Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ivy Jane's Actual Big Day.....#3!

Ivy woke up in the night and ended up in our bed early early on her bday.  I couldn't resist snuggling her just like I did the first night when she was born!  I can't believe she is already 3!!! Really time is flying so fast!  When she did wake up she and I had fun making funny faces and taking some selfies!

 Then it was downstairs for some presents and breakfast!

 The boys were happy to help her!

 American Girl Doll stuff --- Lyla and Sienna, a horse, and a bike!  She originally was upset when she opened the second doll and said she didn't want it - but we explained it would be way more fun to have one for a friend or mom to play with so we could play together and then she was MUCH happier!  (I got the second one so cheap it was a must)

 Then it was off to get her nails painted and a photoshoot (pics in next post) before going off to a park date with the ward ladies!  Super fun morning!  She absolutely loved getting her nails done and sat so still (minus the part when she folded her arms with wet nails and got a little on her outfit and smudged them all up.......!)  The lady was a little mad but didn't tell her not to so I am thinking it wasn't really our fault....sigh!

 After school the Walter boys came home with us and they brought the greatest present for her - a doctor set which she LOVES! Perfect gift for this little princess - and she LOVES Max who is the sweetest to her and he played with her with her new stuff!

 Then our next door neighbors showed up and brought her a fan with candy in it - also fun for her!

 We then took the 8 boys and Ivy to the park and had a fun time (until Cash peed on's own story entirely) and then we came home for otterpops - Ivy's favorite treat ever!

Then it was off to Jefferson for Cash's school openhouse night where we did dinner from food trucks and got to see his classroom!  Ivy with her boys!

Cash was SOOOOO excited for us to see all his work from the year and we were so happy to see it!  A great day!!!  Dad was out of town so it was nice to be busy the whole time!

Cash's Flamenco skills!

Cash's grade learned some Flamenco dancing this last year and then had a performance for all the parents.  It was seriously AWESOME!!! When he showed me some of his moves at home he was a little embarrassed and didn't do them full out - and then when he was actually in the performance he was AMAZING!!!! In fact he was by far the best hip mover in the whole show!  It was so fun!  Aside from the fact that we had to remove Griffin from the cafeteria to avoid him puking since he couldn't stand the smell (it did smell horrible) the performance was great and we can't stop talking about how Cash has the natural talent!  We sure love him and so glad we went!  Enjoy the video!

Cash and mom after the show!

We came home and the budding Picassos got to work!  Happily entertained for an hour while I cooked....worth the $1 it was to buy these paints and pictures!