Saturday, July 27, 2013

Surf Competition With Sammy and Mooner!!!

 We adventured down to the US Open Surf competition in Huntington Beach this past week!
It was pretty cool, VERY crowded, nicely warm, Very tiring, and a VERY fun experience!
The car ride down Cash found to be long, but entertained himself with Sammy as Griff and Ivy caught a few zzzzz's...

Ivy was ready to see the surfers and easily spotted in her cute yellow swimmies!

 Cash was practicing his surf moves on the sand saying he wanted to be in the competition too!

Right after he biffed it doing a spin move!

 Sam was asked to be on TV in a game of Truth & Dare in which he had to select Dare and then they dared him to lick Cash's sandy foot in order to win a Van's hat.  I wanted the hat so he was nice and obliged!  It was awesome because afterward people were asking me who he was and about the interview.  I wanted to say he was a pro surfer and live it up but nicely just told everyone the actual truth!  It was funny!

 Griffin rode back to the car on Cash's shoulders, and then Cash was out once we started driving was a tiring adventure!

 Sam and Mooner took the boys to Turbo yesterday at the movie theatres so I could rest since I wasn't feeling so well!  It was great for all of us!  The boys LOVE their uncles!

 Chip took a half day and came to the beach with us yesterday to get in some body surfing with Sam and Alex and some good ole quality family time!  I LOVE when he comes with us.  The boys say it is Oceans more fun!!!

Look at the seagull picking something out of mooners hair here -- pretty crazy right;)

 Ivy just loves the beach now but tries to stop the water from getting to her by holding up her hands and waving them saying no, no, is pretty funny to me!

 Griff got knocked down by a few waves here as they were huge yesterday, but bounced back and was laughing and wanting to get in more....he is starting to be more brave.

 Cash spent a lot of time jumping waves and also collecting rocks for me to put in my house - loved it!

 Daddy and Ivy hanging out at the waters edge!

 This little lady was tired and yet a good sport - here she is playing like she is asleep! It always makes me laugh when she does this!

 We stopped for some BBQ afterwards and the kids were good sports waiting in the car!

 A pic of the awesome Van's hat Sam won for me!  Love it!

 Sam and Mooner took the bikes down one night for a sunset ride --- they learned it really is very hilly here coming back;)

Since Sam arrived him and Alex have been in the boys beds and the boys have been sleeping on blankets on our floor in Chip's and my bedroom.  We came in the other night to find this.....where is little Griffy's head you might say?!  He tucks himself ALL the way under his blankets, head and all and I find it funny and scary all at the same time.  

The boys went one afternoon earlier this week to the beach with Alex and Sam.....So much fun!

We love uncle Sam and so glad him and Mooner came to visit.  Wish he could stay longer....alas all good things come to an end right?!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Beach Attracts LOTS of Visitors!!!

A VERY BIG PERK of living so close to the beach is that we get a LOT of visitors who come out and we LOVE it!  This week we have both our families here - Beth and Jordan are down in Oceanside with his family, and made the trek up to see us, and then Sam and his friend Alex are out from Utah staying with us for the week.  So we are getting lots of time at the beach and other fun sites around where we live.  Although it is a bit of a cold week we are still having a blast!  I have become a real beach bum - meaning I actually LOVE going to the beach and just sitting by the ocean listening to the waves and enjoying the peace and quiet (as much as that is with 3 crazy kiddos of course).  Actually tho I find it really calming and rejuvenating and love it and find myself being the one who is draggin everyone else out the door to go!  Really we are truly blessed to live so close to such a beautiful place!