Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mickey's Trick-or-Treat 2015!

Last Sunday we had the chance of watching General Conference at home on our couch! It is always a treat 2 times a year to get to listen to the prophet and apostles of the Lord give us great talks and tell us what we should be doing.  I LOVE conference weekend and always feel so inspired and ready to take on life again after hearing their messages.  This weekend I felt especially uplifted and full of hope from the messages and really enjoyed every talk.  They were all so good.  It is great to be able to listen to them again and also read them and have access to them so fast after conference ends.  The kids enjoyed some conference bingo and doing puzzles with me during it.  Brought me back to my childhood days when my mom would have us do puzzles and bingo and eat yummy treats.  I LOVE CONFERENCE!!!

 On Monday, October 5, 2015 my grandma Marlene Rosen was buried and they had a wonderful funeral celebrating her life.  It was sad and a little hard for me to not be there, especially seeing the pics of my family and wishing I could have been, but my own family had visitors and plans already set up for over a month that were unchangeable so it just didn't work out.  I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and knowing I will see my grandmother again!

 It was our annual trip to Disneyland for the Mickey's Trick or Treat and the kids were SO excited.  Since we didn't have everyone's outfit for this Halloween yet the kids dressed up in their outfits from a couple years ago when we went as Harry Potter - here I have little dobby and Hedwig riding in to the park with me!

Family pic! NOT a great one but the only one we have! (oh yeah, i was hermione!)

 We met up with cousins and aunt Emma came too so it was lots of fun!

 Hedwig and me (hermione) on Winnie the Pooh!

 EVERYONE could ride splash mountain so that was fun! Ivy was terrified altho I look it more than she does here!

Dance class fun - Ivy joined the class before ours for the last part but didn't switch her shoes so she did the tap in her ballet slippers - but she fit in with the pink theme here!

I worked in Griffin's class for the first time and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  They are adorable and fun and sweet to watch.  My favorite part was when Griffin told this little boy he had a chubby face!  He was doing it so sweetly, not mean at all, but i was dying inside and at the same time almost peeing my pants I was laughing so hard.  The kid does indeed have a chubby face, but talking to Griffin after I asked him why he said that and was explaining he can't say that to kids and how it could be taken meanly and Griff innocently says back: "no mom, i was saying he has cute chubby cheeks like Mcmoose (baby McKoy our cousin)!" it was so sweet I just got a good chuckle.  His love language is touch and he just can't help himself but hug and touch and pinch other people, in his nicest most loving way! lol!

Ivy's room is coming along great!

Chip and I went out for date night Friday to the new Nordstroms and mall opening at Del Amo and Chip even used his China bargaining skills to get stuff 10% off!

Saturday was INSANE - running from one thing to the next ALL day long, starting with Griff's basketball tryouts in the morning (which I am coaching and needed to be at but couldn't so Chip took on the coaching roll and went and rated the kids!) Then I had my big RS activity for freezer jam and cookies in a jar I was in charge of so was off to that all morning, besides having to stop and take Cash to his game, pick up the list I had forgotten at the house, go get more pectin and sugar for the activity, and pick him back up before coming back to the activity.  It was a very long and crazy morning, but turned out ok (minus my blender mishap which my Vitamix blender got broken at the activity!) Thanks to Costco for replacing it so nicely!  

Then it was off to Cash's bball tryouts, where these 2 were great cheerleaders from the side!  Fun times!  Chip was at work so it was me and the kiddos!

A great week - let's hope this week is filled with as much fun and excitement!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

September in a Nutshell!

Was so good to be with the Browns for Hannah's homecoming!  She was an awesome missionary and gave an incredible talk!  We love our family so much!

Chip brought home his dad's cycle bike and set it up on our patio!  He has been working hard and lost 15 lbs. over the past 1.5 months!  Go Chip! (he would kill me for posting this!)

 I have been cleaning out closets and spaces and selling things on CL and this little girl's clothes were a hot commodity!
We bleed blue and were very excited for the games to start up!  Go Cougars!

Re-enacting Emma and Mcmoose's pics!

Chip and I went on a fun date of rollerblading down on the strand and then to dinner - was fun, but not as fun as we had hoped!  He took a lot of flak from his family for doing this - i am grateful he will do things to make me happy on date night!  Love this guy!

 Sporting the man bun! (pre-haircut!)

We hiked the Hollywood sign on Labor Day with Aunt Emily and The Walters!

Tired this girl out so she slept in style on the way home!

Saw Pumpkin pie at Costco and bought it for this cute boy since it's his favorite!

This cutie started dance and is LOVING it!  (maybe even more then her momma is!)

Soccer started too!  Cash and Griff both are playing and loving it!

Beach time with friends!  Griff played in some black sand and looks like he has a black eye altho really it is just sand!

Ivy climbs fences trying to break into places;)

Cash slept in our room since Griffin was sick and sleeping in our room - saddest thing when your child is so sick - Griff got hit with a horrible cold/flu thing where he had a fever and cough for 3 days, causing him to wake up and vomit 4 times one night from coughing so hard and then because he was so tired he didn't even remember it!

 Griff stayed home from school so he came to Ivy's dance class....he was a great helper at trading out her tap tap shoes for her ballet slippers to her!

One of my BFFs came into town for the BYU vs. UCLA game and we had a blast hanging out (minus the Griffin sick part) and she even pushed me to run 6 miles!  Love you Cheryl!

We enjoyed breakfast at the PAN after!  A favorite!

Then it was off to BYU game and we brought Cash too!  IT was great - minus the fact we lost by 1 in the 4th quarter and the fact that walking into the game I got a call from my sil Emily saying Griff had puked everywhere - he ended up having a HORRIBLE stomach bug where he couldn't even keep ice chips down for 36 hours! It was awful and I felt SOOOOOOOO SOOOOO BAD for him - so hard when your kid is sick, and also I felt so bad for Emily who had to clean up the first and worst puking incidents due to the toilet lid being closed and so a big problem!  Also we got rear ended on the way to the game so that wasn't so fun - altho thankfully our car was 100% fine and the damage was all on the guy who hit us!  Go cougars - so a stressful but fun night!

My poor beans - SOOOO sick!  and yet he still smiles.  He is actually not a whiny sick child at all.  Just lays there quietly being good!

Dancing princess - "look mom, my toes are turned out!"

Made my first batch of freezer jam and it was a success - peach and strawberry - YUMMY!

We couldn't find Ivy during our shopping trip and I said to Griffin - where is she? to which we heard a LOT of giggling and then we found her - under the cart!

My grandma passed away and it was bittersweet as she had dementia and was finally freed from the pain and frustration and confusion she has had the past few years, but still sad and I love so many things about her.  I knew her and lived with her and learned from her and she was always an example of someone who looked for the good, who forgave everyone and was so trusting and kind and sweet.  I love her and am happy she is reunited with her daughter (my aunt) and her other family members.

We got our our decorations the last weekend before October 1st and set them up before dad woke up on Sunday!  Ready for one of our favorite months!

"lavern and shirley" hanging out!

My little princess in her "not so little bed!"

Running club started at the school and my kids are awesome!

This little girl started preschool and did even better then I expected....and surprisingly to me I was way more sad then I thought I would be!

Lunching with Daddy at Pizza Rev!

They wanted to make cookies - I HATE decorating sugar cookies but they were so excited I said yes and we did it!  Yummy!

My little monkey!

Welcome to OCTOBER!!!!