Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Minute Plans

We made last minute plans for the long weekend!!!
Go to NC and hang with our friends
Hit up our favorite spots to eat, shop, and party
Go swimming at opening of their the pool
BBQ and hang at Kristen's pool
Play Hand and Foot til late
Get in a game/tournament of Wii Golf
Enjoy sunday dinner with great friends
and the highlight......................going to the lake on Mark's boat and learning to wakeboard!!!
(and yes, I did get up my first time - I know, miracle)!
It was an absolute blast of a trip.............thanks Jen and Brannon so much for always letting us drop in at the drop of a hat, and for all the fun we got to have with all our friends! I truly am sad to not be living in Charlotte for the summer!
Hopefully we can make more plans and visit again soon!!!!
Cash had a lot of firsts too - and he LOVES the water!!! Looks like we have a little swimmer!

Check out my cool shades......I am ready for the pool!

Looks a little chilly......are we really swimming in the rain?

Bryson was freezing so took a nap....Jen and Chip also thought it was too cold to swim!

Chip playing football with Brannon, braving the frigid water!

Hot Prego Mama Jen and her cute little son Bryson!

Cash, anxiously awaiting his first dip in the pool

First experience of swimming!

Not sure yet -and yes, it was freezing!

A little too cold - not liking it so much!

Still unsure

After you get used to it, it really isn't so bad

I think I could like this!!!

All tired out from the action.....and bundled warm to dry off!

Monday morning!

First time ever on the boat!!! We LOVE mountain island lake!

Oh yeah, i love this!

Getting ready for my first experience wakeboarding

I surprised myself that I actually got up!!! I wish I could do this every week like last year!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another year older......ANOTHER race in 1 month!!!

So this birthday was awesome!!! As usual, Chip came through big time and "surprised me" bigtime! After thinking he forgot my birthday completely, having him remind me to clean all 5 toilets the morning of, not calling me AT ALL during the day, asking me again if the house was spotless before he came home, then "getting sick" so we had to go right home after my wonderful b-day dinner at The Boathouse, we arrived home to a wonderful..................

2 Cakes, 10 different flavors of icecream, lots of friends, and an awesome AWeSOME! gift from him! Thanks honey for not only NOT forgetting, but making it a very memorable birthday!

Also, future posts to include better pictures with my awesome new camera! (as soon as I learn how to work it)

On Saturday, the morning after the big party - I had to wake up at 5 am and get ready and leave for my race................another 1/2 Marathon! Am I crazy? I am starting to think so!
It was a little disapppointing - as I got sick at mile 4, and after mile 9 could barely make it and had to walk the last 4 miles.............Nevertheless I did complete it, although not like I wanted to! (All the icecream and b-day cake probably weren't good the night before)

I think it is time for a break from running!!! We'll see!

Birthday dinner at The Boathouse: Cash loved our food too!!! (he ate lots of my crab soup)

Our waiter made us laugh, and was charmed by Cash the whole time

I wasn't the only who was thrilled the race was over!!!
I convinced Rachel to run with me the night before.........sorry for getting sick!

My wonderful support through all the training and race day!
love my family!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best Mother's Day Present Ever........

So unlike many who received breakfast in bed, cute notes from their kids, a poem from their husbands, gifts from others etc etc..................I did not receive any of these! (i am not complaining I promise)

However, I did get surprised with something from my 9 month old son Mother's Day Morning........and it has been a gift that keeps on giving every day since. He learned and said his first word: MAMA!

It couldn't have made me more proud or happier the entire day. I think I was smiling from ear to ear all day just because...and even better, he is not snuggly at all normally either, but somehow decided to shower me with hugs and kisses (his hugs consist of pushing his head into mine, and kisses come with open mouth on my cheek or shoulder)! I will take them though, and love hearing him each morning and throughout the day as he says "mama, ma.....ma, maaaaaaaamaa," etc etc

It was a great Mother's Day - best yet! (and i did get flowers from my honey too)
maybe a poem next year?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When I planned my week trip down to NC last week, I definitely didn't schedule in the DISASTERS that were to occur. I was going down for a visit with friends and for a joint baby shower on Thursday. Long story short, I almost didn't even stay for it, but in the end I did and I am so glad!

Despite realizing I left my suitcase with ALL of Cash and my clothes in it on the 3rd floor of my place back home (as I pulled into my friends driveway in NC that is)
Despite I spent the first night up ALL night with a screaming child (finally I resorted to driving him around in the car at 4 am to help him go to sleep...........a first for him)
Despite I spent 5 hours figuring out insurance and in urgent care getting little man checked out
Despite him having an ear infection, starting to cut a tooth, and also having a little cold
Despite only getting 2 hours of sleep on Wednesday night as well due to sick baby
Despite not being able to work out due to clothes being in suitcase at home
Despite all that went wrong and getting packed, driving out and heading home..............I did turn around and head back and stay as I had planned (thanks to a yummy sandwich at Jimmy Johns, a Diet Coke, and a chat from my wise friend Yvonne)

Despite all that went wrong...........I had a great time seeing friends, at the baby shower, and just getting to hang out at Jens. Thanks so much Jen for hosting us - sorry for keeping you up, and next time hopefully will be much more restful at night! You are great! We loved shopping, talking, and just hanging out at your place!

the 2 preggos about to open their gifts!

Peyton, Sandy, and Wendy

Kristen and me

The whole gang - love you guys!!!

My favorite babysitter Morgan (thanks for helping so much with Cash at the shower), and Landon and Jarrett and baby Cash..........I wanted to take Landon home with me, he is the best little helper and kept me informed when Cash was crying, and told the women to be quiet when he fell asleep......not to mention picked flowers for me on his walk with Morgan! So cute!

Can't wait to visit again soon!!!! I love NC!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sleepover with the Jardines

This past Thursday, Chip had to fly out of town for business, so I decided to make the most of it and enjoy some time with our friends the Jardines. Jenny Witt, another great friend, was able to come at the last minute too, and so we had a blast!!! So much fun reuniting, catching up, eating yummy food at Vapianos, laughing, monkey business, sandwich cafe, shopping, and just chatting! Thanks for being wonderful hostess Cady, and for the fun time we had!

Waiting at Vapianos for Cady and Jarrett

Cash and Jenny - he Loved her from the moment he saw her at our house!

Sitting up tall in his own chair!
Jenny found a new favorite toy for you: her lotion

Yum Yum

My happy boy! He was the GREATEST little travel buddy ever!

Uh, yeah? Are we gonna go eat yet? We were all starving!!!

Flashback: Here is Cash at 3 weeks old in the same red chair - boy has he grown up!!!

After dinner we went back to Cady's - ready for bed and looking a little tired!

I looked over and he had, all by himself, turned this beach ball into a pillow and was laying there - we were laughing so hard! Smart boy!

Had to take a video of the ball pillow - it was so funny!

The next day at Monkey Business - like a Little Gym for kids - Cady worked there and got us in free - Cash absolutely LOVED every minute of it! Here with Jenny!

He participated in all the games and songs, and just looked around smiling at everyone!

Guess we'll have to check out and see what we can find like it around our house!

Watching all the kids - and Jarrett's favorite - basketball!

Cady and Jarrett - playing with the drum set!

When all the kids were free to play with whatever toy - Cash found his favorite - the pickle ball!

On our way home we went on a "short" shopping trip - actually ended up taking 5 hours! But we stopped at the outlets and had a blast and found a TON of deals! Cash was so happy and fun the ENTIRE TIME!!! Here he is trying on a hat!
Love the face!
What a ham!
My favorite!
Ok - time to come off!

His other favorite thing we discovered was the mirror - we would find it and just put him in front and he was so happy! Watch the video below for the full experience!

Cash looking/laughing at himself in the mirror!