Thursday, June 11, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Trip to AZ!!!

On Thursday we planned to drive to AZ and spend the long holiday weekend with our Brown family.....I decided I needed to do a good hard cardio workout to get me up and going before driving so headed to the beach to run stairs - and it was like heaven gave me the most perfect gift of the most glorious morning ever.  Really it was so spectacular I was really feeling as if I were in heaven - I live in SUCH A PRETTY PLACE!!!!  Definitely needed this for a little stress reliever before being in a car with the 3 for the next 6 hours - which then turned into more due to Griff getting a little car sick/movie sick from blood and puking when watching Soul Surfer and the shark bite scene was too much for him.......oh the stress alone that caused (twice) made me almost turn around and head back.....but they all wanted to go so we kept on going and made it to AZ and everything thereafter was awesome!

We actually ended up celebrating Ivy's B-day on Sunday since Chip was going to be out of town on her actual bday, and since she was born on Memorial Day anyways it was perfect - and she wanted to have a swim party so AZ was the perfect place, with lots of family and friends to help celebrate!  We love our trips there!

The pics are out of order since the ones from my nice camera just went in early and I can't switch them, so hear are some with Ivy and her "Frozen" cake which she LOVED and was almost as big as her.  It was a LOT of work and not sure I will do it again any time soon - but definitely learned a lot from it and it was sooooo yummy!  Bottom layer was coconut, middle was Brucie (chocolate), and the top was a citrus orange/funfetti one.  Sooooooo good!

 The kids LOVE going to to AZ cuz they have SO much fun with their cousins.  This trip everyone got along and we really had the best time yet!  We packed a bunch of fun things in and the weather was absolutely perfect - 80s and sunny!  Couldn't have asked for better - enjoy the pics!

Lyla showing us she has the pout down - got in trouble for something and man that lip came out and had us laughing so had to take a pic!

 Ryland and Ivy had a great time together this trip!

Crazy Air was a huge hit again for us - SO MUCH FUN!

The cakes in progress - a 3 day deal it was!

 Pizza for dinner, the games on outside, and night swimming was definitely awesome!  Living the life here!

 A trip to the Lake with Ryan and Becky was SO much fun!!!  Ryland with his daddy wake surfing!  3 years old and so brave!

Cash tried it and LOVED it too - said it was his favorite! Thanks Ryan for taking him and making our trip so much fun!

The crew!

Tubing was also fun for Cash and daddy!

 Little cute swimmers!

He also wakeboarded with daddy and had a blast!

 Finishing up the cake sunday - had to switch the second layer since had the wrong icing tip and couldn't do what I planned - but still came out good!

 Pinata time - kids LOVED it - and Ivy had a great swing!

Her favorite things from the pinata - lollipops!  Pink ones!

 Time to sing to her!!!! She was SOOOO excited!


 The orange rainbow one - my favorite this time!

 The chocolate one!

Presents from her Aunt Beth and Becky - she was excited!

SHE WAS SCREAMING she was SOOOO EXCITED when she opened this.  Has been talking about her American Girl doll for a month now - she loved it!

Memorial Day we had a swim party in the afternoon and it was so fun! Beth's pool is AWESOME!!!! Wish we could go every day!

 Grandpa Charlie with the grandkids!

Can you spot us under the waterfall!

 Griff has turned into a little swimmer and loves going all over with his life vest on!

 1, 2, 3, jump.....

Ivy had to bring her new doll Layla of course....and Adella has now decided she likes the dolls and wants one too!

Way too fun - it was hard to leave this fact Cash cried a bit when we were loading up saying he wanted to stay and was super sad to go........until next time!