Monday, September 30, 2013

The Boys Visit the Dentist!!!

On September 26 the boys had their first ever visit to the dentist!  We had heard great things about this place and it didn't disappoint!  It couldn't have went better.  As we were leaving both Cash and Griffin asked when we could come back and were saying "thanks mom for bringing us that was so much fun!"  It was hilarious to me - as they have no idea how fun the dentist can really be;)  But since they didn't have cavities, got to put on the cool headphones to watch the movie on tv, got cool little pouches with toothbrushes, floss, little cover for their toothbrush, and other goodies they had a blast.
I'd say this place was definitely a 5 star office.  

In fact the only problem I found with it was that the dentist told Cash all these things and he listened EVERY SO CAREFULLY and then was ready to LITERALLY follow everything.  He is so obedient, and is a pleaser who tries so hard to do what's right all the time and follow the rules.  So upon her saying to him that he should only have sugar and candy on Saturday, and no juice or soda except for Saturday either, he was ready to 100% follow her!  On the way home we had to stop for an errand and due to the lack of AC being on in the back he had got a little queasy.  He got out of the car and was looking pretty sick.  I told him to eat a Mamba I had with me and see if he felt better.  He then said "mom, did you not hear the dentist? I can't have that except on Saturdays!  I can't eat that now!"  Oh boy, I thought as I tried to convince him  that it is nice to try to follow what they say, but ok if we don't totally follow every little thing - but he was not listening.  It took me about 10 minutes to convince him to have the mamba.  After we were better and could get back in the car and go home we arrived and the kids wanted a snack.  Cash asked for a pop tart and I (teasingly) told him that if he was following the Dentist rules that he couldn't have that because it was sugary.  Then he didn't even fight back just said "ok mom I'll have some cheese and yogurt - she said those were ok right?!"  Who is this kid.  I figured it would not last long but to go along with it and so I did for the rest of the day.  Then after school we were at the playground and his friend had a treat and he was asking what they were and found out they were little graham cracker cookie things - he wanted one and once again I told him if he wanted to follow the dentist exactly then these were not ok and he couldn't have this point he looked up and said "mom, I think you are right.  We should smile and nod and say we will do our best to what she says and then do what we want!"  Well, it had me and his friend's mom chuckling and he went about the rest of the day not so worried and concerned over every thing he ate.  He did, however, stick to only having juice and soda on Saturday and for that I am just fine!  He is a good boy!

And speaking of good boy I have to just write down this hilarious thing that happened in the primary program last week.  Before we left I asked him what his part was and he responded with "mom, I know my part I don't need your help.  Don't help me!"  I asked him what he was supposed to say - he responded with "Heavenly Father built the atonement unto me!"  WHAT?!  I was sure this wasn't his line - as it didn't make much sense and I tried to help see if we could tweek it a bit but he kept saying he knew it and didn't need help!  Well, he got right up in church and grabbed the mike like a rockstar and gave his line very clearly (and fast!) and sat down.  After the meeting the girl helping those at the pulpit came back and said - "well Cash did great at speaking his line but he didn't give the line he was supposed to - obviously someone gave that to him, but it wasn't me and I am not sure where it came from!"  Chip and I laughed as we realized somehow Cash created his own line and said it....not sure where he got it and he said his teacher told him it but somehow there was a mishap and it got lost in translation - his actual line was "Jesus Christ is an example unto us by.....???" (can't remember the rest) but definitely NOT Heavenly Father built the atonement unto me!  HAHA he is too funny!
We chuckle and guess we will have to watch him in the future from making up his own stuff!

Oh yeah and one more thing about the dentist-  in their little pouches were timers to turn over and for how long they should be brushing for each time - GENIUS!!! Cash loves to use it and brush his teeth for the full amount of time the hour glass is emptying - what a great idea - enjoy the pics!

Cash checking out his loot while Griff waits his turn!

 Ready to for his turn!

 Cash was great at telling Griff he was doing a good job and how fun it was so Griff wasn't scared!

 Waiting for the dentist to come check him out!

 Forgot to take pictures of Cash when he first had the dental assistant working on him - but got them with the dentist!

 She was great and the kids loved her!

Have a great week!

Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Finally Happening!!! Potty Training Success!!!

This has been months in the coming, but every time I decide to try it just seems within the first few hours it is an absolute failure and so I have given up.  I can't count the number of accidents I had cleaned up and poopy underwear I have just thrown out with this little guy!

However, this week was different.  I decided on a different tactic to try, after discovering by accident something that might work with him, and it has actually been such a pleasant surprise as to how well it worked.  And today, just 5 days later he is pretty much totally trained, even at night somehow!  It truly is a potty training miracle!

Last week I wouldn't have thought it possible, and at the start of this week I wasn't so sure, and in fact I am still not sure I totally believe he is trained, and yet he surprises me daily! (such as this morning wanting his diaper from the night off so he could go pee!)

The trick?!
Just take all clothes off from the waist down and let him be naked and then he wouldn't go on anything!
It worked great.
We did have a little set back in Gap as he peed all over the floor (he was wearing clothes and underwear here of course) and leaving a huge puddle, and I had NOTHING to clean it or any way of fixing it so we just put him in the stroller and left.
However, overall it has been great this week and accident free!
The only thing left is really to make sure he doesn't get off the toilet before calling for help during #2!!!  Love my little Griffi beans!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kids Beach Photoshoot!!!

Fun outing to the beach back in July to take some pics of the kiddos!  Went at the perfect time, although the problem was it was actually really cold and so not the best for Ivy's little body and she wasn't wanting to be there for the most part.  The boys were pretty cooperative - for a mom who is an amateur and just trying to figure things out with the camera, a little hard to shoot these 3 crazy kiddos, but still got some good shots nonetheless - and these are all non-edited photos (as in no photoshop), just cropped but that's all!  So not bad!

These helicopters came at the beginning and I couldn't resist taking a couple - pretty cool!

Cash my big boy!

Ivy escaping!

The two boys - being as fun and great as can be!

One of my favorites - even if the lighting overexposed the one part from the sun!


Hugging it out!

sand in the eyes

holding her tight!

1 out of 3 looking!

Funny aunt Emma!


"no Griff I don't want you to hold me, just Cash" ---Ivy Jane!


sad baby!

Soccer boys!

Watch this move mom!





love him!

A happy shot!

The pier

A hug, and then distracted on both sides - lol!

Her eyelashes!

Showing Cash her baby!

Let's go now mom!

Cash man!

That's a wrap!