Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2015 San Francisco Girls Trip!!!

It was my FIRST actual girl's trip where I got to leave more more then 12 hours and stay in a different city and IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!! Seriously I haven't had this kind of fun and freedom in so long I can't even dream of ever missing out on another one! I am already planning next year's and it was just such an awesome experience I am sad it ended!  

On Thursday night Angie and I boarded a plane at LAX and flew to San Francisco where we met up with Danielle, Cheryl, and Kate! It was wonderful to just get to relax and read a magazine and talk and enjoy our drinks kid-free on a plane.  Ang and I were in heaven - literally as you see the picture of our flight below!

We got to stay at Danielle's Boss' extra house and that made the whole trip even more delightful - luxurious beds and space and room and also free = AMAZING!!! It was so fun to hang and get to catch up and stay up late and just be together with such amazing girls! I love each of them so much! We got up early on Friday so we could go to Alcatraz (early being 8:00 so actually not early for me - altho after staying up til 2 it was pretty early lol)

 Danielle was THE BEST hostess and tour guide ever.  She knows her city and showed us the greatest things! So fun!

 View from the ferry of the city on our way to Alcatraz!

Ferry photos!

 Alcatraz was amazing and the tour was so cool.  I am not one for museums but totally enjoyed this tour and listening to the audio as we went through and it was very worth the trip!

 A cell in Alcatraz and the small amount of windows/light that they have!

 View of the city from Alcatraz!

Fisherman's Wharf hanging in the morning!

I need to download rest of pics of day but Friday night we went rollerblading the city (apparently a group does this every Friday from 9-midnight) and we tried to go with them but after getting pulled over for a DUI check, Danielle not having her license, us having 4 people in back instead of 3 so not wearing seatbelts, talking our way out of the tickets, getting to park and get our blades on to discover Cheryl had got a 6.5 instead of 9.5 pair so adjusting and everyone switching around so that then I just didn't have a pair and I ran the first half of our blading outing, we never did catch up to the group but man did we have fun!  We cruised along and felt like teenagers again singing to my radio and getting all sorts of comments from other tourists.  It was a blast.  I don't know that I have gotten that good of a workout ever in the last year - keeping up with the bladers, running my heart out and laughing sooooo hard the whole time!  At one point Ryan decided he was done and so he gave his rollerblades to Cheryl and I got mine back and joined the crowd....we came upon this random group of strangers and hung out and performed and talked to them for a bit and laughed even harder before finally getting tired and ubering back to our car.  THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!


My new favorite street - millionaire's row! Gorgeous homes!  We walked down it and over to the stairs to run and do a little workout on Saturday morning - fun times with these awesome workout girls!

 After the vigorous run and blading the night before - 3 sets of 291 steps about killed me - these girls are awesome and pushed me to do it!

We then headed out for the city and saw some great things - after Golden Gate park and delicious icecream from the truck Twirl & Dip, we went over and into a tower and saw amazing views of the city.  So beautiful and the day and weather couldn't have been better!

 Then it was on to see the Painted Ladies and it was perfect there too!


 After we needed some lunch so headed to Tartine bakery for some yummy sandwiches - I didn't take this til it was almost gone but man this panini with pesto and turkey was DIVINE!!!

 Then it was time to head to the bridge - after being sunny the WHOLE last 2 days as we were driving the clouds rolled in and we literally couldn't see the bridge at all.  "It should be hitting you in the face right now!" ---Danielle said......but as we drove to the other side we did get views and I think it was so beautiful - even if we were freezing.  The wind and cold and bathroom drama there was all too funny!

I got to meet my niece Delilah on Saturday night in the city since Heidi and Steven live there and Betty and Charlie were in town and Jayton for her blessing the next morning.  She is so adorable and sweet and looks like her daddy!

 Sunday morning we went to the airport and found out our flight was cancelled - after scheduling a later flight that evening and calling our husbands we decided to take the Bart back in to the city and meet up with Danielle and Cheryl......on our way the Bart stopped and the lady came on and said "we need everyone to exit the train due to our train hitting someone!"  What?!!!! We got off and and were looking to see what happened or if we could see anything.  We found out later a man had jumped right in front of our train and we had ran him over.  He had committed suicide, which apparently happens quite often there ---- it was crazy and they ended up shutting the whole station down and we were stranded in a random stop til Danielle and Cheryl got to us.  We then hung out at Danielle's house and got a chance to just talk and share stories and talk about our testimonies and it was really special and I feel like the perfect high to end the trip on.  Then we FINALLY got on our flight and got home after 1 am.  I wouldn't change a thing about the trip.  It was amazing!

 I can't wait for the next one, and will post more pics again soon!