Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

Naps - aren't they the best?
Like father like Son!!!

Love these 2
Looks like a little puppy!

Filling out already - already 2 inches longer and gaining weight - watch out big brother!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ok - so I thought you have a new baby, get your baby bjorn, and things would be easy!

However, Griff is too small really to have 2 hands free if he is in the bjorn, and so I am debating getting a carrier/sling type thing. However, there are WAY TOO MANY options on the web - and I am not sure which to go with!

You can have a MOby, a Kangaroo Sling, a Snuggler, a Mei Tai, Ergo, etc etc - ALL claim to be the best and have reasons they are better than the others - however, I need some real friend advice!!!

What have you found is the best - I am leaning towards the Moby, but not sure!???
Advice PLEASE!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What We Do ALL Day When Stuck Inside!

When it looks like this outside:

And is over 100 degrees with 98% humidity!!! And the sky is that gross overcast not because it is overcast but because it is SO PULLUTED and GROSS and just looks like there is a silt film over it!
We have to stay inside and find things to keep us busy and out of the gross weather!!!
So, Today we did the following:

Learned to Bowl!

Practiced batting!

Went through our letters (Cash knows them All with a word to accompany each)

Played Soccer!

Learned to kick!

Drew pictures!

Practiced our numbers - Cash knows he is turning 2 soon!
And watched Barney and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

And all this before naptime!
After naps we will be playing with waterguns (NOT FULL of course)
Playing in our fort we will make
Cleaning up the toys before daddy comes home!
And Fixing dinner!
What a fun day - and the best part - Cash and Griffin both been asleep for the past 3 hours!!!
Yeah for being stuck inside - altho please be nice soon since we are getting a little stir crazy now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Becoming Chinese...with a sore back!!!

So ALL over China you see people packing bags on their back, with huge bundles on their bikes, etc etc. I have always marveled at how people can carry around so much or pack that much onto a bike and still manage to get places!

Well today I had my first trip to Wal-Mart by myself - which means I didn't take the stroller! I didn't think anything of it at first, until I looked down at my car in the checkout line and realized that I had over 8 gallons of liquid alone, not including all my other items!

I had to lug it in the bag (with 2 of the drinks in my other hand to lighten the load on the one side) all the way back to my place - i was really hurting by the time I walked in the door! What a workout - I think if I keep doing this I would shrink a few inches soon too! Also, I realize I like taking Cash with me and his stroller - it wasn't the same (altho a lot faster)! It wasn't as fun tho!
As he would say - "i mees Cash!"

Anyways, it was a good workout and a good warmup before my gym trip 10 minutes later - which was great! Felt so good to be on the treadmill without a baby in my tummy!"

However, I don't plan on lugging more groceries home like that again!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts of Thankfulness

So Today I found myself frustrated and feeling pity for myself over something!!! As I sat thinking about how sorry I was for my terrible predicament - I started thinking I really shouldn't be feeling this way at all!!!
I have been reading a book that is changing much of how I view the world and it talks a TON about Attitude, and being more "in the moment" and not dwelling on the past or future but living in the here and now. I am trying to do that, and to be more grateful for all my blessings. Thus, I just wanted to write a few of my grateful things I have been feeling lately if for no other reason to remind myself that really my life is good and to stop feeling frustrated and look at the bright happy side of things - after all, there is a lot to be hap (for you emily) about!!!
I am SO grateful for the healthy and easy recovery I am having for this pregnancy!
I am grateful for a husband who comes home each night and wants to do something fun with our ALMOST 2 year old so I can have a break!
I am thanksful for great friends and family whose phone calls make my day, and keep me sane sometimes from babytalk that I do all day long!
I am thankful for a baby who sleeps 23 hours a day and rarely cries!
I am grateful to be able to already fit in my favorite pair of jeans (altho not quite as good as I would like - but hey, i got them zipped so pretty awesome and exciteing)
I am thankful for good health, and for my family's good health - a TRUE BLESSING!
I am thankful for fruit and veggies being so cheap here and getting to eat watermelon and pineapple EVERY day!
I am grateful my son LOVES to tell me "i read the book of mormon mommy" and is excited about it!
I am grateful for life and will try to live it more fully each day!
Yeah - I could go on and on and already feel better - my life is good and I can stop the self-pity - it really doesn't do me any good - oh, and it won't change the fact I am not coming back to the US as early as I had planned!!
What are you graetful for?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiny Tot is Now 1 Week Old!

My how time flies!

Can't believe it has already been a week since Griffin made his way into our family!

I love a new baby for the peace and solace it brings to a house! Although life seems a bit more hectic, and at times it feels there is anything but peace - these little spirits bring something special and have a calming effect I can't quite describe.

Thank you Heavenly Father for a little piece of Heaven!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brother's First Conversation

Cash was SO excited to see Griffin when he came to the hospital! I was so excited to see Cash! After a quick hug for me Cash said "I see Griff!"
I helped him stand up and peer in the bassinet to see Griifin and the following occurred:
Cash: "hi Griff, hi Griffi.......Wuv u Griff"!!!
Talk about melting a mother's heart - he wanted to hold him after too and just was full of brotherly love! (hope it continues)
The pics are not from that day - but just a few more of the 2 brothers and upon his aunts, uncles, and grammy's request!!!
Take 1: so happy to hold him!

Take 2: What you want me to do?

Take 3: copycat (Cash copies Griff)

Take 4: Cheese

Cash getting better at putting arms around
tender moment: sweet kiss

finally, a shot with eyes opened!
the definition of peace

farther away - but loved the hand positions

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our trip home in the rain....7/15/2010

Because everything went so well (relatively speaking) and we were feeling good, we were able to leave the hospital a day early - yeah!!! This recovery already is SO MUCH EASIER than with Cash - in fact, I now realize how really extreme and traumatic my first delivery was! I am SO GRATEFUL this time is so much better! I was really able to enjoy the delivery and afterhours so much more! I feel extremely blessed - thanks to all who had us in their prayers - I truly felt it!
In the hospital we compared Griff to Cash and didn't think they looked much alike, but after looking up pictures of Cash when we got home I think they look more alike than my initial impression - we'll see what you all think!

Griffin right after his scrub bath and shots - first time he actually liked being swaddled! I had to get a picture of his peaceful moment!

Ok - here is for comparison - this is Cash going home from the hospital on day 3 of his life! (keep in mind he is 2 lbs. heavier and 2 inches longer - so much bigger than little Griff)

Here is Griffin on day 2 in the same outfit in the same seat! However, unlike the US the chinese don't use car seats so he was actually in a baby bjorn on my chest for teh ride home!!! But I wanted a straight comparison so had to put him in! What you think? Does he look like his big brother?

It was the perfect day for me to come home because it was overcast and pouring rain!!! For those who know me well know this is my favorite type of day - so it didn't feel like the july we have gotten used too with crazy high temps and humidity - it was like a present to me!!! My friend's driver picked us up so we didn't have to take a taxi, which was also so nice considering all our stuff! I just wish i had taken a picture when we arrived!

Before we left we got a family photo - I can hardly believe I am now mother of 2, family of four, and still queen of our roost among all these great boys!

Griff in what will be his bed for next 7 weeks! My good friend loaned us her pack n' pla! So nice considering cribs here are SO hard...just ask Cash! Think he is jealous!

Chip's office sent a beautiful fower arrangement of flowers at the hospital and it totally brightened up the room and made it smell so good - i LOVE cala lillies and the smell of lilies! They are my favorite - and Cash was excited about taking a pic next to them!

This experience has definitely been unique, scary, overwhelming, painful, rewarding, faith-promoting, spiritual, and just so many more emotions for me! I am glad we were able to have the opportunity to live in China for these past few months and that the birth was a success here - at times I didn't think I could do it!
However, now it will be cool for Griffi to say he was born in China for the rest of his life! For all future babies - I plan on having them in the US! I did really like my Dr. and nurses though here! They were wonderful! For all future moms who might plan to deliver in China - I just have one piece of advice, however: Plan on going natural, because epidurals here are apparently different than in the US!!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

INTRODUCING......Our Newest Addition

Griffin David Brown
Born: July 13, 2010
5:09 pm
7 lbs. 2 oz.
19 inches long

We are in love with this new addition and couldn't be happier at his safe arrival!

His Birth Story:
Well, after laboring for a total of 18 days straight I decided I had had enough. Before my apt. on the 13th I woke up, went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes, then walked up the 11 flights of stairs to my apartment, showered, did a few squats, walked out to find a taxi, walked up the 3 flights at the Dr. office, so that hopefully they would say I was ready.

The Dr. said i could have the baby today, or i could wait and come back in the morning and she would induce me, whatever I thought was best! Then, after she checked me and did something to help move things along I started having contractions and she said I should be hooked up to the fetal stress monitor to see how frequent and strong the contractions were before leaving. i had decided to come back the next day, if nothing happened on its own. Well, after being hooked up and seeing the contractions were every 2 minutes again, the Dr. said "you don't choose the day, the baby does and he is coming today!!!"

She then said I was to be admitted, and if i wanted she could break my water and i could have the baby by 1 pm - this was at 11 am! I said "when will I get my epidural then?" "oh, well than if you want epidural you will have baby around 8 pm tonight" she said!

I went down to the 2nd floor, got in my room, got hooked up to the machines, called Chip and had him get stuff together and come after a friend came over to stay with Cash, got my IV started (which went in great this time and was not painful!!!) and began the waiting process.

The contractions were regular and getting stronger, but to me they actually hurt less than when I had been upstairs. The Dr. came in again and said since I wasn't dilating tho what did i want to do - should she break my water - not wanting to miss my epidural we decided to start me on pitocin, then give epidural, then have her break water!

I got my epidural when I was at a 3, because heard it takes way longer for them to do them here and get the medicine going in you, and it also went much better as far as getting it went. However, I could still feel my legs awhile later and the anesthiologist informed me that if i couldn't that meant the dose was too strong. i knew this was a bad sign! They never inserted a catheter or anything, and in fact made me stand up and walk to the bathroom after I had the epidural - something that does NOT happen in teh US!

After i got back in bed I started to feel EVERY contraction on my left side - and they were REALLY REALLY hurting! i told the nurse and she tried to help me by having me lean on my left side - but they just kept getting worse! She went to get the anesthiologist and he came back in to administer more pain relief and see what the problem was. I could still feel them horribley bad when the Dr. came in to break my water. She did that and they said that would maybe help fix the problem - NO IT DID NOT!!!! They just got worse! At this point I really thought I was going to die! My back was hurting so bad too and i couldn't figure out why only my right side was numb, and my legs and left side weren't!

As they put more medicine in, the pain did not go away, but just got worse and worse. The dr. said I would deliver around 7 or 8, and that she would be back - she had broke my water at 4:55 pm and then she left at this point! Well, the next contraction came and I told Chip I wasn't going to make it if this lasted much longer. They had said I was at a 3 when she broke my water - well, the next contraction came and i felt so much pressure and pain and said "I think he is coming now - I can feel him and I want to push!" The nurse then lifted up the blanket and both Chip and her said they could see his head - and she said I was at a 10 and ready to go. So i went from a 3 to a 10 in less than 15 minutes, all from when the water was broken! no wonder I was in so much pain with each contraction as they kept coming! So they paged the Dr. and they told me to push! i said I could still feel everything but when the Dr. came in she said I needed to push anyways! What? This was a big fear!

However, her holding my leg and pushing it toward me actually helped with the pain! Well, 3 pushes and he was OUT!!!! It was So fast! Even Dr. Zhou Li said "this was much faster - the baby cooperated well!" He seemed so much smaller than Cash, and that is because he is - He is 2 lbs 1 oz smaller, 2 inches shorter, and a much smaller head! This made the delivery much easier as i hardly had any tearing and already feel so much better than i did with Cash! I was able to hold him, feed him, and just enjoy things right after he was born - it was such an amazing experience and truly i feel so grateful that it went as well as it did - even with the epidural problems!

He is healthy, happy, and just a perfect little angel!

Thanks to my friend Ashley for staying with Cash all day and night and making it so we didn't worry too much about him - it was his first night away from Chip or I and it was a worry of mine, but he did great! He was SO excited to see Griffi today - when he came to the hosptial with Chip he walked in and gave me a big hug, and then looked at Griff and said "hi Griff, hi you Griffi!" it was so sweet and all on his own and brought tears to my eyes! I hope they are best buddies soon - he seems so happy about it and has been so great! Hopefully that continues and he doesn't get jealous, as that has been a worry of mine as well! I love having my family of boys, and I love my wonderful husband who I could not have made it through this experience without! The miracle of life is amazing!

We are so blessed to add this little spirit into our family! We love you Griffin!

So happy to have this little guy in my arms!
Getting measured - he was smaller than All of us expected!

All bundled

The proud father moment!

love the expression! all ready in love with each other!

cash saying "cheese" and being so excited holding his brother for the first time!

my 3 favorite boys in my life!

happy to be the mom of 2 cute sons!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Amusement Park Fun!!!

Since the baby has now decided to just stay inside a bit longer and let me suffer - meaning I am STILL having regular contractions, still only at a 1, and still not getting much sleep through the night because of the constant pain and pressure I am having - with not much sympathy from the Drs. here or any kind of meds to stop the contractions or move me along at this point because of the possibility of it not working and me having to have a C-section, which I don't want - we decided to get out and do things anyways to stay busy, and I am just trying to cope as best as I can with the pain and constant nausea I have been feeling - not to mention battle the heat we are having here - 105 degrees, 100% humidity, and a steady sweat all day long! (They said they would now induce me next week if I havne't had the baby on my own before then - at 39 weeks!)

Anyways - Chip has had a pretty great work schedule and so we have been taking advantage of it as much as possible. Today, after his workout he asked if I wanted to take Cash and go check out the Beijing Happy Valley Amusement Park - so off we went for the morning!

It was EXTREMELY HOT today, and I can't ride any of the rides at this point - BUMMER - as I LOVE roller coasters and they had some good ones - so I became official camera woman and took pics of Cash and Chip on the kitty rides and it was an adventure for the them! Maybe the heat and walking of today will put me into labor - who knows!!!

When we entered the park we were greeted by some scantily clad Brazilian dancers who would take pictures with you and dance with you if you wanted - doesn't this kid look happy? (some were so bad they barely even had underwear on at all - and I thought China was reserved!)

This ride looked awesome - and I am jealous that as I am here typing Chip is with his friends riding all these big rides without me - lucky guy right!

Chip and Cash in front of fountains and big coaster

Cash's first ride here - boy was he excited - altho you can't tell maybe!

Posing with the bugs!

Teacups - Chip was just trying NOT to get too sick!

The perfect ride for Cash all by himself - He really wanted to go on the big rides so bad - too bad he is so short still!

Enjoying his lunch of hotdog on a stick!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Day as Mommy of 1.....................Maybe???

Tomorrow I have my 38 week appointment. The Dr. told me last week if I wasn't ready to be admitted right then, I could schedule my induction any day I wanted from then on. I debated on getting induced, and normally am NOT for it at all, but due to the circumstances here feel that it is actually the best way to go - so as to ensure I actually make it to the hosptial and don't have this baby in a cab somewhere stuck in traffic (which is a real possibility here)!

Anyways, it is hard to believe it is already here, and I am not really sure if I am even ready for life as a mom of 2, but it is upon us and we are really excited to meet our little guy soon and introduce him to everyone! Cash has been so cute calling him by the name we think we are going with and it will be fun to have little buddies!

Today I decided I should go on a date with Cash all by myself since it might be the last time it is just us for quite sometime. We got all ready, and headed off to one of our favorite indoor pay areas - The Place!

Cash, saying Cheese for the camera - and finally he has all his hair back plus more!

He wanted another picture and was so excited to look at it afterwards!

We played blocks there!

He played peek through his tower

Enjoyed playing in the waterbed/swimming pool thing!

Had a great time bouncing down the fun slide!

And enjoyed riding on the toys and playing in the baloon area!

Then it was off to lunch for some yummy jaouza (aka potstickers) and rice in teh basement, and a donut! Except problem - donut shop had gone out of business - so we settled on cookies at home instead!

He has been such a joy and so fun to play with and hang out with lately! His personality is developing, he is speaking in sentences, and it is just so fun to see all the new things he can do each day! Want to just write a few of my favorite "cashisms" as of late - with a few other cute pics added too!

He went to Wal-mart with Chip the other day and they picked up some water guns. He had a blast and when we were riding to lunch I said "Cash, did you hae so much fun at Wal-Mart with daddy?" He then looked up and replied "no, I mees (miss) mommy!"

He says this all the time now, and any time we go to Wal-mart he says "i mees mommy"! I love that he misses me even when I am in the room with him - it is just so cute listening to him say it -and we didn't even know he knew what that meant!

He LOVES to shoot hoops with his daddy and we got him a little one inside and he will shoot and then say "I mees, I mees" if he misses - or anytime Chip shoots he says "good one daddy, good one" in the cutest voice - even when I make it he says "good one daddy!"

He loves to chew gum and will say "chew gum, chew gum....spit out" because he knows I hate when he swallows it!

He knows all his ABC's and most of his numbers and a word that goes with each letter and anytime we are out or in the elevator he will pick them out and say "b, basketball", or "E, elephant, or whatever the letter may be! He gets so excited that he knows them - it is way fun and an easy for of distraction while travelling in the cabs :)

He LOVES Buzz Lightyear and Woody and asks to watch Toy Story I or II every day at least 3 times - and he loves to play with his characters we got him - altho both the legs broke on each of them already!

He loves to give me hugs and is so sweet whenever he thinks I am sad he will hug me and say "it's ok mommy!"

I could go on but will stop because it is a long post! However, we love him and it is weird to think he won't be my only child to watch over for much longer! I hope he can share me!

Cash with his 2 friends, Noah and Nora at the silk market scavenger hunt - all in style with their shades!

Playing in the water fountains outside our house!

Grammy - he LOVES his shovel even if there is no snow

At the place with Nora - his usual little buddy we go with!

At Ritan park holding hands with his bestest friend Nora - couldn't resist taking their pictures!

Here he looks shorter but he isnt - these two are so cute...maybe we will betrove them!

Here's to the end of being a mother of 1, and moving on to greater challenges, greater joys, and more fun playdates with 2!!!