Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Madness!!!

We had a blast with everyone on Thanksgiving - and quite a big crew! For the dinner we had 15 people, so for my first time cooking the pressure was on! Despite my little bout of Pneumonia I was diagnosed with on Tuesday, Thursday was great and the meal came off tastin' mighty fine! Thanks Dad for all the recipes and live coaching via my cell all week. The stuffing and bird came off just like I remember it at home!

We loved having Jordan and Beth (Chip's sister and husband) out here all week! It felt a little more like a real holiday with them around. Also, we had a blast with Cady and Jeff and little Jarrett, and the Stevesons (both down from DC). All in all, an absolutely perfect day!

We ate lots, relaxed more, watched a LOT of football! (GO COUGARS), shopped a bit on Black Friday, and laughed even more. A perfect way to start off the wonderful holiday season. I am truly grateful for wonderful friends and family with which we have such good memories and so much fun!

The countdown is now on for Christmas!

Happy Birthday Chip!!!

One year older and wiser too!!!! Chip turned 28 this year on Monday, November 26th. It was a little anti-climatic since the last of our company from Thanksgiving left Monday morning. It was going to be hard to top last year's surprise party I gave him where we had over 40 people show up, I did all the cooking, and he was 100% totally surprised. So I decided, since I didn't know his schedule of when he would get home, I would just do something a little more intimate and celebrate with just the 2 of us.

It ended up being great - I would have liked to go to a nice hotel and have the whole weekend to spend at a spa, relaxing, and sipping strawberry daquiris, but as that wasn't an option, I decided to create our very own "fantasy suite" and create our own spa-like retreat at our house. I decorated the room, made a chocolate/peppermint cake and chocolate dipped strawberries, and got a few presents together. It was nice, and he even got off at 9 pm so we actually had a little evening to enjoy.

He has a tradition in getting me presents that he actually wants for himself, and so I decided to do that for him this year....and I got him ELF, my most favorite Christmas movie, and one we will watch tomorrow on the 1st to kick off our Christmas activities, after we set up our tree and decorations! I love you Chip - and wish this year to be even better than last!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FAIRYTALES....and the answer to the question WHY?!?

As I have previously mentioned, I am one of those individuals who loves REALITY tv. And last night, after watching the debacle of a finale of The Bachelor, I had to contemplate why I have fallen in love with that show and continue to watch it every season.

For a show that was supposed to end in true love, it ended in a complete disaster, with neither woman being chosen, both leaving in tears, both asking why?, Brad (the bachelor) sitting alone staring at the ring he had chosen but then did not give to anyone, and a whole lot of upset fans!!!

My husband has pointed out numerous times to me that this show is a complete waste of time. He feels it exploits women and makes them look completely stupid and ridiculous -- which I must admit it sometimes does; then there are always the crazy girls who do the most outlandish things to get the bachelor's attention; and then usually in the end the happy fairytale ending doesn't last much more than a few blissful months once the cameras aren't rolling, the glamour is stripped away, and TRUE REALITY actually sets in!

So why then do those of us who can't miss an episode, who set the TVO each week, who look forward to an hour of catfights, draMa, tears, and picking out who will be sent home and who will be the lucky ones to get the rose, love it so much? Doesn't that seem a little twisted? A show that has more heartache endings then fairytale ones continues to hook us in and capture our undivided attention. I have pondered this question at the end of every season, as I am feeling remorse for the one girl he should have chosen, happiness for one picked, and that weird sense that I now longer will be associating with my new friends that I now feel a bond with, not that I really know them at all....but we get that feeling right? So why? Why do we watch the show expecting a fairytale ending, only to discover the truth that fairytales really do not exist?

I recently figured out my answer to this question of WHY?

The reason I like it so much and keep coming back to watching it is that I think innately inside each and every human we all desire to have that happy ending, that fairytale story. Although watching it does not provide one for us, it allows us to escape our own worries, trials, and problems, for one small moment and enter into this dream and imagine ourselves in this fairytale-like life. At least for me, I imagine myself getting to do the super fun, romantic dates, getting the pretty dresses and amazing jewelry, having the perfect relationship with the perfect guy, and having all the romantic moments they show! Although it really isn't reality, it allows all who watch to experience emotions that are, in fact, a part of all our lives and what we long for. I actually feel the happiness, sadness, frustrations, anger, love, etc. along with those on the show. (am i totally crazy experiencing this?)

As I pondered last night about the upset that no woman was chosen, although there were 2 great, beautiful women, and the bachelor seemed so great and nice.....I had another realization. I really am living in my own fairytale. I am. It isn't perfect, I don't have all the diamonds or gowns from the show, my house definitley is lacking in the number of candles when compared to the show, and I have never received a card from Chris inviting Chip and me to the fantasy suite --- however, I have married the most perfect man for me, who I love more and more each day, who is my prince charming, makes me laugh, loves me back, who I am so excited to live through eternity with, and who has given me his heart and the "final rose", and I wouldn't trade it for anything. As I watch these shows, or hear comments made by others about their husbands/boyfriends - both good and bad - I realize that I truly am spoiled and I really am living in a fairytale.

So why do I watch this show? Because it allows me to realize what my own personal fairytale ending is....and that I am actually living it!!! I love you my PRINCE CHARMING!!!

All of you who feel the same way --- please share something you have discovered about your fairytale ending!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What makes a day BAD enough to warrant a title like this?
1. Getting to the airport and finding out the FLIghT is delayed 1 hour.
2. Waiting an hour and then learning the plane is now delayed 2 hours.

3. Waiting and realizing after 3.5 hours there is no telling when we will get off the ground.
4. Finally loading the plane 4 hours late, and having the pilot say to sit back and relax because he broke a switch in the cockpit and we have to wait for a mechanic.

5. Not leaving until 45 minutes after sitting on the runway in a fully
loaded, smelley airplane.
6. Not being able to get up to go to the bathroom because the girl in the aisle seat has all her work stuff out and it is just "too much hassle" for me or the other guy to make her move.
7. Missing my connecting flight in Chicago.
8. Dealing with the airline folks after finding out my luggage is lost!

9. Arriving in Raleigh at 10 pm (4 hours after originally scheduled)

10. Trying to find my luggage, and then finding out the zipper on it has been broken off so that I can't even open the suitcase at all
11. Having to then drive 3 hours to get back to Charlotte to my wonderful husband and house!
12. And the last straw.....getting pulled over by a policeman and getting a ticket!!!!! Could it get any worse?

However, in the end, I did make it home (at 2 am), saw my husband, and got to sleep in my own bed. So the day did end on a good note!

By the way, my trip to Utah was great and SO much fun!!!! I had a blast with my family, seeing friends, and just getting a break from the mundane work life back in NC. I will post pictures soon!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Currently I am sitting on my couch. I have watched every new episode of all the shows I TVOd this last week already (and some twice) -, I have CLEaNEd the house, done the laundry, emptied the DISHWASHER, and prepared my YW lesson for tomorrow. I ran in a race this morning for the "FIGHT FOR DIABETES" with my work group, came home and lifted some weights, took a bath, and read a magazine. So I should be HAPPY and feel pretty good right? But right now, at 3:39 pm, I don't feel that way. I feel a little empty and sICk -- and from my many medical classes and internships at the hospital I learned enough that I think I can accurately self-diagnose my problem. I have ABSENTITIS!! This is a disease where you get all anxious, can't concentrate on really anything, only have one thing on your mind, and are pretty much going crazy because of the Lack of seeing your spouse all week long. You might experience feeling like you are back in the "single life", with the feelings of emptiness like after a rough breakup, where you just know you can't move on and are waiting for that TRUE LOVE - that "ONE & ONLY" to come back into your life. And you know they will....because that's how it is in the movies - right? but it feels like way too long, and the minutes are moving slower and slower, and you just want to call them every 5 minutes and say, "are you coming home yet?" - similiar to when you were young and asked "are we there yet" in the car - to which they respond: "honey, i will be home quicker if you stop calling me and let me finish my work".

The side effects of this disease are: going a little crazy, extreme boredom that leads to a headache, and the occurrence of going on-line shopping and spending A LOT of money on a new wardrobe to make you feel better (don't look at the credit card bill yet honey!!!)

I don't want to complain, as I know I was signing up for this when I chose to marry Chip. And I encouraged him to apply for this dream job of his in the investment banking industry. But I am a little bit sad that I have seen him less than 1 hour all week (no exaggeration) and he will be at the office until late LATE tonight (after 11). Since I can't see him right now, I figured I would post a picture of him to remind myself how things used to be - when we actually got to eat dinner together and saw each other during the light of day. I could actually cook for him back then and plan on him getting off and showing up for dinner. I Miss those days, and sort of wish we were back at school so I could have him back. I do appreciate his very hard work, however, to support us and his desire to do well and excel in his job!!! I love you my little work-aHoLIc!!!

Oh, but one thing I don't have is a cure for this disease. If any of you have a remedy for this illness please prescribe it for me? Give me a cure please, will you????

My cute husband on Valentines, when I prepared a surprise dinner.....yummy steak!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bangs....and the Giant Peach ----- WHAT?!?

This weekend we went down to ATLANTA for a wedding! A very quick trip - as we left Saturday morning at 9 am and got back Sunday morning at 2 am, it was just short and sweet. We didn't get a lot of time to see the sites, but one thing we did see was this GI-NORMOUS

peach shooting into the sky as we were driving on the road. It was like straight out of the book, and we had to look around for James. There was no James, but we did manage to get a picture of us at the temple, and yes, I have bangs now!!! It has been awhile - like over 10 years since I have had them, and sometimes I feel like a little kid with them, but it is a fun change for the fall, and I was due for a new hairstyle....any ideas for the next one? I am thinking bald like brittney, ok maybe not that drastic, but changes are fun and I am trying to decide what to do next......advice is WELCOME!!!

The peach appeared in the sky out of nowhere!

It was HUGE!!! (and looked delicious!)

Chip and I outside of the Atlanta temple.....definitely my better half!!!

The wedding was great, such a nice NICE couple, and we also managed to squeeze in seeing my college friend Amanda and her husband Stephen and 2 cute kids. I wish we could have stayed longer, and definitely look forward to getting together soon!!! The ride wasn't bad either, but everything is better with someone you love, and I TREaSURED each minute I got to spend with Chip, since I don't see him much at all in the week....and by at all I mean I usually see him LESS than 3 hours by the time Friday night comes - the reason I live for the weekends. He works SO hard and I love him so much!!! You are the best honey!

Friday, October 12, 2007


So it has been awhile since I last blogged, and after receiving numerous comments about needing to update, I figure I had better put up what we have been up to lately. For those of you who had the chance to watch conference last weekend, you will know what I am talking about in saying that it was totally INSPIRING. I found myself really HungrY to watch each section and take in all the words of the speakers and our dear PROPHET. I really feel so blessed to be a member this church, and for all the blessings that come from living the gospel. I love the fact that we have a prophet on this earth who speaks to us, is so FUNNY, SWEET, and just so CUTE to watch!!! I just love PRESIDENT HINCKLEY. This conference instilled in me a desire to share the gospel with those out there who haven't had that blessing. I especially am grateful for the knowledge that we can LiVe together with our families for all eternity if we are sealed together in the temple!!! I think that is such a great blessing, and something that sets us apart from other churches. It was just a great weekend all together, including a delicious brunch at bishop's before sunday session with a number of families from the ward!!! Yum Yum!!!

Our dear prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley!

New member of Quorum of 12 - Quinn Cook, and new member of 1st Presidency - President Eyring!

New Conference is so beautiful!!!

My favorite temple!!! It is spectacular, and also where Chip and I were married!!!

What the kids worked on during conference - the revealing of their creativeness!

Zack, dressed up as a GIRL - with makeup, clothes, accessories, and all -- even the was hilarious!!!

The artists were Zack's sister Morgan, Holly, Chandler, and Taylor!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I love FALL.... it is simply my favorite season for many reasons.

Delicious treats through all the holidays...especially CANDIED APPLES.

Halloween parties, costumes, haunted houses, & decorations

Fall leaves, crisp cold air, & beautiful outdoors (this is what it is starting to look like in NC)

Football, especially BYU football - we went with the cable where we could
get the most BYU games

Getting out sweaters and wearing LOTS of layers -- bundling up!

Fall semester of school - and yes, I am STUDYING even though i am not at BYU, as I am preparing to take the CPA exam!!! (Gotta love books --- also, curling up in a blanket inside on a cold day and just reading a good book)

Fall just puts me in the best MOOD -- I love everything about it!!! I think I am the happiest during this season!!! As a side note, for all you individuals who can't go home for thanksgiving and find yourselves on the east coast - we are having a big celebration here in NC at my house! I will be attempting to make the whole meal - turkey and all (with a lesson to teach me 2 weeks earlier from my dad when I go to Utah) but the invitation is open to EVERYONE --- we are going to make it a great day, with a live football game in the morning, to stuffing ourselves full so we can just sit around and watch football in the afternoon, to some delicious pies and fun games at night!! Should be quite a feast -- and we hope to have a full house!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pick "Pickler" Explanation for Kelly Pickler

So one might wonder if Kelly Pickler is really as dumb as she comes across. Well, I visited her hometown, the wonderful place of Ablemarle, North Carolina, and I think it explained a LOT. Nobody seemed too educated, but it sure was pretty. We drove through on our way to a YW camp, and the lovely truck below is a great example of what the town consists of --- mostly chickens --- this truck was in front of us for a good while, and feathers were flying out everywhere. Although education didn't seem to be the prime concern of the town, I am sure that they all have the best "DOWN" comforters and pillows ever (from all the chickens). Maybe that is one reason for the great furniture NC is known for --- there was more "down" in that town then people. And maybe Kelly Pickler has a little of that fluff stuck in her head, which is why she can't seem to say certain words like "calamari" right. Bless her heart, she is doing pretty well considering where she comes from.

Brought the phrase "don't count your chickens before they hatch" to mind!!! An interesting site for us to follow on the very narrow 2 lane roads - a not so favorite characteristic of NC!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home Preview #2: Guest & Master Bathroom

I wanted to wait until a room was completely finished before posting pictures....but I realized I will forever be adding, changing, and coming up with more ideas of add-ins for each room, and I had better just put up pictures of the process along the way. The bathrooms are not fully done, but each has a couple of features that I love!!!

Hand-painted (by me) shelf
Navy blue accents
Beautiful granite countertops , Oak Cabinets, and tiled floors

FUTURE: Walls painted in fall orange, some more fun orange/blue accents!!!

I found this great shelf at Target, but it was white, and I wanted brown. Thanks to Home Depot and a little paint -- turned out just how I wanted!!!

I got crafty and put the flower pot together myself, and doesn't it go well with the Navy. I love deep, rich fall colors!!!

FEATURES: Brown glass vase and flower arrangement
Delicious smelling RED APPLE candle
Glass squares window
Soft red rugs and brown towels
Elevated granite vanity
Beautiful oak cabinets and custom tile work

FUTURE: Few more add-ins above the tub on wall --- maybe a shelf, picture, or even a flat screen TV!?! (the tub got its first use this week, and it is even bigger than it looks - love it)

Loved this vase, and colors matched perfectly (my first chance at creating my own bouqet)

Tile shower is the way to go - don't even need a squeegee!

View into the bathroom from our bedroom!

I love the higher vanity, and the little drawers in the middle were a gift from Chip from Home Depot -- it is perfect for holding all my makeup!!! Who would have thought?

More pictures to come soon!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Fridays are normally casual days, where everyone at the office wears jeans. However, yesterday we were going to the Country Club for lunch for reaching our goal, and although I asked the manager and got his approval it was still ok to wear jeans, I must admit Friday morning as I was getting dressed I was still questioning the decision. However, he gave the approval, so I wasn't going to miss another casual Friday. I strolled into the office in my jeans at 7 am, to try and get a jump on work before the lunch at 11:30 a.m. (and the rest of the day off-yeah!), and that is when it all started. At 7:30 Jeff (my manager) came over and peeked around my cube. I asked what he was looking at and he said "you wore can't wear jeans to the country club"!

"I knew it", I thought to myself, but I had failed the thought to bring another pair of pants in the car so now what was I to do? With a 35-45 minute commute it wasn't worth it to go back home so Taheera, who was also wearing jeans, decided we should go to the mall and just get a pair of dress slacks to change into. We both found pants at Gap, and I love mine so I will keep them. Taheera is 6 feet tall, so she asked the Gap employee to take the cuff out and steam them so they would be long enough and not have wrinkles. While he did this, we decided to play mannequin in the store and take pictures. It was pretty funny, and with not that many people at the mall at 10 a.m. we only got a few weird stares.....although I think the store manager was excited to have us leave :)

First, Taheera posed as a mannequin in this cute hat that was for sale in the store. (She can hold perfectly still for a long time.)

I decided to pose like the model in the picture --- it was a totally awkward pose, and I needed a little more practice with the tilt of the head it looks like....

Next thing I know, Taheera is putting on a shirt to blend in with the "Casual T-shirt family of mannequins"

I decided to try to insert my head on the mannequin, but it was too tall.....However, I did buy the dress that is to my left....a totally cute comfortable dress, that can also be doubled as the "very stylish long shirt" trend that people wear over pants, and gives a totally European look. Love it!!!

Overall, a great excuse to go shopping...

Then, upon arriving home at 1 pm from the crazy morning, I pulled into the garage and found a surprise in the corner ---- a real BIG BLACK WIDOW ---- yes, you might think it is a spider you only hear about existing, it actually does. It had a huge egg sac in the web, and at first I thought I would just have Chip kill it when he got home, but after going inside and then coming out 10 minutes later to find it gone, I realized I would have to do something myself. So after an hour at the pool I came home to find it back in this original position, and I took Chip's shoe and took a swing. First one missed. I was a little shaky, but the spider didn't try to run; I guess the female instinct is the same in any species, and she stayed right next to her egg sac. So I took another swing and got both with one blow. Sorry to poor Charlotte and her web, but I just couldn't have poisonous little creatures taking over my garage!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Fun!

Realxin' in the theatre room.....ready to start Bourne Supremacy!!!

So this past weekend started off with us going to one of our favorite restaurants, 131 Main, with some of our new favorite friends (the Stevensons), followed by a trip to Walmart for some items Chip needed for his boat trip Saturday morning and the movie Bourne Supremacy. (we were rewatching the first 2 before going to see the 3rd). Saturday Chip went boating while I went shopping for some house decorations with Sarah -- I got some great stuff and they will be featured in the near future. After we got back, we went to our ward pool party for some great BBQ and social time. We love the ward and have met tons of new friends. Afterwards, we went to Bishop's to watch Bourne Supremacy on the big screen in the theatre room. (we watched Bourn Identity there on Monday for FHE). The theatre room features a 106" screen and stadium seating with great reclining couches. The walls our dark chocolate brown and it even has dimmer lights on the side like a real theatre. Thus, we plan on hanging out lots with the Bishop. Then, on Sunday, we went over to Bishop's again for a Ping Pong tournament and games --> We played a new game that is tons of fun called "Loaded Questions". It is my new favorite. Needless to say we were tired getting up this morning and heading back to work, and besides all the fun I also managed to: clean the entire house, do all the laundry, make food for Chip's lunches for the week, work out, and prepare and teach my YW lesson. Phew! No wonder I was a little bit tired today at work. :)

The Houter family & Bishop and Beth Draughon gettin ready for the movie --- sweet screen eh?

Chip got beat, for the second time, by Bishop!

The whole gang playing "loaded questions......we laughed so hard we all had stronger abs by the end!

The weekends are so fun they seem to fly by. It is crazy school is starting so soon, I have almost worked 1 month already, and I feel I have lived here for years. I love North Carolina.

Friday, August 10, 2007

All About Me >>> 50 "Stephanie-isms"

So I was tagged to write 8 interesting things about myself; however, as I thought about it, I had way more than 8 I wanted to include, so I thought I would do 50. Not that I am super INTERESTING, but I do realize I have many funny quirks and the more I list the quirkier I find I am. So here goes.

1. I love Reality TV....American Idol, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, the Bachelor, etc.

2. I have become accustomed to having crickets in my house, and as much as I hate finding them and dealing with them, I find myself talking to them and feeling bad when I kill them.

3. I love cleaning the kitchen and putting all the dishes into the dishwasher, but hate unloading the dishes often will remain clean in the dishwasher until I pull them out to use them again.

4. I have an obsession of popping zits and peeling off sunburned skin (Chip hates it when I try to pop his, and I haven't had any sunburns to peel this summer, but I am fascinated by peeling others sunburned skin off --- especially when I get the BIG flakes that keep on peeling)

5. I love doing makeup, but hate doing my hair.

6. I have gotten into designing ballroom dresses....even though I don't dance Kimmy will have lots of new designs to choose from.

7. I have gotten into eating food that is included in the PH Miracle ---- and love all the avocados I get to eat .

8. I like having a french manicure, but hate actually getting it done and all the stuff that gets trapped underneath them.

9. I have started drinking a ton of WATER each day, but have to put lemon and lime slices into it (lucky for me they are on sale at the grocery store)

10. It takes me hours to find everything at the grocery store, even when I have a list, and yet I prefer cooking to going out to eat -- although now I don't have a lot time for this.

11. I used to go to bed each night without washing my face..... but now if I don't use my Mac towelettes and follow my 20 minute routine, I can't fall asleep.

12. I often come up with my OWN WORDS and invent my own little phrases (of which Chip loves to make fun of)

13. I have a big closet, and yet I always just DROP my clothes on the floor on my side of the bed....Sorry Chip. (It drives him bonkers)

14. I love to sing at the top of my lungs while driving in my car.....and the great part is I think to myself I sound as good as the singer.

15. I love the Harry Potter books, but I don't care for the movies.

16. Fall weather in Utah is my very favorite season - the changing leaves, crisp cold air, back to school, and football season

17. I can always incorporate treats into my YW lesson somehow, and almost always have an object lesson each week (I love my calling as Mia Maid Advisor)

18. I secretly always wished I was of a different ETHNIC background, as I always wanted the beautiful olive tan skin.

19. I have started doing Hip Hop Abs and look forward each day to my workouts and cool dance moves I am picking up.

20. I am actually really sad not to be returning to BYU this fall for more school and to reunite with all of our friends (as if 7 years weren't enough). I am really going to miss it.

21. I am TERRIFIED of snakes.

22. I can go to the same restaurants over and over again. Out here in Charlotte it is Panera; back in Utah it is Costa Vida. I never get sick of the food there.

23. I am always thinking of new businesses I could start or ways I could make more money doing things I enjoy more than just accounting stuff.

24. I love icecream, and no matter how healthy I can be, I could never cut ice cream all the way out of my diet.

25. I love fruits and veggies, and now eat spinach salad at least once a day from Harris Teeters, the "POSH" grocery store out here that is like a restaurant.

26. I like doing laundry, but hate ironing and putting the clothes away.

27. I enjoy decorating the house, and yet am so picky I seem to have so many ideas I talk about doing, and then can't choose which one I want to use and so it takes a long time before I do anything.

28. I have come to love cooking, except when I have to use chicken. I hate touching raw chicken at all cuz it just grosses me out.

29. I have an ice machine at work that produces the little cubed kind you get at many restaurants, which is my favorite thing to munch on ---- however, I learned chewing on ice all the time is actually a form of a disease called pica. (Could be worse) :)

30. I love all sports, especially basketball and tennis. This past year I was ranked 211 in the NCAA tournament challenge out of millions of people who put a bracket all went downhill for me when NC lost. Still, it was pretty cool. (I was 99.8% accurate up until then)

31. I accidentally mistook the bishop for Chip and was rubbing his back and cuddling up to him from behind until I saw Chip sitting in a chair across the room and became totally mortified about what I had done (will never live this down)

32. I love North Carolina and can't imagine living anywhere else right now, and yet every once in awhile I still get homesick for good ole Provo and my Utah friends.

33. I watch E news and am always keeping up to date with what is going on in Hollywood, and although I shouldn't care, I find myself getting riled up about certain things.

34. I finished a master's degree in accounting, and yet would love to go back to beauty school.

35. I love having my hair brushed and played with, and used to trick the kids I babysat into having a contest to see who could brush it the best.

36. When I go to the movies, no matter how full I am I always want to get popcorn --- I love the smell and the salty buttery flavor it is, and it helps me stay awake throughout the movie.

37. Whenever Chip and I go to restaurants, I always have to ask him what I should get for my meal because I can't choose on my own!

38. I seem to get into a dance mode whenever I vacuum --- so it takes a lot longer to get the job done.

39. I hate shaving, but love the smooth feel of shaved legs in my sheets.

40. No matter how hot it is, I always have to have a blanket when watching TV and falling asleep.

41. About once a month I get into a mode where I start to compose my own piano piece, but I always only end up getting the intro done before I get stuck :(

42. I love dark rooms and watching tv in the dark, but am still sometimes scared of the dark.

43. Overcast days always seem to put me in a GOOD mood and give me energy (go figure!)

44. When I discover a new song I like, I can listen to it over and over on repeat without ever getting sick of it

45. I have a problem that when I go shopping, if I find something I like, I can't choose which color to get so I have to get the same shirt in all the colors. (Trying to change this)

46. I have the greatest family and also in-laws.... right now Chip and I are arguing over where to spend Christmas....but i want to spend it with his family, and he wants to go to mine (guess it is good we love each others family so much)

47. My dream vacation is to go to Italy...maybe someday!

48. I fall asleep in every movie I watch - both in the theatre and at home.

49. I love rollercoasters, broadway plays, and sushi.

50. Hot dogs and strawberry sundaes at costco are simply DELICIOUS!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So today was packed with fun --first, I went white water rafting for work (and got to count it as hours worked), and then the best part being the girls night out we had going to the show Hairspray. Of all 12 plays I went to in NY last summer, it was my favorite, and so I had pretty high expectations for it. And it delivered.....although the live dancing will always be better, and Haley Duff can play a bratty mean girl better than the cute girl on the movie, seeing John Travolta dressed as the mom and dance around in the movie definitely brought on the laughs, and between the couple making out next to us on one side, and two 16 year old dudes sitting on the other side laughing harder at all the jokes than anyone else in the theatre, I was definitely entertained. The music is a must have sound track, and if you are ever feeling down it is a show that can definitely put a smile on your face. Also, below are the totally awesome hair pieces we got the weekend it came out, and yes, I did bring them into the theatre so we could all wear them after this fantastic movie!!! Girls night out is definitely going to become a weekly tradition for us.

Carolina, Me, Meg, and Sarah

Sweet hats, and poses!!!

These headpieces attracted many a comment and stares from all who passed by!


Monday, July 23, 2007

First day of work

So you know how from the time you were little your mom always took your picture on the first day of school each year on the front porch. Well, to carry on that tradition, since I was feeling nostaglic about not having any more of these awkward moments you just put up with to put that big smile on your mother's face and get out the door, Chip decided I should have a picture on my first day of work. So here it went, and hey, it was even in front of the door (although not the green one where all the other ones were at my parents). The day went great, however, and I am so excited to be back working again and feel blessed to have found the "perfect" job for me ---- as perfect as any job can be, that is. It has been a great summer of just lounging around the house, and is nice to now have a reason to get up and get ready for the day. Business woman, here I come......for now at least...!!!

First day of work!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inside the house.....Featured room 1....welcome to the dining room

I have decided to highlight one room of our house each day....partly because all the rooms are not decorated, partly because some rooms are messy, and partly because I figure you don't want to see a ton of pictures all at once of each room in our house. The dining room is where we eat all our meals, as the breakfast nook has not been decorated yet, and is where we entertain our weekly guests (Chip invites someone every Sunday for dinner). We love the high square table we bought from Beth and Jordan, as well as the fruit bowl my grandparents brought back from guatamala (Chip originally made fun of it and yet it was his idea to put it on display). Also, I had plans of storing all of Chip's Van Gogh paintings in the attic, and yet with his persuasion realized how perfectly it did fit the room. And so, it is our only wall hanging at the moment. We are still looking for another piece for the other wall, as well as something for the two little nooks you will see. Enjoy the tour.

This view is from the kitchen, and shows the beauitful arches that make up all the entrances, and features the one painting we have in there.

This is from the living room, and also has an arch entrance, and shows the other wall we need to fill and one of the little nooks (indented) that also needs something --- any ideas or tips on what to do there would be happily accepted.

A closer view of the tall black table, beautiful crown molding on the wall, and once again, the painting. I am also thinking of hanging some long drapes in the two corners by the window.

A close view of our table decorations (notice the fruit). I loved the bright colors of the placemats and used my Culinary Craft experience to help with the napkin design, and it was because of these the colors were decided on for this room.

One more shot of our great table, which came with 8 chairs --- yeah!!!

We are super happy with this room, and it feels bright and cheery. Stay tuned for featured room 2 tomorrow.