Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ivy b-day photos....time for a MASSIVE game of catch up!!!

May came and went faster than any month this year it seems.  I hardly had time to sit down, between wedding planning, Ivy's b-day, getting stuff for the wedding, making cakes for Ivy's b-day shoots, getting more wedding stuff and clothes for family pictures, Ivy's b-day video (the thing that took the longest!), well you get the picture!  So needless to say I was terrible at documenting our lives and updating the blog - so there will be a mass amount of photos and new posts coming!  Anyhow, first things first!  Ivy's b-day!

The greatest thing was that Ivy was young enough that I could take her B-day shopping with me, even though we were getting stuff for her!  That's great about turning 1!  And Griff was my little helper.  Actually, the shopping cart was the perfect thing to keep him entertained and not whining and helping me the whole shopping trip, so in the future we might just have to use another one when we need more cart space.  This is how we rolled through Target this day!

 Ivy was born on Memorial Day last year, and since Daddy got a little time off she actually got to go to lunch with him this year a day early for her b-day!  Of course we went to our favorite - Cafe Rio.....she enjoyed a heaping serving of black beans, her favorite, and some ice chips from mom's water!

 Also she enjoyed her dolly!

 It was fun to have alone time with ALL of daddy's attention just on her! (the boys were at the beach with my sil)

I made my own b-day cake this year for a selfish reason - so that I could do a photoshoot for Ivy's first bday.  It was fun making the banner and the cake (although more work than I first anticipated!) and the photos turned out cute!

A few more in her cute little outfit just for fun in this shoot!

 I had an editing lesson in photoshop while in Utah and my friend and AMAZING photographer Kelly Anderson taught me a few things - the photo below is one that I took and then she showed me how to edit!  I LOVE what she did!

 Then the real b-day was upon us - so more pics and fun were taken, and of course another photoshoot with her actual b-day cake!  A much easier, but super cute cake too!

The cake!

She got to enjoy pizza for the first time for her dinner - yummy!  It was a hit!

A few pics of the boys too!

 The cake photoshoot!

Nothing if not a well documented b-day!  I wish I could post her 1 year video, but since it is 25 minutes long and no one really probably wants to watch it besides me I didn't!  However, we love our little Ivy Jane and glad she had a great 1st year.  Here's to many more b-days!!!
We love you Ivy!!!