Monday, February 28, 2011

Burning ears!!!

So in my family my mom has always said I have elephant ears because I hear whatever anyone is saying even if I am 4 rooms away! I think my little son is the same way! If not, he at least is picking up on so many things, even things that I don't think he would understand or pick up on. It is actually very eye opening and I am realizing more and more I need to sensor what I say around him, and that I just can't make comments to Chip or friends that I might normally make when he is around!

Right now he is in the phase where he is really into distinguishing boys vs. girls. He is especially interested in chests, or boobies, as he calls them and talking about them. After he tried to grab all of my friends and mine one night Chip set him down and had a talk with him about that not being ok and that we don't touch, talk about, or ask about other peoples. Anyways, he seemed to understand and has since been much better.

Well, a week ago we were at the outlets and I was with him while Chip had Griffin at another store. As we walked out I told him to hold my hand and off we set. Then, out of nowhere, and EVER SO LOUDLY - Cash yells out "we DON'T touch boobies, JUST hands....and NOT butts, JUST legs!" It was actually hilarious, but a little embarrassing to me as a bunch of people looked at us and he kept repeating it. Oh well - I guess he learned!

He is learning so much more too, and so after this rendition I didn't think much and have tried to be better. Then, last Saturday we were watching the BYU basketball game together as a family (go cougars - awesome game) and a commercial came on. I, not even thinking that Cash was sitting right there and would be listening - made a comment about a girl on the screen to Chip - saying she had big boobs (they were taking up the whole screen and it was just kind of shocking I think is why I said it) Anyways, Cash then looked at me and said "mommy, don't say that! It is a bad word". I said "i am sorry Cash, I shouldn't have said it" realizing that I needed to not say comments like that around him and trying to quickly change the subject. Well, then Cash looked back and me, turned to Chip and said "They're fake".

What? Seriously? My 2 year old just commented on that! I realize I better REALLY pay closer attention to exactly what I am saying, and more what I am talking about in front of my kids - for they pick up on WAY MORE THEN WE THINK!!!!!

Cash picks up on a ton and then uses big words and sentences at times that are so funny. I need to be better at writing them all down. He is super smart, and I just am blown away at the level of understanding he has. Oh I love this little boy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Grammy!!!!

From your silly little monkeys!!!
We love you Grammy!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

President's Day 2011!!!

This past weekend was a MUCH NEEDED, SUPER RELAXING fun family getaway!
We have friends that have the greatest beach houses down in Nags Head and when we found one was available we hopped on the idea and decided to take off last minute and enjoy a beach weekend!

We had a couple families who were going to meet us, but in the end they all bailed and it was just us! However, we had so much fun and it was nice to just spend time as a little family! I feel rejuvenated, and am SO glad I actually planned it and went with the idea!

Thanks Chip for such a great weekend! It is always great to have a weekend free of ALL work and emails for Chip, and altho it wasn't super warm there, it was great and we were able to do quite a few things, including:

Flying a Kite on the beach - Chip and Cash out getting ready
Griff watching and enjoying from the house!
Love this cute little guy and his happy little expressions!
Altho cold, Cash put on his swimmies and played a little bit in the water!
He mostly enjoyed picking up sand and throwing it at the ocean!
So funny to see him run to the water and then run away as fast as he could as he yelled "it is going to get me!"
Picked up a few shells!
The cute green house in the background it where we stayed - yes - a HUGE 6 bedroom ALL to ourselves....and we pretty much felt like the beach was all ours too!
Enjoyed relaxing in the hammock! (cash LOVED this)
Great way to enjoy a nap!
Went to the Wright Brothers memorial and got a Rocket to build - Daddy and Cash built it and got all ready to set it off! Cash getting excited to go out and launch it! (thought of you Stan)
Ready for the launch!
I tried to get a pic of it in the air, but failed as I was holding Griff and it went to quick!
Griff tried to learn to drink from a straw!
I LOVED waking up and just laying in bed listening to the waves crash against the shore - something so peaceful and relaxing about this!
We spent a LOT of time enjoying the hot tub (aka hot pool as Cash called it) and enjoying staying in it while looking at the ocean! Chip and I really enjoyed this after the kids went to bed every night too! Great times!
We went and checked out the sand dunes!
Flying the kite - which ended with Chip getting in the ocean to get it when Cash let go --- almost ruining his iphone for a $3 kite! Good times!
Checking things out!
I took this pic and thought it was so beautiful!
Enjoyed the sunsets and sunrises!
Griff's first trip to the beach!
He LOVED it and smiled almost the whole time we were there, except of course for the pics!
Cash with the toy story kite! (of course)
I couldn't have asked for a better trip - and only regret is I forgot my camera so just had to take all the pics with my iphone - (which is why I am not in it). At least we have the great memories! When can we go again?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IN A FUNK.......

You know when you just seem to be going in circles?

As in -
Cold one day, feeling ok the next, next day kids sick, next week your sick again.
round. and round. and round.

I feel like my life is like that right now. I am just in this funk and don't really have anything to look forward to to help me get out. I need a trip, a vacation, something fun, an actual date set to give me something to work towards and look to.

Maybe then I would be more motivated to work out and lose the unwanted pounds I have packed on over the last 5 months, to finish decorating Cash's room and getting all the clothes organized that I started doing last week, to going to the gym daily and exercising more, to finishing some other projects, to working out more. (sensing a theme)

I need a jumpstart to get me motivated to eat healthier, workout more, study the scriptures more, be more productive, and just to help get me out of this funk I feel I have slipped into!

I Really could use a vacation to Anguilla! (hint hint Chip)
I am just saying!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exactly 1 year ago today......

We set off at 4 am to catch flights to embark on our adventure in

Thinking about this brings back a flood of emotions:
I was so scared and nervous for the flights and for the new country
Would I like the food, would I find friends, would I be able to really have a baby here?
Would I be able to overcome the language barrier, find my way around, be able to handle the time change back to the states?
Most of all - would I be able to live here and be happy for the rest of the year?

I was so sad to leave all my friends back home, and yet anxious and excited to see what it would bring. Now, as I look back I can't help but wish a little bit that it was last year at this time so we could be setting off all over again on the experience.
What an AMAZING experience it was!

I find myself missing China - some days more than others, missing my life there, and longing to be back. I am happy to be home in the US too, but I do miss:
The AYI to help with all my cleaning
The markets
Walking almost everywhere (i know, surprising)
Feeling of safety!
My children being celebrities
NOT understanding everyone
the chinese walmart
Cheap foot massages
Xiao Wang Fus
Cheap sushi
and MOST of all the FRIENDS we had there!

Crazy to think it has been a year - what a great year - hopefully this one will bring as many fun adventures!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project SCARF...3.5 years later!

So I have been in DESPERATE NEED of a project to do - something fun, easy, quick, and just for me! An outlet, you could say, from the days of staying indoors in this cold yucky weather with my 2 little sick ones. I saw this on my friend's sewing blog - - and it took me back to 3.5 years ago when in November I saw these cute scarves at anthropology. Oh how I wanted them - in fact, when i saw them I had this desire inside that not only did I want it - I needed it! Only problem - the scarves were over $100 - EACH!!! I am just too cheap to pay that much for a scarf - so I looked longingly at it, held the soft fabric to my cheek and wrapped it once around my neck and then gently put it back on the table where it was displayed beautifully.

However, yes - 3.5 years later I found that my friend had actually showed how to sew this exact scarf - and so I knew I had to try it. I went out, bought the fabric, came home, and within just a few hours had 2 new scarves - i LOVE them, and I even dyed the pink one myself - from white to hot pink! I think they turned out great, and plan on making more! Thank you presserfoot (rian i love you) for this great gift you gave to me this weekend - it truly made my day! Since I didn't have anyone to take my pictures in it - i settled on taking a few myself - I am definitely not a photographer, and self shots are even harder since my hand only can extend so far - but oh well - you get the pic of the scarf and can get the gist!

Grey and white striped - my favorite - made out of a matte jersey fabric!

Some elastic thread and a few hems later and it was done!

This pink one is out of cotton gauze, and a rit dye!
what you think? you like them?
Happy Tuesday from me!