Monday, March 18, 2013

Catching Up!!!

I have been horrible at blogging, and life has seemed to just be running at a rampant pace the past few weeks.  We have been busy with mom being out of town on my annual March trip for Nationals (post on this later), winding down with Cash's tennis and discovery club and pre-school, Emma coming and going, daddy out of town and working a lot, and just a whole lot of other stuff!  So this is very random with a lot of pictures of just things in no particular order that we have been up to!  Hopefully I will get back into the swing soon and get up more on our lives!

One week the only way the kids could see dad was to meet him for lunch - so we packed up and went to Cafe Rio, a favorite of ours!  Griffin devours the black beans and we all LOVE it!  Beautiful day too so we ate outside!

I never get tired of running at the beach and the beautiful scenery in the mornings!

 3 kids is a little tough to take to the beach with only 1 adult so on this warm day we just packed a lunch and did our swimmies at the park instead!  Close and kids were just as happy!  Way less work for mom!

 Although Ivy still has no teeth (some are coming it seems) she LOVES big people food and whenever I have an apple she always wants it and it will occupy her forever!  She is so cute chomping down on it!

 This swimsuit it my favorite of hers and I love her little chubby legs coming out!  She is quite the climber and pulls herself up constantly on things!

 Lara had a Discovery Club presentation after the kids learned all about their space unit - they had songs, showed us what they had been doing, and we all learned stuff too - it is awesome!!!

 Cash's space guy that was his body mold! Attached to the ceiling at the Freebairns house!

 When it is nice on the weekends and daddy gets a break we can go to the beach.  We met the Freebairns here and Ivy and Carter are having a fun little date!  He is 3 months younger, and a twin, and in this pic I think he makes her look small!

 Kyle took Chip out and showed him how to surf - Chip's first time and he was a natural!

 We have to watch this little girlie as she is in to EVERYTHING!!!

 YEEEEE-HAHHHHH Cowboy!  When we worked in Cash's classroom Griffin loved playing on this horse.  He was riding it around yelling yee-hah and it was super funny to me!  It was a great experience and we love Cash's pre-school teachers!

When the mom volunteers the kid gets to do show and tell!  Cash was SOOO Excited to bring his jack frost toy!  They have the kids guess and it was very fun to watch!

 Griffin enjoys finding funny things to do during Cash's tennis lesson - and this time he found this great place for his shoes.  He was so proud to show me what he had done!  He is our funny boy who always makes us laugh!

 This past week Cash has been learning about St. Patrick's Day and leperchauns and he has been setting booby traps ALL over the house so he could catch one.  Well, the morning of he was excited to see if one was in his trap! Alas, it wasn't there, but the boys did find a cute note from the leperchaun with some treats and things saying how he barely escaped Cash's trap and was off to search for more rainbows!  It was so much fun seeing him so excited about this - and the leperchaun turned our house upside down and left all sorts of funny things around for us to find (chairs on the table - shoes, on the chair legs, toys on the ceiling, dishes turned upside down, etc)  What a fun thing holidays are in the magic of kids eyes!!!

Ivy was so cute in her beautiful new white dress I had to take a few pics of her after church - for being super tired she still was pretty smiley!!!  She is darling and SO much fun right now!!!