Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trunk-or-Treat 2011!!!!

This year we went a little more scary!!! Cash switched what he wanted to be for the past 6 months, including everything from Buzzy and Woody, to Harry Potter, to a Pirate, to a SCARY Zombie, and to a skeleton. Skeleton won out because we all went as skeletons! He was SO excited to get his face painted with the black and white paints, and sat extremely still while I went to town doing it. He looks pretty scary!!!! He had so much fun and it was the best year yet for trunk-or-treat with him. He understood, and went up and said exactly what he was supposed to, including the thank you each time after he received a treat. Love my little skeleton. And his "bone bone dance" is something you just gotta see in person - way too cute!

right before we left the house!
I tried to get him to take a nap during the afternoon since we were going to be late but he resisted all afternoon, so the half hour drive to the church made for a great and quick cat nap!
Ready to go in and see the party!

After dinner and fun carnival games in all the rooms, it was outside to go "trunk-or-treating!"
There were some great trunks that went all out in their decorating!
Chip said next year he was going all out on ours and going to have the best trunk! This year it was last minute, but here's our gang. Chip, Cash, and Griff as my fellow skeletons, and Emma as an angry bird!
The whole group! Our family photo inside at the photo stop! You can't see my announcement too good here, and many people didn't get it, but below you can see why we all went as skeletons!
Emma the great angry bird! Loved her costume!
Cash and me, the skeleton duo! Yep, that is what you see in my tummy, a baby skeleton to be arriving next year. Baby #3 is on its way!
I have been sicker than sick this time, and earlier on then both the boys too so we hope it means it might be a little girl!!! We would love someone to dress up in frills and bows and to balance out our boy energy in the house!!! After 2 trips to the ER last week and thinking I couldn't possibly make it one more day, the medicines and drugs are finally working and I am doing much better! (hopefully that continues and I can still travel next week!) It has been very rough so far, but we are excited for another little one to be coming to our family (or at least the boys are.....and after a few more weeks I will feel more excited too!)
Happy Halloween 2011!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carter Mountain Trip 2011! Apples and Pumpkins!!!

This last weekend was packed with fun!!! Kevin came on Friday, and after a month of missing him boy were these 2 SO excited. He took them on a walk to the park to play and they had a blast! Not sure who had more fun tho, Kevin or them!!!
They found some fun balls to play with there!
Cash was happy to be outside, and actually agreed to wear a sweatshirt - shocker!
Happy Griff!
Thanks Kevin for ALWAYS sending me pic updates of what they are doing!
Cash is in a stage where he really only wants to wear shorts and short-sleeves, so to get him to put on anything else is a miracle, and as soon as he is back inside it is back to the bare minimum for him!
On Saturday morning we made our trip up to Carter Mountain for apple picking and pumpkin picking. It was packed, but we had a great time! Here is the crew walking down toward the Stayman apple trees. The views were spectacular and it was a perfect day to enjoy the fall air!
So pretty!
Daddy testing them out!
Got one!

Getting ready to taste one!
Way up high!
Picking a bunch of stayman apples!
Griff with Emma, yes he is actually laughing here!

Griff with his favorite uncle!
Family shot (minus me since I took the pic) that hung out together on saturday!
Another gorgeous view, not doing justice!

Family shot!
So pretty!
Kev and Griff
Cute Cute Cute!!!!
The gang making the hike back up to the pumpkin patch!
Perfect day to be out!
Chip wanted to shoot a bunch of shots!
Cash loved picking out his "perfect" pumpkin!!!
View of the other side of the hill!
my boys!
Pumpkin shot w/ Kevin
So many to choose from!
Later on it was time to carve the pumpkins. While we carved the pumpkins Griff played in the of his favorite things to do in the kitchen!
Cash was SO excited to carve pumpkins!
Hard at work!
Wo! This is serious! Check out that knife!
All done!
First porch lighting!
The boys loved it, and so did Emma!
My 3 favorite boys with our pumpkins, Halloween 2011!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Highlights of the Week!!!

Emily came to town!!! Wahoo!!! Always great when she comes. She is here for the next few weeks with us and it is a little like deja vu from 2 years ago. We couldn't be happier!

We ALL went to the circus!!! Here we are, at the very end when it was all over - YES, we are ALL Super tired and looking a little haggard, but it was a great time! Cash was so excited and loved the Elephants (also my favorite), especially when it pooped and then all 3 kept getting in it and making a huge mess. They were very entertaining, and the acts were all great. I think I had more fun watching all the kids with us enjoy. Chip was able to get us the company box and we had 3 other families that went - with 10 kids - 9 boys and 1 girl!!! They all had fun, and we had a great time too! Now what can we do this weekend to continue the fun???

Monday, October 10, 2011

Field Trip To Pick Apples!!!

Cash's pre-school had a field trip to pick apples at the orchard nearby. He was SO excited!!! And after it was rained out the first 3 days and we wondered if it would ever happen, it finally did come and was a beautiful day!!! They have been learning about apples and leaves and trees and on the way there he told me all about the leaves changing color and then falling off and how in winter they are bare and then buds come out in spring! Pretty impressive stuff!!!

I love how much knowledge he is always retaining and listening to what's going on in his head. In the car he is always ALWAYS talking, and I really enjoy the things he tells me (usually!) Griff and I tagged along and we all got to eat some yummy apples!

With his class before we got to picking!
Griff wanted to eat every apple we picked!
Jamie helping get one up high! Cash munching on his good pick!
Mom takes a turn!
We love October weather!
Lookie mom!
Katya and Thomas!
After they picked the apples playing by the swing!!!
Cash swinging!
Thanks Jamie for taking all these fun pics for us!!!