Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can't Catch a Break!!!!

I probably should post a picture with this of my HUGE prego belly!
However, I haven't taken one recently and am too lazy to do it at this very moment so just imagine a whale of a mom HUGE with child, and you will have a clear picture of what I look like at this very moment!!!

22 days to go! 22 days til my due date - although the Dr. thinks I will have this baby within the next week - in fact, I have another appointment tomorrow for her to check me because she thinks I might be close enough to just admit this weekend. So I guess we'll see!

You know things are pretty bad when even the Dr. who has now only seen you 3 times, 2 of them being in the same room in the hospital tho, says that she is excited for me to get this baby out of my belly so I can feel better!  Yes, I would say it has been rough - and this week is NO EXCEPTION!!!

Chip set off Monday again for California and we were once again on our own.  Things quickly got out of control.  I woke up not feeling great but figured it would pass!  However, they just got worse and I ended up calling a friend to come help me take care of my kids while I just layed on the couch.  Things got so by 1 pm tho I called the Dr. and they said I better head over to the hospital to get checked out.

It was like deja vu of 2 weeks ago - into the ER, up to the delivery wing, back into the same room I was in then, feeling even worse than before, having not eaten anything but ice all day and wanting to die!!!  I was worried about my kids at home but realized they would survive at this point, and I wasn't sure if I would!  When the Dr. came in she said "this is getting a little too familiar - you in the same room with the same symptoms but even more this time, but without your cute hat!" I felt so lousy I didn't even have time to grab the hat, although I probably needed it bad at this point.

After blood tests were done again, everything came back great so we ruled out HELP for sure this time.  My pulse was high though and I was so dehydrated that even though they wanted me to drink some water or gingerale all I could take down was ice chips.  They asked if I had been aruond anyone with a stomach bug recently, to which I didn't think so so I said no.  Well, after about another 3 hours of tests, IV fluids and phenergan via IV, Tylenol, I was starting to finally feel a little bettter.  She thought it could be appendicitis, but couldn't see that on the ultrasound because the baby was in the way - the contractions were coming every 2-5 minutes and although started pretty high were actually moving lower and lower and starting to hurt at this point.  They decided after fluids were gone that I could go home unless contractions picked up.  At this point a nurse came in and when checking my monitors said my contractions were off the charts and I felt warm.  She checked me and I had spiked a fever of 102.  I had just had tylenol 1.5 hours previous for my headache and had no fever then, so we weren't sure why now I had one.  The Dr. said I was her mystery patient.  Maybe I had a sinus infection since I sounded pretty congested. I am just trying to get over a terrible cold.  Anyhow - I did get to go home, although by this point I was actually feeling terrible all over again - but I was worried about my babies being alone at night without me or their dad and so wanted to sleep at home.  I had a friend staying over with me just in case I needed to come back in.

Well, I had a pretty bad night - feeling awful and hot and awake almost the whole night, but after 2 hours of sleep around 3-5 am I did finally start to feel better.  I was taking Tylenol around the clock and the contractions had died off.  It was the next morning I learned there was a stomach bug going around, and I had unfortunately been one of the many victims of people in the ward - we figured it got started at institute friday night at the church, and then someone infected got me at my own shower!  How TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!!  I got the nasty bug at my own baby shower! Sad!!! I was just glad I was now feeling better and praying my kids did not get it, especially with chip out of town.

Well, the day went pretty good, and I thought I was doing better - night came and the kids seemed fine still! I put Cash to bed and was trying to put Griff down but he wouldn't go at all.  He was so fussy and finally I brought him out to the couch with me and he just layed against me so tired and calmly - very unlike him.  I had 2 friends over and my sister in law and we were just on the couch and I asked him if he wanted me to take him to bed - he said yes and layed down on my shoulder.  I was standing up to take him upstairs when it hit!!!  Projectile vomit right all over the couch towards my friend Dara.  Luckily she was just out of reach.  But it kept coming!  And coming! And coming!  Poor little guy had eaten a ton for dinner and it was all coming up.  My friends I must now say are AMAZING!!!! I am not good with vomit and probably would have run for the hills at this point if I were them  I wanted to do that and I am his own mom.  It was so gross and smelled bad and I am wondering how I didn't puke myself at this point - but somehow we got through it.   I had one friend who went up and started a bath for him, the other one got towels and started helping me clean, and then when I took him upstairs my friends got the couch cushions off and into the wash, my sister in law cleaned the carpet, and everything was done when I came back down with him.  What AMAZING friends!  Well, I wish that were the end, but unfortunately we had a few more rounds of the pukes within the next hour - poor Griff was miserable, and it was horrible to see.  I felt terrible, and all he wanted was for me to hold him but snuggling him I couldn't do very well because I am horrible and was too scared of getting puked all over.  Luckily the rest came out on my kitchen floor, much easier to clean!  Anyhow, I finally layed him down on the floor on towels and he fell asleep.  I planned to sleep for the night on the couch, and hoping Cash didn't get it tried to lay down and sleep too - but i was so worried and feeling crappy myself at this point I couldn't.  I can't relax when my kids are sick and it is just awful!  I tried and tried but just kept making myself feel sicker.  I tried to rationally tell myself it would be ok, but somehow that didn't work. Heidi came upstairs at this point and just talked to me and gave me a foot and leg massage and somehow that worked - then she offered to sleep on the couch so i could sleep better in my bed and if G woke up she would come get me.  What a sweet sister right?!  Well, at this point he woke up and so I ended up staying wtih him and then moving him to his bed - he slept the rest of the night and so did Cash, and although I didn't sleep great I did get a couple hours.  The next morning Griff was fine and Cash was great too.  I felt better as well and we were just hoping to not have it get Cash last night.  Luckily he seemed to avoid it.  I am so grateful!!!

Anyhow, today I am back to the headaches and nausea, Griff has his little cough that I thought was getting better but seems to still be bugging him and a runny nose as of 3 weeks still, and I am just so tired of us not being fully healthy.  It has been rough, and I don't want to say it can't get any worse because I know it will in some way - so I will  just say it hasn't been the best week, and we are all so glad daddy comes home tonight, and maybe I will be done with this pregnancy sooner rather than later.  So tomorrow we'll see, that is if I don't go to the hospital again - cuz the contractions have been occuring every 2-5 minutes all day and are starting to really hurt.  

Please stay in baby tell daddy gets home!!!
Happy 37 weeks to me!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Wonderful Surprise!

So nice to come home from an outing today and find these beautiful flowers waiting for me!

Thank you honey for sending them to me, and more for the wonderful little love note that lifted my spirits and brightened my week while you are away!  It has been a rough week and this is just what I needed!
I love you!

PS - they smell SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!