Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekend Guests & Late Night Trips

July has been a month full of visits from friends and family, and it has been SO much fun! It is always great to catch up with old friends, see family, and have people stay with us! In fact, it seems that July just started and yet it is the 31st. Thank "ya'll" for coming to see us and brighten our days this month!

Clark, Amy, Chip, & Me - I went to HS with both Clark and Amy, and Amy and I have been friends for many years!

Amy and Me (and yes I am a little sunburned and extremely tired)

Also, another thing I can NOT wait to have end when this pregnancy is over is the many trips each night I have to make to visit my new best friend: Mr. Jon! It seems I spend more time here each night than I do in my bed; in fact, I made Chip switch sides of the bed with me in order to save approximately 10 extra steps per each trip --- which when you total it up by multiplying it times 6 equals about 60 steps a night! Multiply that by 7 and I save about 230 extra steps a week! Not enough to keep me from being exhausted and getting leg aches each day, but nonetheless, worth the switch right now! I can't wait to give a "dear jon" in just a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

22 days and counting

As I had contractions all day sunday and then throughout the night, I began to panic that the one thing I have been wishing for this entire pregnancy was going to come true...................our little boy was going to come early! And i went into a sheer panic - I mean, I hadn't got my travel system yet (i have it now tho), I haven't finished all the blankets, I hadn't rearranged the baby room how I wanted it, I hadn't organized all his clothes, and most of all, I hadn't even packed a bag to take to the hospital.............

So it was quite a panic - and thus this week I have been getting things in order so in case the contractions return and he really does decide to make his entrance early - I will be ready!!!!

I want him to come next weekend, the 8-10 anytime, but not this weekend......I mean, is that asking too much after I have carried this little guy for the last 9 (really 10) months? I am sooo excited to meet him and it is unreal that it will be here so soon!

Anyhow ---- the #1 thing I am looking forward to when I am done with this pregnancy is:

SLEEPING ON MY STOMACH AGAIN!!!! (oh how I can't wait for some good, quality sleep --- I know I will be up all night with the little guy and won't get as much sleep --- but hey, at least the quality will hopefully improve for when I do get to catch a few zzzzzz's)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I AM BACK.....and Flowers to brighten the day!!!

Sorry it has been SOOOOOOO long - but I have so many things to post about and say, that it just seems so overwhelming to sit down and do one big entry with all of them. So I am not going to. I will just be creating a new post every day for the next little bit to get you all updated on all the crazy things going on in the life of the Browns --- and it seems like there has been so much happen to us in the last month!

For the first thing, however, I couldn't pass up the chance to thank my husband for showing up last week with flowers one night to brighten my day. I had had a VERY HARD and FRUSTRATING day that had left me feeling pretty down and then Chip showed up with the most beautiful flowers to tell me he loved me and was sorry I had not had a good day! It was so sweet, and of all the flowers he has ever bought me, these are by far my MOST FAvORITE! Thanks honey - it did end the bad day on a good note!

Posts to look forward to:

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Our BIG move - yep, that's right we are moving in September
Pictures of our house -- so sad to be leaving
4th of July in DC - including the "almost" naked man photo
Baby shower photos
Our guests we have had in JULY come visit
Countdown to things I look forward to when i am NO LONGER PREGO!!!