Monday, May 30, 2011


A couple days ago I happened to overhear a conversation between 2 women.
One of them has a husband in the medical field, or rather in medical school, and the other one has a husband with a pretty normal, 8-5, type of job. They were going on about how their lives were so terrible lately because it seems their husbands were never around!

The one husband is busy with school and is gone for around 80 hours a week, and she was complaining that he never sees her kid awake and that life is just so hard and with no family close to help with their one child everything just is horrible!!! The other was complaining that instead of the regular 8-5 job, her husband had been working til (wait) 7 pm! and that is just putting her out because now she is stuck with her 3 kids all day and has no help either. She was going on about how she was so mad at her husband and had been telling him he needed to be home earlier and had really given it to him for working so late! I sat and listened quietly as they went on and on lamenting about their different predicaments, complaining about their lives and how put out they were, and it was all I could do to not chime in and give them a lecture on why they should not be complaining and just be grateful!

Hello! I have 2 kids, I don't live by family either, and I would HAPPILY have my husband come home at 7 every night....instead of 2 am for the past entire week, and what looks to be the case for the next week. I would LOVE it if my hubby didn't have to work weekends, had more than a day or an hour's notice for the business trip he was going to be taking and leaving us for the next few days. I would happily let him work every day that long if I could have a full Sunday that could just be our family's day. Or if we could go out to eat and not have to be interupted by a work email or call that comes through saying he needs to send something out IMMEDIATELY! I would like it if we could actually plan a trip and then not have our plans get cancelled at the last minute due to stuff that came up at work. As in, the beach trip we should be on right now but didn't get to go due to the work schedule this last week.

I would even like it if I could see or talk to my husband for more than an hour total for the past 8 days since he has had to work so much! I would love to have help in sacrament meeting with my 2 energetic boys from my hubby, instead of sitting by myself trying to wrestle them and keep them from making too much of a scene (altho yesterday we were quite a spectacle when Cash put on his sunglasses and then jumped out of the pew to ROAR as loud as he could at the little boy walking up the aisle - very embarrasing). I have now had 3 Sundays in a row where I have taken the kids alone to sacrament meeting - can I start complaining about how my life is so hard yet!?!

And yet - I have gained a different perspective this past year. I have come to realize that the complaining, anger, and getting mad at the husbands (when most likely it isn't their fault or choice to be working extra and keeping them away from their families) does NOTHING!!! It won't change it, it doesn't make you feel better, and it really doesn't help life out at all! It can just make you bitter and upset. So instead I have learned to think about it as this is but a small moment in our lives, and I am being given a LOT of time to spend with my children and what am I doing with it? I wanted to say to these women at least they didn't have to work too and be away from their children - that they are so lucky that they can be home with their kids and enjoy teaching them and raising them and spending that time with them. I wanted to say that if you looked through the husbands lense and could see his side, rather than just holding a grudge and letting it fester and make them mad, and instead be more supportive and encouraging and empathetic to their husbands plight they would probably have a different view, or at least be not so bitter. It would also probably make their marriage a lot better. I wanted to tell them that if they think they have it bad, they could just think of me and the 100+ hours my husband puts in and stuff and then they might not think it is so bad. And yet I didn't say anything, but rather smiled and thought to myself how great my life is. I realized I could complain and join in and think that compared to them my life was way harder and so much worse if I wanted, but that was not really how I felt. And would do nothing. Thus, I thought about how grateful I am for my change in my perspective and the thought that I am so grateful for a husband who works SO hard to support our family, LOVES his job (even if sometimes the hours are super bad), and tries so hard to please each of us. I thought of how I hope someday life will be different and he won't have to work as much, and how he is just putting in the hours now to get to a place where he can change the balance of work and family life. I thought of how when he is home he is ALWAYS playing with my kids, telling me to go do stuff with my friends, or go to the gym, or go shopping, and encourages me to do my hobbies too. I thought of how much he loves me and wants me to be happy and would do anything for me and how much I love him!

And because of all this, my perspective has changed and I am happy with life.
And why can I say all this? Because one time I had the perspective of these 2 women and was probably just like them.....I hope they get a new perspective soon too!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Splash Pad Summer!!!

Guess where we will be spending our days this summer?
At this wonderful Splash pad park!!!
It is awesome - with all these fun things shooting water every which way for the kids to play and cool off, TONS of big trees that provide shade over all the benches surrounding the areas, 2 big pavillions with tables for BBQs or picnics, 2 playgrounds with swings and slides and other fun toys to play on, and a huge grassy area perfect for my little boy who loves to pick up sticks and use them as swords and play pretend to run free!!!
Best of all - we get to enjoy the water without the worry of 1 of my boys drowning, and it is exactly 1 mile from my house!!! SUUUUWWWWWWEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!

We have already been 3 times in the past 2 days. So here's to kicking off our 90 degree weather in a fun way!!!

A view of some of the water sprayer things!

Cash LOVES running around and going in them all, altho still won't get under the waterfall.....yet at least!

The more mild ones he seems to like better!
As I said, he loves finding sticks and using them as swords!

This little smiley boy is happy to be out and about too! He can sit and splash and enjoy along with the other kids, and he LOVES this sippy cup with a straaw!
Let's go get in the water mom!

Cash actually running through - already better on day 2 then the first time....he is a little cautious at first always! (think he gets that from me!)

Griffin found something to entertain himself!
Look what I got mom!
The drain is pretty cool!

Running while the crazy sprinkler was off...2 seconds later he got a big surprise!
My 2 cute boys playing together!

Lucy and Bennett joined us yesterday night and this morning and the kids all had a great time!

Running around works up an appetite - and boy were those pretzels good!!!

Would love to have others join with us - let me know if you want to come too!
We will be going daily!
I know I might be crazy, but I am actually considering walking there each day - 2 miles of walking insane hills - that should help me get in better shape right?!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turning the BIG 3-0!!!

So it was a BIG year for me for a birthday this year!!!
Going from the roaring 20's and moving into the TERRIFIC 30s on May 15, 2011!!!
It couldn't have been any better of a weekend!!!

Chip went ABOVE AND BEYOND anything expected to make sure my whole weekend was awesome! And boy did he deliver!!! Thank you babe for the BEST birthday surprise EVER!!!

He surprised me and flew my parents, and 2 of my brothers out to be with us!!!
It was so fun to have them here and get to spend a little time with them. He knows I have been going through family withdrawals after not being able to go home in March, and having no trips planned as of now as to when we will be heading to Utah soon - so it was perfect. My brother Stan I haven't seen since Christmas of 2009, so that was a real treat and he got to meet Griff for the first time. Kevin got to stay the whole week, so that was fun, and it was sure great to get to have my parents here to celebrate my 30 years of life with me too!

What a great birthday! Wow! I felt spoiled.

Cash was excited to see my brothers too - and Stan became his new buddy!!!
Griff didn't quite know how to react from all the chaos of everyone showing up! But he warmed up quick too!
Cash was telling them so much - he pretty much never stopped talking to his uncles the whole time they were here!
The first thing he showed them was his new icecream play-dough set! Pretty cool treat huh?
Then we fed the boys and headed off to drop them at the babysitters so we could enjoy a meal at Bonefish Grill (one of my favorites)!
My mom was always snapping photos, so here is me after the inital surprise! I couldn't stop smiling after that!
We all had the best meals at Bonefish - it never disappoints!
Stan liked it too!
My parents look pretty awesome for having a 30 year old daughter - right!?!
Grammy got to spend time with her grandkids who she LOVES!
Cash was excited to be with uncle tevin! (Kevin)
When he first saw him he told him he had been dreaming of him already today!
Cash liked waking the uncles up in the morning!
Grandpa and Griffin had a special bond and he was always happy when he was with him!
Playing with play-dough on my birthday morning....or rather picking it up!
We had a delicious breakfast of eggs and potatoes that Chip cooked, and then it was present time!
What is it mommy?
Just what I hoped for - Sparkly silver Toms!
Check out those kicks!
More goods - my family hooked me up with lots of gifts!
Kevin using the wrapping paper as a hat!
Now Stan's turn - entertaining the nephews!
More gifts!
Cash debuting my Toms!
Then it time to get ready to go to church!
All spruced up!
Look here!
Cash loves his Grammy!
After church Chip made Cafe Rio chicken and pork burritos -he did the ENTIRE meal, and Greg and Suzie came down to eat with us. While we were waiting I took the boys and Grammy on a walk around a neighborhood by us --- super pretty day!
Stan and Cash and uncle Greg!
Aunt Suzie - she came bearing gifts too - so lucky for us! (Cash LOVES that book you gave us!!!)
escaping the camera!

It was great to catch up and visit with the Romans! We don't see them often enough for how close we live!
Griff getting held by Kev!
Suzie told more great stories - can't you tell by my face?!
And Chip surprised me with a HUGE gift of his own - a brand new Bernina Serger!!!! Man he is good at picking out gifts for me!
Stan stayed an extra day and got more reading time in with Cash!

Kevin got to take the boys on lots of walks all week and here they all had their green shirts on!
Although the surprise wasn't quite a TOTAL surprise, meaning that Chip had to spill to me a little bit that Kevin was coming, and then I sort of figured the rest by little details that my mom or Chip slipped on the Saturday they was still a big surprise and SO MUCH FUN!

Thanks for making the start to my next year so much fun!
I think the 30's will be great!!!