Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Catch Up: August 29-Sept. 18!!!

So the month passed by without me documenting much - life with the 3 is crazy busy, and with all the activities of 1st grade, pre-school, and Ivy are all consuming, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Super happy with how things are right now at our house - crazy schedule and all!
Enjoy the pics of random activities!

We are big BYU fans in this house - and here is the crew all in their shirts for the first game - GO COUGARS! 4-0 on the season! (I don't have a shirt really like them - just a Jimmer one so I might need one!)

One of our besties out here had a birthday - we had a blast celebrating with her and going out to dinner and drinks and then we made her some cupcakes (snickerdoodle) to celebrate and sing to her with on Sunday - the 31st!  She is one of the most kind people ever in this world.  I look up to her and learn from her daily.  So glad our kids our also besties so we get to hang out a lot!

 We have had lots of fun beach days - and a great one was on Labor day when a ton of families went to the beach together - I swam in the ocean for my first time EVER since living here, and was amazed at how much I loved it!  It was so fun, and a super good workout! 
Ivy enjoyed playing in this hole the boys dug!

 Also she enjoyed Crew and Rhett!

 Showing Rhett how to play with the little toy!

 Our whole crew! I can spot me in a hat - close to the middle - can you?!

 Griffin had a great first day of school and is doing really well in pre-school this year - knows how to spell his name (first and last) and is getting good at writing his letters.  Love my 4 year old crazy man!

 So does Ivy and she loves helping out in the classroom so she can go to class too!

 My favorite picture of the two of them - completely unprompted!

 The boys got haircuts - and since Cash had a MEGA meltdown in his Griffin took over and went first and showed him how not to cry - also he was so cute and at one point I joked we should keep it like this so he could be like his uncle Alex in the army - had to take a pic to send him!

 Cash did better the second time trying and they look great - here is a quick pic before soccer practice!

 LOVE these 2 so much and when they play together great there is nothing sweeter - LOVE the fall outfits and colors this year too - even tho Ivy refused to take off the jacket cuz it was so hot out I kinda was glad cuz it was so cute!  I am longing for fall weather right now so they can actually wear cute fall clothes!

 We helped out in Griff's class and Ivy had a blast joining in the activity - she will be ready next year to go to school too!  Also, Griff was so cute doing his share toy!  He brought his ninja turtle sword!

 Cash had his first soccer game and was awesome! The team didn't have enough people so Griff got to suit up and play too.  He was more interested in just going wherever Christian went then anything else, but was a body on the field nonetheless - we won 8-2!  Super fun!

 The best cheerleaders there!  Ivy LOVES her daddy!

 Another time in the classroom - this time Ivy tried cutting and also the chalkboard!

 My two cuties after school goofing off!

 Made the yummiest salmon the other day - mapleglazed - with delicious broccoli, brown rice, and watermelon.  It was a yummy yummy meal!

 This little girl told me to take her picture - and how could i resist when she looked so adorable - burgundy and leopard - 2 of my favorite things this fall!

 And how cute are her little shoes!?!

 Fall jeans and jackets we wish we could wear right now! Love the moto pants for her this year, and Griff's little letterman's jacket! they are so cute!

 Pretty girl! (with crazy messy undone hair!)

The other weekend the kids saw my wedding dress in Ivy's closet and told me to put it on!  I thought - sure let's see if it will even fit on at all?!  When I was putting it on Ivy said with noone telling her anything - "mommy wear it to marry daddy - in the temple!  Mommy go to the temple!" 

A very VERY happy mommy moment - the fact she knows at the age of 2 that mommy got married in the temple is HUGE! And I couldn't be prouder and more impressed with her nursery teachers who have obviously been teaching her because I am not sure where else she learned it!  Every time she sees a wedding pic or temple she says "mommy go to temple to marry daddy!" It is ingrained in her - and what a great thing.  
Also, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I got into the dress - even if it does fit differently then before!  Made me feel good!

Griffin wanted to help tie the bow and fix things!

 Found one of Ivy's swimsuits that was really too small but she wanted to wear so we let her cuz she was so cute in it!  Love the ruffle leg/bum!  and my little ivy girl!

 Griff got sick at the end of stake conference and with no warning puked on Chip's suit and the gym floor at the very end before we were going off to have Chip be set apart for his new calling of high councilman!  It was so sad because he came home and had told us he was fine just hot at the church, but then ate lunch and then afterwards took a nap.  Once he woke up tho he couldn't keep anything down and kept throwing up until he went to bed, even ice and water wouldn't stay in him.  He is the EASIEST sick child ever as puking doesn't bother him and he gets himself to the toilet or trash or his bowl all on his own.  He is so mellow and never complains or cries at all.  It breaks my heart tho when he wants to eat or drink and I can't let him because he can't keep it down.  Poor little guy! He was better the next day tho!

 Cash brought home his first writing assignment he did at school and it had me laughing and loving it.  1st grade writing is adorable - the first one is supposed to say  The Cool Teacher - but somehow his c is backwards and his L is a t and can't see rest so a little tricky to read.  Pretty good sounding things out for the most part!  He is turning into a great reader and writer and it's so fun watching him learn and love to learn!

 Another super hot day that turned into a cold day at the beach with the McFarlane's - and here Emma and Ivy were hanging out! My kids love her - best babysitter!  Also, right after this the tide came in so high it covered our blankets and towels and bags - luckily my phone was safe!  Yikes!

Cash playing on the boogie boards before tide got him too!

It is almost October, and yet feels like June most of the time - we are really REALLY hoping our weather starts to feel more like fall soon!  
Have a great day!