Monday, March 23, 2009

7 months........and LOVING LIFE!!!

Well, we are back from our wonderful trip to Utah (pics of that to come soon)!
We had SO MUCH FUN! 2 weeks just wasn't long enough!
We hung out with the family, laughed, played games, laughed, ate GREAT food, laughed, did all the dance stuff, laughed, visited all our friends, laughed, etc.........(I say laughed because we had so much fun laughing at cute little Cash, and anything else - it was just way too fun)!
I was excited to get home to see Chip, but we already miss all the fun we were having each day! The day after we got home Cash had his 7 month checkup and he did great! He is almost 18 lbs. now, and as cute as a button - so grammy, since you can't hold him and play with him yourself today here are some pictures from this weekend for you!

Smart boy: already working the computer!

what? this isn't what I am supposed to play with?

Cash LOVES books....and I love kid books too!

my happy baby boy!

let's go mom! I am dressed and ready!

Sunday afternoon drive!

Yep, I am sure cute!

Aw, this is relaxing!

Enjoying my own big chair!

Hey ladies, check me out!

Cash and Mr. Bear

Another favorite - mommy's bracelet!

How can I eat this cup?

Rolling over!

chilling in the car!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This last Monday marked the end of my BIGGEST LOSER challenge I was in with 3 of my friends! I was nervous to do my weigh-in because I had been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and missed a few of my workouts I had planned to do in training for my half marathon, but oh well! However, it still went well and I ended up wInNing! YEAH!

I lost a total of 7.74% of my bodyweight in 6 weeks!
I am still not all the way down to my goal weight, but am super motivated to keep it coming off and know that I cAn do it now!

I do need YOUR help, however.................I am running in a half-marathon next month and need to come up with a great playlist to listen too! Can you please leave your favorite workout song(s) in your comments? I need a LOT of songs to fill that time up for 13.1 miles! Happy running!