Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November in a Flash!!!

So I JUST felt like November was starting and now we are already into December ---- WoW!!! This year has flown by and I am grateful for that, but also sad cuz trying to treasure each moment with my littles seems to be going too fast.  I would love to freeze time right now and just keep them these ages forever - I must say - 2, 4, and 6 are so much fun!  Cute enough and old enough to do most things even on their own, and not too big to be too cool for hugs from their mommy or let me pick out their outfits etc......So I would love to just have another year of this on repeat.....but I know - we can't stay young forever. I feel a little like Peter Pan these days with this wish!  Anyhow, so here is November in a nutshell!

Saw this cute picture of a snowman apron and after seeing price decided I could do up some just as easy myself and way cheaper - so we went to the fabric store, picked out the fabrics (each kid chose their own) and then I just free-handed them (so no they are not perfect circles or even close) and they turned out so cute!  Just in time to help mommy with the holiday baking - Griffin LOVES to help so he has been wearing his constantly!

modeling Cash's for him!

 I got some super long runs in this month and the view this one Saturday was breathtaking. I live in a beautiful place!

 We got into the holiday spirit to do up Christmas cards and before the actual photo session the kids and I goofing around with our new lights - the Christmas card this year is 100% awesome! So excited about it!

 Ivy is obsessed with Christmas trees just like her mom and wanted to look at this one forever on one of our shopping trips!

 Picking out outfits for the Christmas card shoot is quite a feat!

 A little date out for some Gelato and family time!

 Made it to AZ and got to spend an evening with these cool folks and my mommy!  So much fun! My Grandpa makes 91 look good don't ya think!?!

 Lots of fun cousin time and I went crazy and made all the nieces and nephews aprons - they loved them!

 Grandma Betty reading Elf on a Shelf book and choosing out a name for the elf at her house!

 A bunch of us ran the 5k turkey trot on Thanksgiving day - SOOOO fun  - they handed out Santa suits to run in at the beginning, and yet my jacket was off by the first 500 yards and the hat didn't last much longer ---- I had actually already ran a 10k on my own earlier cuz wasn't planning on running this race, but then decided to join and was pleasantly surprised to well and came in right behind Jayton, at 24 minutes - not bad for being tired and having a strained hamstring.  Also, my 10K I ran my fastest I had run one in a long time so that was cool - and with 9.5 miles under my belt then I could really fill up on the Thanksgiving feast right?!

At the finish line - with fake snow and all!  So fun and love these peeps!

 Didn't take many shots of our Thanksgiving trip but these two were so cute sitting to eat their turkey got a couple!

 Bowen kept saying Cheese so wanted him to get in on the pics!

 Cash and his cousin Adella - 2 cute 6 year olds!  After dinner Chip and his cousin John decided to put Cash against Ryder (also 6) and have a sporting contest - they made them compete in soccer, football, basketball, and running ---- altho Cash didn't win he did awesome and had a sort of good time I think! (his leg was also still recovering from not being able to walk on Monday or Tuesday so all things considered he did great! (not sure what happened to him - maybe a pulled muscle!)

 There was some friendly cousin basketball that the Brown boys and Wes dominated!

 Ivy enjoyed playing with all the babies - she LOVES them!!!

 Griff LOVES his aunts and uncles and especially had fun seeing Heidi and Steven!

 A fun night of crafting with the cousins - kept them busy for an hour at least!

 Ivy is hilarious and found it funny to stick her bum out and tell daddy "shoot me in the butt daddy!" and then laughed hysterically when he did!  

 The fun days with cousins were sometimes exhausting!

 Celebrating Becky's 30th bday at Texas Roadhouse with the family!  Love her! and check her arms out - dang! I want to look like her!  

 A little cousin love from Ryland to Griffin!

We had SO much fun and the only bad part was it ended too soon!  
Love our Family and we are so grateful for all our blessings this year!!!