Friday, June 27, 2014

June 19-22: Our Busy Busy Summer Days!!!

The rest of the week was pretty great too.  Thursday, we woke up early and headed up to the Alpine Slide in Park City.  Aunt Kimmy joined us and we had a blast.  Cash was able to ride his down by himself for the first time, which worked out perfectly because then Griff and Ivy could then ride down with Kim and I.  So much fun.  Cash wasn't heavy enough so he didn't go to fast, mixed with the fact he is very cautious Cash and so he was pretty slow.  They called him a turtle and had to call down from the top to the bottom to watch for him and make sure he got off the track before anyone else could go - had me laughing!!!  He wanted to go faster too and was a little frustrated his car wouldn't move - and he told the lady at the bottom his sled was broken - too cute!

The whole crew on left - and the kids waiting on the right checking out the mini golf since we had 20 minutes before it opened!

 Kimmy and Griff rode together and he was so cute yelling - "this is so fun! I did this with my dad last time!"

This was all of us on the ski lift up - it was very LONG and they were all ready to get off and get on the slides - so beautiful tho and fun to be back in such a pretty state!

 Afterwards we met some friends of ours from VA for a swim date up in Park City since they are living there for the summer - it was AWESOME! The slide behind was perfect for Cash and even Griffin tried it when we first got there (good thing I was ready to jump in and save him as I knew he couldn't touch and he was drowning!)  Ivy had a blast again with Madeline and Cash and Griff played with Lauren and it was great to visit.  The pool was pretty warm too and we all got a little burnt because since it was kind of cold and not too sunny we forgot to apply sunblock! Ooops!  I remembered and got Griffin and Cash and me a little bit in, and Kimmy tried to help  me with Ivy, but from the pic below it is obvious it didn't work too well!

Madeline, Ivy, and Griff!  Then Griff and Ivy trying to get into their snacks!

 Playing in the water with Lauren

 2 cute little fishes!

 To say they were tired was an understatement - all this fun tired them out and they all were asleep in less than 5 minutes on the trip home, and slept the whole way!  Little missy and her sunburned triangle eyes and also head owie she got from falling out of the car as we were leaving trying to retrieve her binky.  Poor girl!  She is a tough cookie tho!

 I came home from my run Friday morning to this cute little interaction of Cash helping Ivy shoot hoops.  He was lifting her up letting her try to shoot and I wanted to get a pic but missed that - before they saw me tho she was giving him a kiss here and the sweetness between them absolutely melted my heart!

 We decided to hike Bridal Veil Falls after and Grammy came too after we rescued her on the way up the canyon with her popped bicycle tire.  Glad she came too!  The boys did great on the hike and Grammy had never done it so it was fun for all!

We made it! Little Griffi enjoying the spot!

 Beautiful - and a pic of Grammy with the kids too!
Cash Ivy and me! And a pic of the boys!
At the bottom after!  We made it!

 Looking at the fish with Grammy!

 We went to the water park after - just the boys and me while Ivy napped with Grammy!  They are somewhere in there - having a blast!  Loved it! 

 Afterwards we picked up some shaved ice and cookies from Swig - thought we would see what the hype was all about - and yummy it was!  Colored tongues!

 Saturday morning we set out early for an adventure with Papa Dave - hiking the Y!!!  The boys were troopers as it is a pretty hard hike, and we made it!  Such pretty views and perfect weather!

The boys at the first switchback!

 At the 2nd switchback it was time for a treat and water break!

Me and the boys before we started the hike - ready for the adventure!

 Only had to carry Griff up for one switchback - he made it the whole rest of way all by himself - and it was steep and high elevation.  Proud of these 2 boys!

 At the top!

 All of us! Happy to be resting and getting some treats!

 The views of the city and Utah Lake were amazing!

the 3 boys!

 After we got home it was time for yard work and croquet.  Cash and Griff wanted to play a game and it was pretty funny!

 Getting the hang of it!

Cash helping water the garden and plants!

 Helping Papa weed the tree! Good little helpers!

Then it was off to the 4th of July celebrations at Riverwoods - it was pretty hot but a lot of fun - we loved seeing this chalk drawing done of the soldier by 2 people - isn't it amazing!!!

 They had all sorts of fun games for the little kids to play - with prizes and treats!

 We were dressed in our red, white, and blue and had a blast!

 Kids had cotton candy for the first time (I think) and plenty of free watermelon and looked darling!

 The highlight was the boys got to meet Cozmo - they were loving it and I love this picture - altho Ivy was terrified and screamed when he came near and clung to me as if she were afraid for her life - pretty funny!

 Sunday was a great day at church, altho didn't get any pics of the kids all dressed up before or after, and then we went and visited Grandma Rosen over at Jamestown.  We walked over because it was so close and it was fun to see her - altho she wasn't super happy and she kept telling me they had gross food and that they weren't feeding her well (that is after I noticed she has put on about 40 lbs. since last time I saw her!)  She is confused and has dementia, and so it is hard but fun and she is still sweet to the kids.  We didn't stay long, and trying to get a pic was a little difficult, but we love her and was good to see her!

She loves kids still - as she always has!

 For some reason Ivy chose to pic her nose during the pics!

 2 fingers is better!

 The best pic of the bunch!

 We walked over so on our walk back we stopped to pet the horses.  Ivy wanted to see the "white hoise"!  Cash was not afraid at all and went right up to pet them - Griff took some more convincing but petted them too! (with a little help from Alex)

 After we got back it was time for Homemade Popcorn and Rootbeer!  The kids enjoyed - also hard to get a "normal pic" of this!

The only pic I have from Alex B-day on the 16th - after we gave my dad his father's day present - a new grill!!!!  So fun! And let the yummy dinners begin!

 It was a great week!