Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So today was packed with fun --first, I went white water rafting for work (and got to count it as hours worked), and then the best part being the girls night out we had going to the show Hairspray. Of all 12 plays I went to in NY last summer, it was my favorite, and so I had pretty high expectations for it. And it delivered.....although the live dancing will always be better, and Haley Duff can play a bratty mean girl better than the cute girl on the movie, seeing John Travolta dressed as the mom and dance around in the movie definitely brought on the laughs, and between the couple making out next to us on one side, and two 16 year old dudes sitting on the other side laughing harder at all the jokes than anyone else in the theatre, I was definitely entertained. The music is a must have sound track, and if you are ever feeling down it is a show that can definitely put a smile on your face. Also, below are the totally awesome hair pieces we got the weekend it came out, and yes, I did bring them into the theatre so we could all wear them after this fantastic movie!!! Girls night out is definitely going to become a weekly tradition for us.

Carolina, Me, Meg, and Sarah

Sweet hats, and poses!!!

These headpieces attracted many a comment and stares from all who passed by!


Monday, July 23, 2007

First day of work

So you know how from the time you were little your mom always took your picture on the first day of school each year on the front porch. Well, to carry on that tradition, since I was feeling nostaglic about not having any more of these awkward moments you just put up with to put that big smile on your mother's face and get out the door, Chip decided I should have a picture on my first day of work. So here it went, and hey, it was even in front of the door (although not the green one where all the other ones were at my parents). The day went great, however, and I am so excited to be back working again and feel blessed to have found the "perfect" job for me ---- as perfect as any job can be, that is. It has been a great summer of just lounging around the house, and is nice to now have a reason to get up and get ready for the day. Business woman, here I come......for now at least...!!!

First day of work!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inside the house.....Featured room 1....welcome to the dining room

I have decided to highlight one room of our house each day....partly because all the rooms are not decorated, partly because some rooms are messy, and partly because I figure you don't want to see a ton of pictures all at once of each room in our house. The dining room is where we eat all our meals, as the breakfast nook has not been decorated yet, and is where we entertain our weekly guests (Chip invites someone every Sunday for dinner). We love the high square table we bought from Beth and Jordan, as well as the fruit bowl my grandparents brought back from guatamala (Chip originally made fun of it and yet it was his idea to put it on display). Also, I had plans of storing all of Chip's Van Gogh paintings in the attic, and yet with his persuasion realized how perfectly it did fit the room. And so, it is our only wall hanging at the moment. We are still looking for another piece for the other wall, as well as something for the two little nooks you will see. Enjoy the tour.

This view is from the kitchen, and shows the beauitful arches that make up all the entrances, and features the one painting we have in there.

This is from the living room, and also has an arch entrance, and shows the other wall we need to fill and one of the little nooks (indented) that also needs something --- any ideas or tips on what to do there would be happily accepted.

A closer view of the tall black table, beautiful crown molding on the wall, and once again, the painting. I am also thinking of hanging some long drapes in the two corners by the window.

A close view of our table decorations (notice the fruit). I loved the bright colors of the placemats and used my Culinary Craft experience to help with the napkin design, and it was because of these the colors were decided on for this room.

One more shot of our great table, which came with 8 chairs --- yeah!!!

We are super happy with this room, and it feels bright and cheery. Stay tuned for featured room 2 tomorrow.


Little Treasures

So today, after waking up from my 12 hour night's sleep and saying bye to Chip as he left for work, I came out into the family room to do what I normally do each morning --- check my email and watch the morning news. However, when I went to turn on the TV I saw exactly what you see -- a piece of paper taped to the TV, with my name on it. I guess Chip knows my ritual all to well too, as he put it in the one place I would be sure to see it.

I picked it up, not knowing what to expect to find written inside, but knowing what probably should be written --- I haven't been feeling to well lately and have been a little cranky and not so easy to get along with, as well as failing to do some of the jobs that need to be done around the house; thus, what it should have said was something to the effect of being happier and asking if at least a few of the items could be done before he returned home from his long day at work.

However, what it did say was how sorry he was I wasn't feeling well, and then telling me everything he appreciates that I do get done and loves about me. It was a very TENDER moment reading it, and yet put the biggest smile on my face. Although I woke up feeling sick and like I couldn't do much today, I all of a sudden had a surge of energy and felt like I was on top of the world. I am so grateful for a husband who knows me so well and is so patient with me when I am less than easy to get along with. I am so lucky and hope he knows how much I love him. This was the best present . What a TREASURE to me and a great start to my day.


Monday, July 16, 2007


Right outside our house we have a beautiful little park area with an Arbour. At first Chip was skeptical of the whole thing, but after numerous hours of workers sweating in the sun, he agreed it turned out quite nicely. The pictures below show a little of the beauty of it, as well as my attempt to take some artsy pictures of the flowers. I am glad the area is there, and once the grass comes out it will be perfect. (the hay you see is covering the grass seed so the birds won't eat it --- a new thing I learned from moving here).






Now, for the outside pictures of our house. We love the red door, the red top, and the double porches. Now the grass is in it has turned into quite the cute little home. Also, the cute little lantern puts off an amazing amount of light at night. All we need now are some neighbors to fill up these empty houses next door.




Sunday, July 15, 2007

Up and running...

So the reason for this title is I am just figuring out how this works, and after being inspired from some of my friends am trying to get my creative juices flowing and get our site up and running. It is a nice way to keep in touch with everyone, as well as keeping a journal for us of what is going on in our lives. I am not one who is artsy at all when it comes to this, so any tips from those who seem to be experts, such as SHE SHE would definitely be welcomed. But anyhow, a quick rundown of what we have been up to this past week.

Yesterday was packed with many exciting things. First, we went to a baptism for some new converts in our ward. Aqueesha (mom), Jalen (10), and Jasmine (9), were all baptized yesterday. Chip gave a talk and it was a very touching experience. As my first convert baptism, I didn't know what to expect and was surprised at how much emotion and touched I was to be in attendance. It was truly a blessing and a beatiful family. Funny thing was, noone brought any towels for them, so after they were all baptized they were waiting in the dressing room until we found some. Since Chip and I live right across the street I dashed home to get some, only to come back and find someone had been called and already there. Other than that, it was flawless and they looked beautiful. Below is a picture of Jalen, Jasmine, and their younger brother with the two missionaries right after the baptism.

Elder Robbins, Elder Hovermale, Jalen, Jasmine, and younger brother
After the baptism, we rushed back to finish up what we had started earlier that day.....buying our new car. After months of debating which car to get, and trying to find the car that fit our color requirements, we finally bought the exact car we both wanted. A black 2007 Nissan Altima with charcoal interior. It is the smoothest riding car I have ever owned, and I am very excited because Chip said it was mine to drive to work each day. Wahoo!!!

At the dealership, getting the license plate put on

Chip ready to take our new ride to church

Me, a proud new owner of our new car

A little peak at the inside...more later...
After we got done buying the car, we rushed to the ward potluck dinner for a few minutes before heading out to a luau celebration with some of our ward friends, where many people had come over from Hawaii to be a part of the program. Dancers from the polynesian cultural center in Hawaii put on a show, including the world champion fire dancer. It was an awesome experience, with great food, including a delicious watermelon coconut drink....one of Chip's new favorites!

The world champion firedancer in action!!!

It was a full day, and also included a match of early morning tennis and a trip to Costco --- always a lengthy and enjoyable experience. (Costco is about 1/2 hour away from us, so we don't go as much as we used to). After the luau we headed back home, tired and worn out from our day. However, I had found out I was teaching the entire YW -- beehives, mia maids, and laurels, and so had to finish up my lesson and make a few adjustments. I was the only leader in the YW today. Thus, it was a little stressful, but I made it through. For now, that is all.... but hopefully I will be back with more soon. I am liking playing around with this fun webpage. I promise to improve.