Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Friends at First....Are Friends FOREVER!!!

There are those friends who you meet, and who you instantly know you will be best friends with and stay friends with forever. The kind you can not talk to for  months or even years and then pick back up with as if you see them everyday.  The kind you invite into your first child's delivery room to be with you and offer support and share the special moment of becoming a parent.  That is the way things went with my friend Yvonne!  Oh how we love her.  

We had the privilege of having her stay with us this weekend on her way to take a car from NC to Sacramento for her college son and to say it was fun was an understatement.  Listening to my kids giggle and laugh and see how they instantly fell in love with her again as I have was just awesome! My favorite part was waking up and listening to all 3 giggling and talking to her in her bed the next morning.  She is so much fun, full of life, love, hugs, and giggles.  We love LOVE LOVE Aunt Vonnie!!!  We had a blast hanging and showing her our town and beach!
Come again soon!

These two were giggling and giggling together after the others went to bed Sunday night.  They share a special bond and it was too cute!

We woke up and had Frozen Milk and Muffins for breakfast....AKA cake and icecream!!! Life is more fun when Vonnie is here!

Then we went and took pictures of the kids on Monday morning at the beach and the park and Cash snapped one of us - LOVE HER!!! And hey - we matched!

Of course at the beach after I tried to get pics of my kiddos they wanted to run and play in the water and Aunt Vonnie obliged and let them! It was so fun watching and I snapped a bunch of pics of them with her ---- the first being of them taking selfies with her!

The cutest little group!

 "Swing me Vonnie....one more time!?"

 Checking out the water!

 One of my favorites!

 My girl!

We love you Aunt Vonnie - thanks for making our holiday a great one!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To Grandmother's House We Go!!! Christmas Recap!

We had a wonderful Christmas in Utah with my family this year!  It was awesome because it was pretty warm before, and then snowed and gave us a white Christmas, we got to hang out with all but one of my siblings, we didn't get sick (unless you count Griffin getting carsick and puking at the ski resort), my little bro got engaged and we love his girl, we got to spend time with cousins and friends, and the list goes on.  Really, it was a great Christmas and taking the presents with us for the kids and seeing their faces on Christmas morning was also great.  More on that later!

We got there in time to go to a wedding reception of a family friend Matt Jackson where Sam was a groomsmen.  They did an awesome dance and of course I had to film it!  Great entertainment and so fun to see a lot of friends from my ward growing up!

The next day Grammy and I set out with the kids to go elfing and picked out 3 kids needs from the Christmas tree at the gym and then went shopping for them - it was great and fun to think of others and teach the kids about giving!

 At the store going to find the goods!

 We had a playdate with our friends the Roneys and it was a blast as always, and they gave us this cute little melting snowman that was so fun and you build and he melts and you keep doing that.  Cool toy!

 Riverwoods lights with Grammy and Papa is a favorite tradition!

 The Rosen Christmas party was also super fun and my mom, kimmy, and I all wore some form of leopard print so had to take a picture (unintenional!)  Great minds think alike;)

We all wrote down something we are working on this year and wrote it down to remember #heisthegift

We watched BYU ALMOST win their bowl game, but of course they blew it in double OT! BOO! Kids still had fun watching!

Selfie shots with my Ivy Girl!

 Sam saw Griffin's shirt and told us he had one that matched - TWINSIES!!! Griff calls Sam his "best buddy" so this was perfect!

 Best uncle Sammy and babysitter ever! All the kids LOVE him!

 Decorating cookies is so much more fun at Grammys! She lets them do a lot more I think!

 Driving around looking at lights we found some amazing houses!

 Baby Shower for my cousin Haley in SLC was super fun, and yummy!

 Cousin time with Baby Emma was always fun!


 Daddy arriving on Christmas Eve was best present our family could ask for!

 Christmas morning was full of squeals and excitement - and I wish I would have videoed Ivy opening her "bunki beds!"  Super excited kiddos!

 Boys got another Christmas present to go out and help shovel snow Christmas morning - they were SOOOO excited and "not a bit cold!"

 Post presents and food nap on Christmas afternoon!

Sledding at Rock Canyon park was also a blast with the kiddos, and mommy and daddy had fun too!

 Stopping at Temple Square on the way to the Roman's Christmas party was perfect - FREEZING, but so beautiful!!!

 My phone died on way up to Roy after so didn't get any pics of the Christmas party but was a great time, with a special musical number performed by about 10 of us for Grandpa and Grandma Romans!
Highlight was the ending lines played by the Trio of Nancy, Cynthia, and Phyllis!

Bean Museum with Emma was great fun for Ivy and I while boys were off skiing!

 Daddy wasn't with us the Sunday before Christmas so we took our Christmas shots the Sunday after!  I love getting everyone all dressed up matching! Love these people that I get to call MY Family!

 The girls - didn't let Ivy go to nursery cuz of the sickness going on here and she was sad - but pictures made it better!

 Ivy took this picture of us and it made me smile!

Helping Grammy take down Christmas was a huge project we undertook....and conquered!

 Nieces love Uncle Sammy, then both tried to escape him at the same moment!

 We ended up heading back the 1st day of January cuz Chip had some work stuff and actually it was great so we could get a jump on putting away Christmas and get settled before our lives took off again!  We are ready for 2015!  (We weren't much for celebrating New Year's Eve as we were all in bed by 9:30!)

Griff is the sweetest big brother always watching out and hugging Ivy!

 The reason we love Cali in January - beach weather!

 We had our first visitors that weekend too as Heidi and Uncle Stevious came and stayed and hung out with us, and we all went out to The Pan, the greatest place ever! Chip and Emily and Heidi had actually been a bunch and even Griff and Ivy had been, but Cash and I hadn't so we got to enjoy - and it is going to be a regular place for us - we LOVE it!  Heidi did Ivy's hair in the cutest braids and taught me how!

 Emma and Cash - Cash ate his ENTIRE HUGE CREPE! He is an amazing eater and I am in trouble when he becomes a teen!

 My first attempt at inside out braids after Heidi showed me - turned out great and so cute....along with her cute bare bum in the pic too! HEHE!

Gonna be a great year!