Monday, October 27, 2008

If She Doesn't Scare You.....No Evil Thing Will

So now that we have a little one, Halloween is SO MUCH more Fun! I have been thinking about what Cash could be for his first Halloween for about a month now, and thanks to my cousin Carly's brilliant idea - not only did Cash end up with a darling Halloween costume, but I decided it would be fun if the whole family dressed up this year. Since Chip and I were dating, we have never dressed up and been really festive when it comes to Halloween. So this year I had the idea (thanks Carly) of being Cruella De Vil, Cash would be a little Dalmation, and Chip would be the dog catcher. I went down to NC last week for a fun visit, and of course the annual Trunk-or-Treat! What a blast we had seeing all our friends and getting to dress up.

I even scared a few kids at the party that thought I really was Cruella. In fact, one little girl started to sob and said "Daddy - there is the lady who steals all the puppies". I then said, "yeah, and I have one little puppy with me - you want to see?" I then showed her Cash in his little Dalmation suit in his stroller. When she saw him she said "that isn't a puppy that is a baby" and then she got it. Thank heavens, I wouldn't want to traumatize any children. Guess I really looked pretty scary huh?

Cruella & her little dalmation

Little pup Cash with his first "trick-or-treat"

I even had a dog tag made for him that said "Cash, Cutest Pup Ever"...soooo cute!!!

The entire party this was how this was the activity of this little pup

With our friend Kristen - it was SO fun seeing you!

Yvonne and me

Chip flew in as the party landed, but was proud of our awesome costumes!

I also went down there to visit my awesome friends! And party we did! I started a tradition of waffle/icecream parties where everyone brings a topping and we eat them as we watch our favorite shows. So this time when I came down we watched office and enjoyed this wonderful treat - along with my pumpkin smoothies!!!

Thank you Jen and Brannon for allowing us to stay with you, getting Chip the buddy pass to fly in so last minute, and having such a great time with us this past weekend! Also, thanks to all the girls for such a fun night of girl talk and hanging out. I miss you all and it was so fun to be together again, playing at the park, eating good food, and just relaxing. Also, special thanks to Adria for helping me with the hat for my costume!

One of the delicious waffle/icecream designs

Some of my favorite girls at the party

Sandy putting little Cash to sleep

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Weekend Full of Laughs

This past weekend was great! We had my cousin Carly fly in to visit us. It was so fun to catch up, eat great food at some new restaurants, laugh, hang out, and hear all about her trip to Turkey - which by the way is now on my list of places for future vacation spots. We also enjoyed going to the UVA football game and sitting in a box suite - thanks to Chip's work. On Sunday we went down and had brunch with Aunt Suzi and Uncle Greg - his famous sourdough pancakes (SO yummy), went to church with them, and then dropped Carly off at the airport there to fly back to NY. It was a short visit, but we had tons of fun and can't wait to do it again. Thank you Carly for coming - come back anytime.

Carly and me at the football game

Chip got us box tickets from work

Cash on the way to his VERY FIRST football game - he LOVED it!!!

Aunt Suzi, Carly, me and Cash at Suzi's house

No one goes more out in decorating then Suzi - this table is awesome! I love seeing her table every time I visit!!! (and there is always treats to go along with it!)

It's tradition to take a picture every time we visit on the front porch!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing My NC Friends...

Every once in awhile you meet a friend, the one you instantly click with and know you will keep for life. That is what happened to me.......however, instead of one I was lucky enough to find many Many of these friends, all of whom I love and will keep for life! Here is to the wonderful memories I have with all of you guys in NC; I miss you a lot and love ya'll!!!

(The pictures below are all from our farewell party they threw for us....we loved any excuse to throw a party there, but this one was a little sad since we were saying goodbye, and knew we wouldn't be able to be at the future parties- thanks especially to Adria and Rob for hosting it!)

The Girls

Striking a pose!

Samantha, one of my favorite YW, with baby Cash

Chip, enjoying the party

Cash, before the party, resting up for all the attention

Nicola, Holly, and Rob Ross, and Morgan Howder

The Killabrews and Howders

Bishop Draughon and Chip

Adria, Beth, and Sandy

Alex (aka Chunky Monkey) - love this little boy!

Rob and Adria - the hosts of the big party!

Amber and me

Mark, Iris, and Kristen

Randy, Adam, and Chip

Dejun and Sandy

Thanks for being the bestest friends one could ask for!!! You guys are awesome!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Many who know me think I am very outgoing and make friends easy, and so wouldn't have trouble meeting new people in our new place or making new friends. Although I would like to believe this too, I am actually somewhat shy before I know people and in new places where I don't know anyone have to really force myself to jump in and get involved. I prefer to just sit back and watch, waiting for someone to talk to me, include me, or approach me first. However, I made a goal after reading an Ensign article that with this move I would jump in and participate in all the ward activities I could as soon as we moved here, including stuff on my own.

This last week I had my first opportunities. I went to Enrichment night last Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I decided to attend playgroup. I was a little nervous showing up with my 6 week old to the apple orchard, and yet I am glad I did. It was a lot of fun, I met some more people, and I am starting to slowly feel like I am getting acclimated to the ward and area here.

The Orchard had tons of different activities to do, including picking your own apples, hayrides, pumpkins, and the "famous apple cider donuts". However, the best part about it in my mind was the spectacular view. It was simply breathtaking. The orchard is on the top of a mountain, and you can see both sides for miles scenes that look like they are straight out of the movies. I loved it so much I took Chip back on Saturday to check it out!!!

It just happened to be the Apple Festival on Saturday when we went back -- so it was PACKED!!!

The view from one side of the mountain - simply breathtaking!

Our little family enjoying the incredible weather!

For the festival they had this band formed by old men -- they were hilarious, singing old school songs; however, they really were good and it was fun to listen to (behind them are the grape vineyards)

This was set up for the kids to take pictures in -- so naturally we had to take a picture of little Cash in it --- he LOVED it

The view from the other side of the mountain - with Chip and Cash enjoying the view!

Just enjoying being out with our little one (I loved watching Chip interact with Cash)