Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Greatest Place on Earth!!!

We had a blast at Disneyland last Saturday - albeit it was probably the most crowded day of the year so far! Every single ride had at least a 40 minute wait, with a ton of them over an hour! However, the kids actually didn't seem to mind the lines and did great and it was so fun to see the magic in their eyes and the excitement of them! It is much different taking kids then just going as a kid (or teen as I was) for myself! I actually enjoyed it maybe even more watching my own kids.....and that's saying something since I am over 30 weeks pregnant and it hurts to walk after about noon each day! But I managed to survive and it was gorgeous weather and we all had a great time!

Griff on our very first ride - Buzz Lightyear! He loved EVERY SINGLE ride and was SO excited to go on them all! What a sweetie!

Cash and I had a blast on this one - although it actually made me a little nauseous!

Chip and Griff were in the car in front of us and took the pictures - neither boy stopped smiling the whole ride!
Enjoying the ride!
What a pair! Look at the happiness! Sheer joy!
At the end! Thank heavens it was over - I normally don't get queasy but this time was different!

Cash and daddy on the boat ride!
The teacups! Cash chose which one we should sit in - it matched his shirt!
Griff really wanted to spin the wheel! And no, Cash is not flipping anyone off although it looks that way!
Love my 2 boys!
So content!
Cash and I did the Star Tours 3-D show. It was cool - although not worth the 75 minute wait! When we got up and got our glasses at first Cash told me he didn't need glasses because his eyes aren't bad like daddys. I had to explain they were special to help us see the cool effects! Here he is ready to get on the spaceship!
Smiley boys!
At the end of the day we asked Cash his favorite ride and he said the horse one - the one where the horse went up and down and went around! Funny thing because before the ride started he was crying here saying he wanted off! Not sure why, but in the end he was glad he rode it!
Griff, on the other hand, was excited for this ride from the time we walked on! In fact, he cried and got upset almost every time we got off a ride trying to get back on it! He is a happy-go-lucky kid....almost always smiling!
Was telling me about Alvin and the nuts while Cash went on roller coaster with daddy!
Chip filmed Cash during the ride - he LOVED it! (I think!)

Cash and Chip on the jellyfish ride. Griff was really upset at this point he couldn't have Chip!
Video of jellyfish ride!
Our family at the happiest place on earth!!!

Yes this is at the end of the day and we are all BEAT!!!! What a great day though!

Cash's response to how Space Mountain made him feel!

We had so much fun we think we might do it again this weekend! Wahoo!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 2012 Utah Visit!!!

We had the BEST 2 weeks ever in Utah this year at Grammys. Cash and Griff LOVE their aunts and uncles, and Grammy and Mr. Grandpa and it was so much fun from the first day there. It was also a LOT warmer then we expected, and that turned out nice, and we left just in time for them to get hit with a snowstorm again!!! Can't wait for another visit already....lots of pictures and not really in order of what we did - but boy did we have fun!

The first day there the boys wanted to go out and play in the little snow that was still left. Griff is checking it out!
Hmm....maybe I can figure this out!
Snowball fight! Love this one....we had fun throwing them at Grammy's window during piano lessons!
Cash LOVES the bean museum and we went on Monday night for family night and they had a reptile show. I thought Cash wouldn't love to sit on the front row and touch all the animals but he ended up loving it! Grammy and him touched a turtle, a lizard, and two snakes.......yuck!
Checking out a crocodile skull!
Playing dress up in Alex's hat!
Griffin loved reading this book....and Alex was taking a snooze!
Very into it! Serious thoughts!
I was SO excited to get to go to Nationals and watch Kimmy dance since it had been so long since I got to go to this one! As always she danced beautifully and did extremely well! I love my little sister!

Paso Doble class comp!
My hot little sissy!

Only Gold 2 couple in the final with all the Gold Bar students!

Griff loves to put stuff on his head......and hey - why not this pair of Cash's underwear! Yes they were clean!

Cheese mom!

Cash found this and thought it made a great surf board....what a cute little surfer!
Mom and Kimmy at nationals before her big Smooth competition!

Dad and me - excited to be watching her do so well!

Getting some coaching from Micheal before the final!

Last time they will be competing this event together - and really hoping for a big win!


Right after the final when they walked off the floor! They both danced AMAZING and were SO HAPPY with their performance - it hit that it was their last time together before Matt leaves on his mission and they aren't partners anymore and so much emotion - Matt never cries and yet he couldn't stop sobbing - they were both so happy, sad, and just full of emotion - they got 2nd and even tied for 1st in tango and so they went out with a big high. It was beautiful to watch and I wish I had pics of them actually dancing but videos were too long to post! Loved watching them!

After the awards - so happy!

What a great partnership - been a very very fast 3 years for the 2 of them! Can't believe it really has been that long since they started together!

Brought this fabric back from China and it made a very awesome dress! She looked GORGEOUS!!! SO much fun!

Proud father!

Saturday night she danced Amateur Latin and brought an entirely different look to the floor! Look at this hot girl! So sassy and no one recognized her! She was stunning on the floor and is one little firecracker dancer! Love her!
After the comp ended with Matt's grandma!
Griffin getting a LOT of jelly on himself during dinner!

And then putting it in his hair!

Griffin LOVES his uncle Kevin and aunt Hollie - after dinner having fun with them!

Alex and Griffin - also his good buddy!

Cash made a fun marble tower one day - so much fun!

We went to a great park - highlight for kids (as always) was the baby swings!

Griffin is much more of a daredevil and wanted to do all the big slides although a little bit small still!

Cash is much more cautious, although finally figured out the ladders and did the slides, but preferred this fun toy and running around on the ground!
Griffin did figure out how to go up the stairs and down this slide all by himself!

Grammy - their most favorite person! My boys just adore her and it is no question why - she does SO many things with them, lets them help with simple household chores, and just makes everything fun to do while we are there. Thanks mom for such a great couple weeks and all you did for us while we were there. We miss you a ton already!

Another fun hat!

At the airport the first time - saying goodbye!

Cash was so sad to leave Grammys he kept saying.....but later on when I got bumped and took money to fly two days later and go back to Grammys he was also mad not to get on airplane and go home! However, in the end it was worth it - we got $800 to stay an extra day! More fun time!

We did finally make it home...and boys and I were SO glad to see our daddy! Last night we had taco soup for dinner - and this little guy out ate ALL of us! He had a HUGE bowl, and a lot of fruit too! My good little eater!

Yummy dinner mom!

And today I came into my room to find him playing in the laundry!

Of course he was in a jacket and a hat too!

I love my little guy....won't be my baby for that much longer, and he is getting bigger each day! I am glad he is still my little snuggly boy tho!
video of fun at Grammy's house in the kitchen!