Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter 2011 EveryBunny!!!

We had a wonderful day yesterday!!!
It is so nice to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ and remember the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate this holiday. It was fun to talk to Cash about it and see some sort of understanding as to what the holiday really means.
I am grateful for the wonderful holiday and for my Savior!

We had a fun day - filled with Delicious Coconut Cupakes!
Finding all the eggs the Easter bunny hid with Cash!
Here he is checking out one that broke to see the goods!
It was SO fun seeing him light up when he got all the eggs! After he found them upstairs he was sent on an Easter scavenger hunt to go find his basket of gifts and goodies!
Also, he got a special Woody! He was SOOOO excited about this! (probably more than any of the eggs!)
After church we went to our friends the Crofts for a yummy dinner and egg hunt for the kids! Way fun!

Chip and Griffin enjoying watching the Easter egg hunt!
All the kiddos before the hunt began - check out those happy faces!
I always wanted to wear a hat to church so this year I went for it - so fun and I LOVE it!
A little haggard after church - but a pic of our family!
Love the brotherly love here!
and one fun one of Griffin giggling and Cash wishing you a happy easter!

Happy Easter ALL!!!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally.....Potty Training is going somewhere!

After what seems likes months of very frustrating attempts at potty training, we finally had a breakthrough!

Cash came into the room and said "mom, get my toilet, I need my toilet, my poop is coming out - hurry!" He then picked up his toilet, sat on it - and preceded to poop all by himself.
It is ok he took 20 minutes, it is ok that the whole time he was telling me how awesome it was that he was going in the toilet and not his diaper, it's even ok that at one point he said "mom, we can't eat my poop - that would be NASTY (with a long drawn out Naaaaaasty!) (so funny to me)! It is ok that he had been driving me crazy up to this point tonight and had been wild and crazy and bugging Chip (who is very sick with walking pneumonia) to play with him and trying to do anything to play with daddy! It is all ok - because in this moment, this magical spontaneous moment at 8:30 pm at night when he really should have been in bed but wasn't - he had a pivotal moment and figured something out all on his own!

Afterwards he was so proud saying that now he gets a big Buzzy or Woody! We asked him which he wanted and he said - ummm....a bIg Woody! (awesome choice Cash since daddy brought you a big one back from China that even has the correct voicebox in it). So tomorrow he will get it, thinking it is as his reward for getting potty trained, and hopefully it will help continue this awesome path he is on and he will just train himself day by day!

It was totally awesome, and now that I probably have already given too many details about bowel movements, which I said I would never do on my blog - I can end with saying I am a proud parent of a little guy who is potty training himself - here's to the end of diapers for Cash in sight shortly! (fingers crossed!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Week On Our Own!!!

With Chip gone for the week to China, I thought it was going to be a very long week! But we packed a ton of things into it and stayed so busy it went by so fast and now we are eagerly awaiting his return! Here are a few pics from a glimpse into our lives these days!

GRIFFIN turned 9 months on Wednesday.
He is 18.5 lbs.
28 1/4 inches long
10% for head!!!

He is SOOOO smiley ALL the time - LOVE his cute little face!
If you look at him and smile you always get one back - he doesn't crawl but sits up and turns himself around or scoots to get things on his bum!
He loves to put EVERYTHING in his mouth! He babbles all the time, drools like crazy altho still doesn't have any teeth, and can say......MAMA!!! Yep, I say it every day to him over and over and now he says it too - altho mostly when he is really tired or upset! He is so much fun and we just love him to pieces!
We went up to DC for a fun playdate with my friend Sara and her kids Roxie and Sawyer - Roxie is 2 weeks older than Cash and they got along great - too bad we don't live closer. On the way home Cash said "Roxie lives far away - that is so sad!" My thoughts exactly! Sarah did my hair - which i will post a pic soon - (she always does exactly what I want) and we got to catch up, introduce our little boys to each other, and take the kids to the park - a very fun day!

Ready, set, SLIDE!

Roxie and Cash after a trip down the slide. Best buds already!
Griffin enjoyed the swing - he giggled the whole time!
Cash can sit in the swings for hours - he always wants to be pushed "higher mom, higher! do an underdog!"

I tried to get a good video of Griffin laughing so hard cuz his giggle is so cute, but didn't fully capture how much he was enjoying it - still, check out that smile!

We went to the park a bunch, 2 institute classes on Friday where Cash had a blast both times in the nursery playing with friends, Soccer practice where he spent more time throwing grass with his friend Karas than anything else, got mad when he couldn't play football with the bigs boys, and then kept leaving to kick the ball in the older group's practice. He also refused to wear his jacket, saying "mom, Jimmer doesn't wear a jacket when he plays - he sees his numbers on his tank top, and so his tank top was on backwards and altho freezing, literally, he ran around with no jacket. I did get him to eat all his food for dinner tho telling him that Jimmer eats all his food! He wants to be just like Jimmer and tells everyone he is a basketball player like Jimmer! (maybe there is hope yet to have him really want to play bball - my favorite!) He also was the first one and only one to stop and ask a little boy who fell while running up the hill if he was ok and tell him he would wait and run with him - he is so sweet and full of the funniest sayings - very fun stage!

The highlight was Friday night going to 5 cent icecream cones at Kohrs (custard). We went with our friends the Crofts and it was delicious! Cash wanted coconut flavor, and was a little disgruntled when I told him they didn't have that flavor! (that was what we got EVERY time we went to the silk market in China at the Italian Gelato stand). However, he settled on banana and ate his entire cone! He then wanted to play fights with Pierce - and it was funny and had a lot of people watching - we tried to capture a little clip - the facials were definitely the best!

The Croft family enjoying their cones - yum yum!

Cash digging into his!

Yum Yum!!! He loves it!

Now it is raining and soccer games our cancelled, and we are going to stay inside, clean house, watch a movie, read some books, and make some cookies!! Then daddy will be home!
YEAH!!!! What a great and busy week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This little 2.5 year old is getting VERY INDEPENDENT!!!
So independent that he has decided he can do ALL sorts of things by himself in the kitchen!
And so when I was busy helping Griffin and he didn't want to wait any longer for me to get sugar to put on these strawberries so they wouldn't be so sour, he figured he would just do it himself.
I turned around to him spitting them out and telling me they were sour.
Well, upon looking closer I knew they weren't sour!
Little man, of course they were gross and you should spit them out - you covered them in FLOUR!!! EW SICK!

Well, after a good laugh and a picture while Griffin was now crying to be fed again, I turned around and there was Cash, feeding Griffin his baby food, or at least attempting to! It was sweet.

2 hours later he informed me he had poured himself a glass of milk without spilling. I went into the kitchen, and there was his glass - filled COMPLETELY FULL to the brim, and no milk around it - AMAZING! Well, upon further looking, I realized a big puddle of milk on the floor - somehow he missed the table, but the floor had a good rain of milk!

Gotta laugh tho at these cute little independent moments - they really are funny.....(more when i am telling them to other people than while I am cleaning up the messes!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

LOWES Build and Grow!

Lowes has this AWESOME program where every 1st and 4th Saturday they do Build and Grow. You bring your child and they get an apron, goggles, and then get to use tools to build the project of the week. It is so fun, and as Cash LOVES tools and helping daddy with the wrench, screwdriver, and hammer - it was perfect for him!

After they finish they get a cute little patch to say they mastered that project (similar to boy scout patches) to put on their apron!

This weeks project: Pinball Machine!
Cash played with his ALL day and was so excited to show everyone who came to our house - such a big hit! We will definitely be going again!

And since I don't have a ton of pics of me or Griffin - here is a happy Sunday from us!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who Says White Males Are NOT the Minority?

The other day we went to the mall to play. Everything seemed just normal, and he was having a good time interacting with the other kids in the play area. Then I noticed we were the only white people there. I found it interesting to note that there were 2 Asians kids, 2 Indian kids, 4 Hispanics, and 6 Black kids....and then there was Cash. My fair-skinned little white boy. I couldn't help but think to myself that it was ironic that he was the minority!!! However, after living in China where we were definitely the minority it has just become normal, and I really enjoy being where I can see other cultures and hear other languages all talking at once. I enjoyed picking out the few chinese words I knew while there, understanding probably more of the Spanish, and seeing just the different cultural styles and actions of the people. It was actually very entertaining in and of itself.

Then there was the EVENT!!!! There was one little boy who was probably the oldest of the bunch - I will guess 6 or 7. He was being chased by another little boy who was 5 or 6. The younger, and smaller, boy was jumping all over, hitting, grabbing, and bugging the older one to chase him and wrestle with him. They were being a bit rough. I told Cash to stay away from them so as not to get pummeled. They ran outside just a little bit of the play area, and that is when we heard this Big Black Mama (altho probably barely 5 ft. - but BIG) yell out "Jerome, get back inside". She definitely meant business. She was actually outside JCPenneys, however, about 25 ft. away, so it was a little shocking. Then, upon them running out again you heard her even louder, altho now she was about 25 ft. into the JCPenneys. Again, another time she yelled from inside the store, inside the clothing racks (you could still hear her just as well as if she were back outside the store). Well, the kids came back in and were just wrestling some more and her son (the 5 or 6 year old) was really egging on the bigger kid. You could see the frustration on the older boy's face, and after taking a sharp elbow on the shoulder and a choking hold around the neck I think he had had enough. He stood up and started to chase him - the younger jumped on his back and was hitting him in the face and that is when it happened. The older boy just kind of swung him over his head and onto his back onto the hard slab you see above in the bottom of the picture - just like a wrestling move. The younger boy immediately started to scream that his arm was hurt - i think he put it down and it bent backwards during the pinning - not really sure exactly what happened - but he was definitely hurt. He was screaming really loud and everyone's attention at this point in the play area was on him.

The older boy shrank to his knees, and on his face you could see he was sorry and sad he had hurt him, and also scared probably of what was to come. Cash was the first one on the scene, running over and asking if he was all right and saying "what happened, what happened to you?" He knelt right down and tried to help him (SO sweet). I looked up to see if either of the 2 boys involved in the event had their moms coming to check. But none. This other lady came over and asked what happened, but the boy was screaming too loudly and was holding his arm and not talking at all. I looked up to see where the boys mom was in JCPenney, but no customers were within sight at this point. A few minutes later, however, she did emerge, yelling "Jerome, get up. Get on your feet! You know why that happened? Do you? Get up" She didn't look to see if he was ok or help him up, gave him no sympathy, just pulled him by the collar over and sat him down next to her. She asked the other lady if she knew what happened, but she hadn't seen it. Her friend then said "had you been here you would have known and seen it" to which the mama replied "The difference is I was where I could see him and watching him the whole time - the other mom is shopping in the store and can't see her son at all!"

What?!!!! HELLO - if you were where you could see him and were watching him you would have seen what happened and been here quicker than 5 minutes after the fact. Also, you were shopping and NOT in eyesight. Are you kidding me? You are no better, and if you had been watching you would know the older kid was not trying to hurt him, but rather just playing back and your son had been egging him on and pestering the older kid the whole time. I couldn't believe it!

Well, the older kid was looking so sad and just sitting on the ground with his eyes on the floor, almost looking like he was in tears. Cash noticed this and said to him "what's wrong? why you sad? you want to play with me?" I couldn't have been prouder of my little son, and also feeling sorry for this boy who seemed so sad. I then asked him where his mom was and he said "she is in the JCPenney." I said that was sad he was just here alone and he responded with "yea, i have been here a long time." How long i wondered. However, he just was quiet and sat for a little longer. We were actually getting ready to leave at this point and so were packing up and set off. We went into Express really quick and then came out and Cash was riding the horses merry-go-round thing when the next part happened. It is right outside the play area so I looked over to see what was going on. Well, the mom of the 5 year old who had gotten hurt was talking to a policeman, telling him how this boy had hurt her child and how his mom had just left him while she went shopping - and how irresponsible that was and that she was in JCPenneys and all this stuff - just going off on her. The policeman was listening and then set off to find the mother it seemed in the store.

I COULD NOT believe it! The audacity this lady had to go telling the cop all how this other mom was the most terrible mother, and how the kid hurt her son, and on and on after she too had done the EXACT same thing. Do I think the other mom should be found and told she needed to be out here watching her kid? Yes definitely! But i just hoped that the boy wasn't going to get in any trouble and that stuff didn't get taken out on him. This other mom didn't mention she was in the store shopping when the accident happened where the kids wrestling hurt her son - oh wait, she didn't know it was an accident or the fact that her son was provoking it from the start - and she didn't say she wasn't there the whole time and she too had been out of sight in the store - so it just drove me crazy. I thought of goign and saying something myself to the policeman, but thought it best not to get involved and so we left. However, I can't stop thinking about this sweet little boy and hoping his life is better than what it seemed. Hoping that he is taken care of, loved, and treated good and has a happy home life. He was darling, and really sweet (he wanted to play with Griff for a bit til he got attacked by the younger boy to come chase him) and he was really polite and kind. I hope he is ok!

What a day at the playground! Tai jien!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Runaway Shopping Cart!

These are the carts they have for kids to ride in at Kroger.
This I thought was the perfect thing for me to use while taking Cash and Griffin shopping alone.
Until......I was loading Griffin into the car and left Cash sitting in this little car on the front of the shopping cart! I was almost done when I heard it rolling away. I looked up to see it headed down the parking lot at a decent pace, with only Cash strapped in (he loves to buckle the things himself). I sprinted after it and got him before anything happened!
Thank heavens no cars were backing out or coming!
Best part - Cash asked if I could push him that fast again? haha - he didn't realize he was on a runaway cart!

Maybe grocery shopping alone with 2 kids isn't so easy after all!!!