Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Half of July!

Ivy has wanted a long bob cut for awhile - so we asked aunt Emma to come and give her one! She was sooooo excited, and it turned out SOOOO cute!

 Our friends had a fun flamingo and shark bday party for their son Atticus, who turned 5 a week after griffin, and their cute little Veda who turned 2 close after!  It was darling - and despite the fact that the rain came and drenched us and made us have to go in for a bit - it was super fun and darling.  Jane did a great job - I actually went to HS with the mom and dad of the bday kiddos and it was fun catching up and reminiscing old times from our glory (or not glory) days!

 Lazy sunday mornings with Chip and Ivy girl!  Somehow I managed to look more glamorous here then when I actually have makeup on - not sure how that happened but I'll take it!

 Sunday pedicure with my Ivy girl!

Also did a first time crown braid on her - she looked adorable - clothing optional here;)

 Sunday sweeties!

 Celebrating Emma's bday and Griffins - July 13 and 14!!!

 Manhattan Beach Creamery and Pier with Johnny and Ava!

 Ivy's new best friend!

 Tinfoil dinners - a HUGE hit! Yummy!

New bed came - and new bench - SO IN LOVE!!!!!  Absolutely just what I wanted!

 Such a princess!

My helpers at Costco!

Looked like she was flipping off the camera - lol - but she really wasn't I assure you!

Her buddy  Max!

Pre-wedding practice with clothes - he is so cute!

 Look at my muscles mom!

 Boys Sleepover at the Walters - I was more nervous then they were!  Had a great time!

Asleep before 7:30 pm!  Jet lag caught up to this guy after a very busy 3 weeks on the road!

 My little surfer dude!

 Cookies and more cookies - soooo good! Finally figured out how to make choc chip ones!

 Bow ties done for the wedding!

 Meeting baby Brookes for the first time when we took them dinner.  He is the cutest!

 Playing at the beach with Noah!

 Gorgeous morning in the South bay!

Nursing mommas at the beach - lol!!!

 Having too much fun burying each other!

 Love ALL these girls with their beach babies!

 Celebrating Harry Potter's Bday with butterbeer!

Special Olympics with Daddy - watching volleyball!

 BBQ after with daddy. An intense game of Jenga!

 Cash's last game and the awards - he got the Lebron James award for MVP - but he was not happy as he told us after he wanted the Steph Curry award!  LOL!!!

And we were off - and stopped in Vegas to see our friends the Smiths and meet this cute babe Winnie!!!