Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Easter 2015 and a Visit From Crazy Uncle Stevious and Workout Heidi!

April came and went just like the blink of an eye - I really do not know what happened to my days - which is great in some ways because that must mean they were pretty good since it was such a blur and nothing bad is jumping out at me, but also feel like time is just going to quickly.  We had visitors, conference weekend, Easter, and TONS of activities.  Here's a brief recap of the events!

First - Cash is ALWAYS so dirty when I go to pick him up from school or playdates or whatever, and I CAN NOT figure out HOW he gets his face so dirty - this particular time I said to him he had a dirty face and he responded with: "mom, I am not dirty at all" and showed me his hands.  I insisted on taking a picture of his face to show him - not sure how but his hands were pretty clean for how dirty his cute little face is!  He is getting so big and can't believe he is almost 7!

 He is so sweet and LOVES to play with little babies and meeting Delilah he instantly was in love and wanted to play with her and hold her and was so cute!  She wasn't sure she liked him at first ;)
But then he got her calm and she fell in love with him too!

 It was often a fight over whose turn it was to hold her - with Ivy and Griffin they just couldn't get enough times!  They love their little cousin so much!

 Ivy has PERFECTED putting her own shoes on - esp the flip flops! LOL!

 Delilah looks like a little dollie in these pics - and that is fine because Ivy takes GREAT care of each and every one of her many babies!  We LOVE her so much!

 And yep - I still got the touch - put her to sleep in just seconds...she doesn't like to be swaddled but likes to have her hands up by her face when she sleeps.  Sleeping Beauty!

 For the week before Easter we donned our Easter outfits and Ivy wanted to have curls in her hair.  She sat mostly still and did great and LOVED her hair - she kept lookin in the mirror after and leaning her head back and saying "look at my pretty hair mommy!"

 Altho they didn't want me to take pictures of them that much they did manage to fake a few smiles AFTER church - should have done before!

 These two have way too much fun together!

My favorite!

 It was windy, my hair was ruined at this moment, and this pic is awkward and weird looking, but gotta keep it real and LOVE trying to get everyone to look for two seconds for a photo!

 The 2 best ones!

 These two came in and were laughing SOOOO hard and Ivy said "Look mommy, look Griffy put bandaids on all my bumps!"  Then more laughing, then he came in and said "look at me too!"  They have too much fun together and just can entertain themselves for hours being silly!  We sure love them!

Fun times in the Brown home!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

End of March/Beggining of April Re-cap!

Ivy has taken up the job of finding things to put in the ball holder - she LOVES the pink tennis ball at Griffin's lessons!

New favorite recipe and soup is white bean chicken chili - YUMMY!!!

 Griffin continues to LOVE having mom work in the classroom and Ivy join him at school and takes such good care of her!

 Ivy has joined in show and tell and LOVES her turn and picking out what to bring each week!

 Griff reading to Ivy is THE sweetest thing ever!

 PJ funny bunny and Honey funny bunny!

Easter coconut cupcakes to take around!

Best cobb salad in a long time and homemade bread!

Easter egg hung at Pre-school!  Ivy helped hide the eggs!

 Class getting ready!

 Hunt was on!

 Class pics with everyone after the hunt!

 These two after we got home from the party!

 Miss Gilson turned 29 - we LOVE her and are so grateful for the awesome teacher she is to Cash!

Spending a LOT of time at the baseball field cheering on this guy!