Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Peachy!

On Saturday we braved the 105 heat and humidity in the morning to go up and pick some very YUMMY peaches. It was a great fun! Cash and Griffin loved it, and although I was dripping sweat by the end I thought it was great too!

Had to take the shots of the worm in the apple! We have Cash when he was just 2 months old here, and now he is almost 3!!!
It was sooo bright you couldn't help but squint!
Griffin had his first experience doing it too and loved it!
This is so funny mom!!!
Cheese!!! Couldn't get rid of the shadows :(
Griffin got a great view of the peach trees!
Checking them to get the good ones!
Maybe that one dad!
Cash really enjoyed helping pick them too!
Checking it for the creamy yellow center to make sure it was ripe!
Got it! He picked them faster than we would have liked :)
Orchard shot!
Father and Sons! (spare you me in any shots since my sweaty self wasn't photo worthy!)
Daddy lifts him up to get a high one!
Afterward we tried to find these railroad tracks that I thought would be great for pictures! Although we finally found some, we realized you can't actually get to the ones I saw without a very long hike! However, we did find this little park and access to the river and the boys hiked down to check it out! We all felt like jumping in!
Just Cash - looking cool in his shades on the way home from church on Sunday!
And a video of Griff to prove he can actually sit up by himself now.....it is very funny as he does almost a backwards roll to get up. This isn't the best clip - but you can get the idea!!!

Life is just peachy here! Hope you all have a great day too!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts!!!

This weekend was full of many firsts, including:

Cash saying the dinner prayer with NO help from mommy!!!! He normally starts off the prayer, says thanks for the day, followed by "what's the next part mom". So when I asked him to say the prayer, and he preceded to do the whole thing through the amen by himself, I was in shock. He looked up afterward with a big grin and said "see mom, I am bigger now so I don't need your help!" I am SOOOOO glad he is able to do things on his own, and yet sometimes as I realize how independent he is getting I wish I could just keep him innocent and little forever! He is so pure and sweet with the biggest heart. I hope that never changes. His prayer actually brought tears to my eyes and so wanted to document it so someday he can read it. He said:
"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, thank you for the food, thank you that daddy will come home safely, name of Jesus Christ Amen!" What a sweety!!!

Then, today we went to Carter mountain to pick peaches. It was Griffin's first time being there and getting a picture as the worm face in the apple (which I will post soon) and Cash getting to pick peaches and help out with that part. It was SOOOO hot so we didn't last long, but the peaches are DELICIOUS and the peach crisp I made smells heavenly!!! YUMMY!!!

Afterwards we came home and tried to put Griffin down for a nap. Normally he goes without a peep but this time I kept hearing him crying and he was making such a fuss I decided to go in and give him some oragel for his teethers. I opened the door and was surprised with another first: He was STANDING in the corner of the bed, binky was on the floor - as soon as he saw me he laughed and was jumping. It was actually a huge shock since this is my little 1 year old who can't sit up from laying down - so what had changed?! Guess he figured out how to hold to the bars and pull himself up. He has actually become extremely good at pulling himself up and walking around things this past week, so think walking might actually be in the near future. Although wishing he was napping, I was actually excited about this little accomplishment for him. We brought him down and put him on his back and made him practice sitting up on his own - and SURPRISE SURPRISE, he actually did it and now we know he can. He didn't nap at ALL today tho and is beyond tired and won't go to sleep so currently Chip is driving him in the car to fall asleep so we can then put him in his bed! That is NOT a first I want to recur ever again. I think his stuffy nose might be part of the problem since when his binky is in he can't breathe and it wakes him up, or his teeth, or his lack of naps period through the day so he is just beyond tired. Whatever it is I hope he sleeps tonight! (because last night he was up quite a bit).

So a fun weekend for us, overall pretty relaxing and some good milestones reached for my kiddos. Nothing makes me happier than seeing accomplishments from my kiddos and them being proud to tell me or their dad about them and show them!

Just a few funny things Cash has said lately too!
After I said, I just don't know where Chip is, Cash responded, "I'll find him! Chippi --- CHHHHIIIIPPPPIII - where are you?" (dad to you Cash)
Today, Cash said "mom, I am daddy's kid actually!"'
In the car Cash told Chip "you are totally funny dad! you are SO TOTALLY funny!" (hysterical)
To Griffin today, "Griffin you are such a cute little baby. You are such a sweet little baby. I just love you!"
Anytime Chip asks Cash who he loves more, mommy or daddy, he responds "I love you both"!
To mom at least 100 times a day, EVERY day! "mom.......i just love you! Mom, I think you are pretty mom!" (never gets old, and yes, he really does say this ALLLLLL the time!)
To mom after she says freaking - "mom, you shouldn't say freaking that is a bad word!" (always quick to correct me)

I love my 2 little angels and the things I learn from them! They really keep me on my toes, keep life busy, and entertain me daily with their fun little accomplishments. I am thankful I get to be their mommy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 Year Check Up Stats!!!

This little guy had his 1 year check-up today and boy was I shocked!
He was in the 75% for height (no shocker there) at 30.5 inches
10% for weight (TOTAL SHOCK!) at 19 lbs. 11 oz.
10% for head (no shock) at 44.75 cm

I totally thought he was getting heavier and would weigh over 20 lbs.
Oh well - the Dr. said because he had grown 2 inches since last time he was just getting longer and leaner and she wasn't worried. He is going to be a tall, skinny guy!
She said he would pretty much have to do nothing and sit all day eating nothing but bad foods to even have a chance at gaining weight and becoming over weight. I guess that is a good thing - he won't ever have to worry about dieting!!! LUCKY boy!!!

He is healthy and happy, and doing well and that is really what matters anyways!
I have been worried about him that he can't sit up by himself if he is laying down, and that he only says mama and that is it......but the Dr. said she isn't worried at all and that he is fine.
He scoots around faster than ever on his bum, and has started to pull himself to standing on everything and even sort of move around things standing up, so he probably will be walking quite soon! It is odd to compare him to Cash and I have to remind myself constantly that I SHOULDN'T compare the 2 because he is different and marches to a different beat!

He is still the smiliest baby ever, and in fact was smiling at the nurse the entire time she pricked his foot and drew blood for the iron and hemoglobin test, and also right before he was to get his 3 shots (ouch!) Cash was a great big brother and after she bandaged his toe said "that is SO SO sad! Griffi, I am sorry you had to get hurt.....don't worry, it won't hurt too long. I don't have to get shots today!" It was sweet and sort of funny!

He might be little or at the small end of the stats, but he is SO HAPPY and way off the charts for personality and cuteness so we will take it and hope this next year brings more growth and fun learning for our little guy! We think he's a keeper! Love you Griffin!

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Do!!!

For as long as I can remember (at least the last 10 years) I have had very dark brunette hair!
Every time I get it done I have it dyed darker and sometimes with red or purple highlights. Never have I gone light, why?, because I am not a blonde! I have never thought I could pull it off and have just always seen myself having dark hair.

This summer I got a little brave (or just crazy) and decided to make a drastic change. Since I didn't want to cut it off, and that was my only other alternative to make a drastic change, I opted to try a different color. I had a friend color it, and she took it a little bit lighter, but with how dark it was I couldn't go that light. She did just as I asked and I really liked it. However, soon after I started parting my hair different and so as it grew the roots started to look really bad, and I felt it was looking brassy and decided I didn't like it anymore and, as I had always thought, I am just cut out for dark hair and should go back.

When I went back to AZ for Becky's wedding I told my Emily I just wanted to go back to my dark color and she told me she thought I would really like it if we just fixed the brassiness in it and got the roots again and just did a little work on it. She said that if I go back dark now I couldn't go light for a really long time, and convinced me to try light, because if I didn't like it then I could easily go back dark. I reluctantly said yes, and told her to just do whatever she thought would be best!!!

6 hours later, seriously my hair takes SOOOOOO long for anyone to do (and that did NOT include a cut or anything), I was done.......and a whole lot blonder than I could have ever imagined. For my blonde friends out there you might not consider me blonde still, and really it is actually light brown with highlights and stuff, but to me when I looked in the mirror for the first time I didn't know the person staring back at me. I liked it, but at the same time it didn't feel like me. Anyways, after Chip saying he liked it, other family members giving me positive feedback and a few days of getting used to it I love it and it is a very fun change. I probably will go back to my dark roots at some point, but right now I am liking the fun change!!!

Thanks Em for all the hours of hard work! I love it!

my self-shot from my phone since I had actually done it and was sending it off!
lots lighter you see!
And here I am with my sweet Griffin during Institute....pictures courtesy of my friend Cecia!
Love him!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Griffin's Big Day!!! Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!!!

What a PERFECT day to celebrate our little sweetheart turning 1!!!
It was exactly the same weather as the day he was born, making it feel like deja vu from exactly 1 year ago: hot, humid, overcast, and a little rainy! What a great day!
There are A LOT of pictures, so I will let them tell the story of Griffin's special day!

Up at 7 for a delicious breakfast of Belgium waffles with boysenberry syrup and milk! Yum!
Smiley boy.....Wakes up happy, and is happy all day long!
Then off to open some presents!
Yea, he likes that idea!
Not sure what to do at first!
Cash was eager to help!
What is it?
Not sure what to do!
Don't worry, Cash was on to the next one!
Look what it is Griffin!
Fun times with the presents....Cash was WAY more excited to play with them than he was!
Although he caught on quickly!
And soon was really enjoying the cool stacker toy!
Cash thought the train was for him!!!
And got right to play with it too!
After a quick nap it was off to the pool!
Chilling and having a blast!
Loved this pics for his little toesies!
He LOVES the water and relaxed in his tube for about 2 hours!
Pool time is the best!
Then it was home for a nap while mommy and Cash worked on his cake!!!
It only took about 5 hours.......but it turned out awesome!!!

Next was his birthday dinner of pizza and watermelon, followed by more presents!

Cool ring set!
Grammy gave him a way fun bath toy.....Cash also was more excited about this too!
A new puzzle!
Both boys at work on it!
And then it was time for him to get to go at his cake!!! I was a little sad at first to cut into this masterpiece after so little time of getting to look at it.......(however, right before this the back fin had started to pull away and fall off so that lessened the desire to hold off!)

We lit the candle, sang the song, and handed Griffin the cake!

Daddy and Cash helped blow the candle out!

He didn't know what to do with it at first, and cared more about just getting the donuts (aka tires)
Then he got a little bit of it on his fingers....although he was very cautious the whole time!

looking for help as to what to do next!

what's on my fingers?
Hmmm....tastes pretty good!
Or maybe not?

Daddy took the cake off and decided to just cut him his own slice!!!
Now he was getting into it....sort of!

I'll take a little bit!
I can hold the fork myself!
Pretty tasty!
maybe the fork is more fun!

I am not really hungry because I ate 2 full pieces of pizza and a LOT of watermelon!
Tiny hands holding a fork are the cutest!
Still it's fun to make more messes!
Happy Birthday to my baby!
Let's be done and go get in the bath!
It was a great day!
We are all happy we were lucky enough to get this little guy to come into the world a year ago in Beijing, China to be a part of our family! Happy Birthday baby boy!!!!!