treat - his hands!
With his small features, ears that stick out, and bald head he kind of looks like cute little old Howard W. Hunter, don't you think?

Grabbing for toys, and ALL food that is close by!

Playing with his toys, and looking at the lights!
Smiling, laughing, and babbling ALL the time!
Learning to stare right into the camera!
Giving the look of "are we done yet!"

Griff is SO smiley, loves to laugh at his brother, snuggle with his mommy, and be held upright when he is awake. He wishes he could sit up all the time, but will probably master that this next month! He is a good sleeper, and today finally is learning to take a bottle! YEAH! We love him and are having so much fun with him! I am grateful for the past 5 months and how easy he has been for me (altho at times i haven't always thought this), he is actually a very good baby!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 kids say cheese.....please!!!

Getting two 2 year olds to look, as well as 2 3 month olds is not all things considered these turned out quite well!!!

These were taken the day we left Beijing. We had to say goodbye to some of our bestest friends there, and definitely Cash's best little friend, Nora. She brought him some hi-chews from Taiwan to take on the airplane (they were soooo delicious), and it was so cute to see the 2 of them interact and say goodbyes!

I do this post now in honor of them coming home - so welcome back to the US Roneys! We missed you the past few weeks, and can't wait to reunite sometime soon!
2 boys, 2 girls - maybe someday we will even be family! haha!

Cash, Griffin, Nora, and Adelaide
what good older siblings - holding and looking!
Best one we got - too bad Griffin looks not as happy - but really, he is laughing on the inside!
Cash and Nora posing for one last pic - yea, i think she likes him don't you? these 2 are such a cute pair, and the other day when Cash was sick I got a popsicle out for him to help his throat to which he replied - "not pink mommy....this pink is for Nora - i like green!" It was the color of Nora's shirt in this pic and reminded me of how much fun we had with the 2 of them - he asks often if she is coming too when we go places! Wish she lived closer!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Spirit

We are having SO MUCH FUN this year getting into the Christmas Spirit, despite being sick this entire past week with terrible flu/colds! My friend Rian inspired me to do Advent bags for the month, and ours are VERY basic, but working out great for us! Cash can hardly wait to open his bag each morning - and in fact usually opens a few each day so that then I have to re-wrap them back into their bags, but that's ok! I have not taken many pics for awhile so I decided to take a bunch of my 2 little kiddos in their Christmas jammies in front of the tree! Enjoy way toooooo much cuteness below!!!

Cash with 2 Advent bags

What's inside mom?

A big pencil - awesome (mostly used as a sword to shield off the 'bad guys' Cash doesn't like)

Take 1 of Cash and Griffin - with Cash's other present for being good for his babysitter last night - Elmo!

o my cuteness - cutest little santa EVER!

I may be littler but I can push!
I love these 2 so much!
Cash's cheese smile, and Griff's favorite food!

Hey santa baby!
I love Griffin mom - he is my cute brother

almost done
smiley smiley santa!!! ho ho ho!
HO HO HO!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So i have so much to post about I don't really know where to begin.....and since I can't figure out blogger and it is just a sort of frustration now and i don't really like going into it then I am just attempting to ignore it.......and instead will just post a few random thoughts!

1- i hate the flu mist they shot into Cash's nose........and altho you say it doesn't cause the flu - within 2 hours of getting it he has the worst flu case he has ever had, we haven't slept for 2 nights, he has the saddest hoarse voice you have ever heard (altho i think it is so cute too), and he has been miserable the past 3 days - but we are seeming to be on teh up and up.........and I will never again make the mistake of going against my gut and agreeing to put him thru this!

2- he has been saying the funniest things lately.....such as "mommy, i am in big really trouble now huh?" (really big trouble now he means --- and yes, he was)
"mommy, that is just obnoxious" (when i couldn't find something i was looking for)
"I can't reach the moon...(after a few seconds thought) I need a trampoline, to bounce to reach the moon!)
Mommy, you are r being rude to me! (I had taken his fishys away!)
"Griffin - you look so cute are my cute son!" (actually brother but he thinks he is his son)
"that's ridiculous!"
"mommy, thanks so much for making this dinner...thanks for making this corn for me" (please stay this grateful and polite forever!"
"there is no dobby in my room, there is no bad guys, there is no harry potter"(he is really concerned with bad guys and good guys these days)
"i don't like the garage - i don't like the is scary!"

3- back to reality of chip working late nights and i am wishing badly and longing to be back in Beijing!

4- i have started no sugar for the month like I did 2 years ago and am already going through withdrawals after just a day, but also am headache free so maybe this is the solution!

5- love laundry day with friends!

6 - have enjoyed making yummy dinners since I been back - some great satisfaction I have gotten from cooking and creating good/healthy food for my little family!

7- I am in serious need of a good night's sleep, but instead am sitting here on my blog and fb and not going to get in my bed!

8- Griffin is darling and so much fun right now, and i love being a mom of 2 cute boys!

9- i love the modern family, and the comedic relief it brings to me every time i watch it!

10- i love the christmas season, and seeing it through they eyes of my child is even more fun this year than last!

happy christmas season!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yep, Chip's b-day was yesterday, the 26th of November, and I love him to pieces!!!

You are the cream to my oreo,
the cherry on my sunday,
the stuffing in my turkey,
the song from my lips,

and the man of my dreams!!!!

So glad I met you, even more glad I married you, and I get to spend many a more b-day with you!
I love you babe! Happy 31st b-day!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


My 5 wonderful siblings
My 4 wonderful parents/in-laws
My 3 floors in my house that give me lots of exercise each day (note the sarcasm....altho i really am grateful in a way for them too!)
My 2 cute children
My 1 awesome hubby

and so so so much more!!!! I love today and being able to realize how much i am blessed with! What a great year it has been - and what great things to come!
I love Thanksgiving! May we all ponder on the many things we have been given, and then find ways to serve others in the wonderful Christmas season ahead!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Delta:

I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER! had a more terrible flight experience than the one I had with you last week. I am writing in my complaint, not of the airline or aircraft carrier experience itself, but of the awful customer service I was shown by one of your stewardesses. If I were you, I would fire her for sure!!!

I was travelling from Denver to Atlanta with my 2 small children. 1 who is 4 months, and the other who is 27 months. Both of them were being angels, thank heavens! The infant was asleep the whole time, and the 2 year old was watching shows on his dvd player when about half way through the flight I started to feel incredibly nauseous. I was shakey, starting to feel like I would black out or puke, and upon looking to see that no barf bags were in the seats I rang the bell for the stewardess to come. NO ONE CAME!!! After 3 rings I realized they probably weren't going to come and I was hoping to just get rid of the problem by using the restroom so I kindly asked the gentleman sitting on the aisle seat if I could get out. He was kind, even asked if he could watch my 2 year old for me, but that little guy wanted to come and I didn't have the energy to fight him so off he trotted following me down the aisle to the back of the plane. Upon getting there I waited to see a flight attendant to get their attention and ask if they would take my sleeping infant so I could have my hands free and use the restroom on my own. Well, 2 times someone came towards the back and I beckoned and called out to them, and yet they didn't even look up or pay me any attention. Thus I just stood there and waited, trying to figure out what to do next. Finally, the voice came over the speakers saying we were going to be landing soon and to take your seats. Not wanting to cause a scene by puking all over the seats or floors, or worse having the runs or something more embarrassing in my seats, i just decided to go into the bathroom anyways, YES, with both my children.

I got in their, and got all of us situated, managing to sit on the toilet with my infant, still asleep, draped across my lap, and my 2 year old at my legs. I was trying to keep my head still and from pounding and exploding off my body, my stomach from reeling, and myself balanced as the plane started to descend. Then came the knocking! The stewardess had finally taken notice and was trying to help me?! OH NO!!! Instead, she was yelling at me to get out of the bathroom, saying i had to open the door immediately. Hello! I had just sat down and was trying to alleviate some of the pain I was in, there was no way i could just come out now. I yelled back to her that i couldn't because i was sick, and she just kept yelling at me to get out! Then I heard a click and realized she had unlocked the door - with my pants at my ankles i couldn't let her come walking in so i held the handle and wouldn't let her open it. This made her more angry and she just kept yelling at me to get out. Finally, i was so exhausted myself from yelling at her that i couldn't because i was sick, and trying to keep my 2 year old quiet who was also yelling - "my mom is sick" as loud as he could to help me out, probably realizing my frustration, and holding the door shut so she couldn't walk in on me, that i just let go and decided if she walked in she would see that I was in trouble - (or at least smell that i was in some trouble - i know, TMI TMI)! Anyhow, she did just that. I let go, stopped relocking the door, and she did open it and see me - to which she said "you have to go up to your seat now!" and i responded saying that i was sick and couldn't move! She opened the door enough that the entire last row of 3 people could see, and they were looking after all the yelling so it was a pretty embarrassing moment, altho at teh time i really didn't care because i was feeling so awful and I was so mad at her for doing this to me..........and no, she didn't offer to help me out at all by taking Griffin out of my arms, or my toddler to sit down. She did close the door finally tho, and left me for the remainder of the flight sitting in their. (it was only about 10 minutes longer but felt like an eternity)

It might have been good that she made me so mad, because it definitely took my mind off being sick and alleviated my nausea for about those last 10 minutes. However, she didn't let up. I heard the couple in the last row asking her what that noise was that they kept hearing (Cash clicking the door handle and other little trash door inside) and she told them that it was a child inside, and then preceded to go off about how irresponsible of a mother i was and how it was ridiculous I had brought the kids with me in their and I was not taking to account their safety and how these types of people shouldn't be mothers! OK - NOW I WAS getting really REALLY mad! She not only didn't help me or act kindly, but she was talking badly about me to other people? I really had half a mind to just open the door and puke all over her! In some ways, i wish I would have. However, then we landed and I decided to just wait it out and then pull myself together and apologize and explain the sickness. I waited til we had fully stopped, then put Griffin - who had now woken up - on the toilet seat so I could pull my pants up and get myself together! Then I picked him up and turned around and opened the door.

The couple was staring right at me, with a look of utter disgust on their faces, and a few others looked back to see what was going on too. I leaned my head out and apologized to the stewardess, explaining that I had taken an antibiotic for my sinus infection and I thought I had had a bad reaction to it and that was what had caused my nausea, and other sickness. The airline stewardess was anything but understanding! Instead, she just kept on saying it was so dangerous and I should have just went back to my seat, and teh pilot was going to keep flying around and delay the landing, but decided that for the rest of the passengers it was just better to land anyways! DUH!!! I was fine in there, and of course it was better to just land! I was really annoyed by how rude she was being to me, but upon feeling really lightheaded and sick again i just had to sit down and kind of tune out to all going on.

She asked me if I needed a wheel chair, but was so rude about it I told her I thought if i could just get some fresh air and some water and an apple I might be fine. I sat there, getting worse while waiting for everyone to exit, tho, and was wondering if maybe the wheelchair might have been a good idea. While we were waiting my 2 year old was exploring and asking a million questions about what everything was. The stewardess answered a few, not very nicely, but she did answer a few - to which he then asked "why" each time. He kept saying "what's that?...over and over and then when she told him he would ask why! Well, after one time too many i guess for her he said "why?" and then she responded with "stop asking why! you are being annoying!"

HELLO RUDE Airline stewardess - HE IS A 2 year old! He asks questions, and even if you think it, you do not tell my child he is annoying! He wasn't yelling, crying, throwing things, or causing any other sort of problems - so if he wants to ask why or any other question let him - and if you don't like it don't answer! SHEESH!!! Do NOT be rude to my son!

Well, after that I was just plain mad, and once everyone got off we headed up to get our stuff - she followed me and Cash up there and as I was bent over the seat, trying to pick up 2 backpacks, a diaper bag, 2 blankets, Cash's shoes, and my painting while holding Griffin she finally asked if she could help by holding the baby! REally? This would have been nice 45 minutes ago, but yes, i did need the help and i was feeling so awful that my pride had to be gone and i accepted the gesture, altho not done nicely, that she gave. I just wanted to get off the plane as fast as i could! On our way out another stewardess, much kinder all be it, offered to give me to bags in case i got sick on the next flight, and a water bottle and apple. We made our way off and got our stroller, car seat, and everything loaded onto it and then tried to find the bathroom.

I was feeling worse than ever and yet was so mad and just wanted to call Chip! We made our way into the family bathroom, and i immediately broke down when he answered, telling him what had happened, that I was so sick, and that i didn't think I could get on the next flight! OH it was awful!

He told me to walk to the next gate and tell them what was going on and see if there was a later flight or decide if i could do it - at this point i didn't think i could - but the alternatives were to stay in the airport overnight, find a hotel - which i didn't have the strength to go figure out a taxi and hotel here and have the 2 kids by myself while doing this being so sick - and so as I walked to the next gate i prayed with all my might I would have teh strength to just get on. I figured that an hour more of flying, even if i ended up throwing up into the bag or in the bathroom again - would be better than braving the airport alone for many more hours with the kids by myself - so we made the decision to just get on! We were in the back row of the plane, right next to the bathroom, and once again my kids were angels and griffin slept the whole time after take off and Cash was good (altho we had left his binky on the previous plane in the havoc of getting off and taht caused quite a lot of problems for us both on this flight and at home at bedtime)!!!

After about 1/2 hour i started to feel much better and by the end of the flight i was feeling pretty good - thank heavens, but the first part was a little shaky and griffin was screaming, cash didn't want to put his seat belt on, and it was a little chaotic and all i could do was sit there as the next stewardess yelled at Cash to do it and tehn preceded to do his seatbelt for him, cuz i was feeling too awful! It was pretty much teh worst flights EVER!!!!

Mostly, i am just REALLY dissatisfied with Delta right now and plan to never fly them again! That stewardess needs to find a new job in my opinion!

Well, we did make it home, with all our luggage, and thank heavens Chip's business trip was cancelled and he was able to be home with me and the kiddos that night because once i hit the couch i was pretty much out of it the rest of the night I was so tired! And thank heavens for good friends also, who helped us at the airport getting our bags, and also provided dinner to us! Thanks Melissa and Tracy for being so great and really welcoming us back the best way someone could!

Altho as we were driving home Cash said "mommy - I want to go back to Grammy's! I just want to go home to Grammys house!" Well Cash - mommy wants to go home to Grammys too! At that moment that was my desire and I just wish we were back where I had a mommy to take care of me and make sure all my needs are met! It was a great trip and we do already miss it a ton!

However, it is nice to be back too - now that the flights are over! I have no desire to fly alone with 2 kids any time soon - or fly at all anytime soon now tho ----- and defintiely have NO intention of using Delta again! You need much better customer service I say!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So when i walked into Target today and saw the front stand full of Toy Story 3 copies - for $32.99 a piece...........

I smiled and got so much satisfaction knowing i have had a perfect copy of it for over 1.5 months now that I got for less than $1 - that's right, for 75 cents actually, from china!

There is something I will forever miss not living there - cheap movies before they even come out here!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Since we arrived in Utah my camera has been in my backpack and I haven't snapped one photo. I am extremely bummed about not having more pictures, and especially from my failure to take good photos of Griffin's now I am just happy that at least I got a few from my family's camera of Halloween!!!

Uncle Sam dressed up as Woody from Toy Story...and Cash wished that he could be Buzzy to match!
Cash was actually really excited about his football player costume - isn't he a cute little QB!
Griffin was a football (glad Cash didn't really want to throw him), and Chip and I went as referees!
We had a great time, even if the outfits were shortlived!
Gettin ready to head out the door!
My cute little football! So sweet!
Grammy dressed as a jelly fish - pretty sweet costume!
Cash and daddy carving pumpkins
Carving is so much fun!