Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 25: A Day to Remember!!!

Well this day has been a LONG time in coming.  When Ivy was first born she was a great sleeper in the night.  From day 1 only waking up 1 or 2 times a night, and that quickly went to 1.  Then she would just eat and go back to sleep.  Somewhere along the road, however, things took a big step backwards --- maybe it was the fact we moved 2 time zones within her first 2 months of life, or maybe the fact I held her to keep her safe from her brothers and rocked her to sleep so she became spoiled, or the fact every time I seemed to be ready to sleep train her and let her figure things out she got sick and I just couldn't let her cry it out, or the fact I don't want her to wake the boys up so if it is close to 5 am or after I rush in so she won't wake everybody up and risk us all having to get up so early--- or maybe I just am too much a softy and when she cries it breaks my heart and I physically can NOT let her cry.  Whatever the reason, she came to the point where she was waking up every 3 hours and has become my worst sleeper/napper to date.  Also the boys schedules don't help the naps and so she really hasn't had a stable schedule which I believe is very crucial in having great sleepers.  Anyhow, it has been a long few months and I have been waiting and trying to figure out how to help her and what needs to be done.  She has finally figured out how to take 2 good naps during the day, and pretty much had a standard schedule of waking up sometime between midnight -1 am and then again at 5 am.  I wasn't sure how I was going to break this and then it happened.  On Feb. 25 she woke up at 3 am, and I let her cry for less than 5 minutes and she was back asleep.  Then she woke up again at 5 am and wimpered for all of 2 minutes and went back to sleep until 6:30 - so she slept from 8 pm-6:30 am.  YEAH!!!!!  I know many of your babies out there have slept longer and better and earlier and great for you!  My boys were this way and both were angel sleepers and nappers.  But for this little girly this was a HUGE accomplishment!  I am SOOOOO happy about it and hope it continues (even tho last night at 3 am she didn't stop crying until I finally fed her again....so who knows?!)!

Anyways, the last couple weeks have been a little crazy around our house.  She has had a bad cold and been a little sick and that is no fun! But it made for a LOT of holding and snuggle time for me!

She has started crawling on all fours instead of just her scoot and can pretty much get around everywhere and anywhere - and she does!  I love it that I have my first crawler!

Happy girl!

 Bathtime is a favorite around our house and even tho this was taken in Cville I can't help but LOVE the way these two are sweet to each other and appreciate the moments of them being best friends!

 She pulls herself to standing and is SO happy about doing so!  And has the cutest ruffle bum ever!

 So independent and curious!

Dressing her up for church is a favorite activity as she is such a doll!  And SOOOO happy all the time. She makes everyone smile as she pretty much has a smile on her face 24 hours a day.  I am lucky and wish I felt as happy as her this often!

Ready for her nap!

 My favorite!

 Exploring and figuring how to stand up here!

 And She is up - and even letting go of one hand!

 Can't get enough of her!

 She will be 9 months in 2 days and I can't believe how time has flown so fast from that first night of meeting her late on that Memorial Day.  I love her so much and hope she will sleep more nights in the future!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines Part 2!

As if Valentines wasn't eventful enough at our house --- another BIG, no HUGE surprise came when my sister's BF proposed on this special day of love!  OK - so the family knew it was coming -but she didn't.  She was TOTALLY surprised so his plans worked!  Also, he picked out the ring for her without any say - and DANG! He did a great job! The ring is beautiful and we are so excited to have Hooty in the family!  They got engaged up at Timpanogas where they had a special date, and then came back down the canyon and got on a flight and came to my house later that night.  Happy V-day to them and congrats.  On a side note Chip proposed to me also on Valentines Day 7 years ago - so now we share it (along with probably a bunch of other people too - good day to celebrate your love!) Looks like we are now planning for a June wedding!!!

 Since I was busy getting the house ready for my lovebird visitors we decided to go with the order in pizza this year instead of making it - and this awesome place called Valentinos delivered it in the shape of a heart for the special holiday.  The boys were SO excited!

 Then it was marshmellow fight time with the boys new guns we made and it was a blast.  Daddy joined in the fun too!

 I made a delicious strawberry brownie torte for dessert for the special occasion!  

 SOOOOOO yummy!

 My sweet little one who wasn't feeling so great but still smiled and looked cute today!

 Friday we went down to the beach as it was 79 degrees and had a great time!  So much fun!

 Ivy didn't much care for the sand or water, but enjoyed the blanket for a bit!

 The next morning I woke up and these two were just super lovey dovey to each other.  Ok so every morning Ivy is SOOOO excited and loves to kiss Griffin.  He is a little charmer and man his sister loves him!  Melts my heart!

 Most the time he is good to her too, although she has learned to be tough already for when he is ALL boy and jumps on her!  He said to her this morning "Ivy you are my best friend!" which was really sweet!

 More beach time on Saturday in the 80 degree gorgeous weather, and the boys had a blast jumping in the ocean and playing by the pier.  Chip was sick so kept Ivy home with him, and we all had a blast enjoying and soaking up the sun!

Didn't take any pics of the dance comp but as always Kimmy danced beautifully and looked amazing!  Was a fun weekend!  Great way to celebrate love!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines 2013: Part 1!!!

Cash was really excited to do up more Valentines for Day 2 of pre-school parties - since it is two different classes he is in it was DOUBLE the parties, and of course, DOUBLE the fun!!!
For this one we used a friend's idea and did Kool-Aid Jammers that said You are the Kool - to my Aid! He was so excited and apparently today they were a big hit!  Love this kid!

 I have been telling him that there is only one thing I care about this year at pre-school....and that is that he is a friend to EVERY single person in his class.  And he has taken it to heart apparently because his teachers say everyone always wants to sit by him and fight over who is next to him.  I am so happy about this because it means that he is nice to others and is being a good friend to others if they want to sit by him, and that makes my heart happy!  Stay so sweet forever little Cash!

Last night I put together the kids gift stuff for the morning.  They were soooo excited and just loved it!  I love it because simple things make them so happy and it was fun for me to do!
I had been doing a heart each day on their door starting Feb 1 telling them something I loved about them and so these hearts were the last one. They say "I love you because you are mine!"  
And boy do I feel lucky! 

I actually am sad that I won't be putting any more hearts up each day - or maybe I will just keep going through all of February?!

Breakfast was some yummy red belgium waffles and vanilla syrup!

 Then Cash went off to school and Griff, Ivy and I went to 4 stores in less than 1.5 hours before picking him up - yes that is AMAZING for us!  Especially because we did Target, Home Depot, Costco, and Old Navy!  Crazy lady me for dragging two kids in but we had to get stuff done for today so off we went!  Thanks Griff for being good today and not throwing a big tantrum at the checkout line anywhere, and also Ivy for falling asleep in the car at the end and being happy the WHOLE time despite not feeling well and teething!

After we got home I wanted a pic of Cash and his Valentine's bag and stuff - Griff of course wanted in but after snapping this I realized it was too sunny for them to have it here!

So we came inside and snapped a few more!

 For Valentines we made these awesome marshmellow guns so we can have a love war tonight with daddy!  Gonna be fun, and yes the boys are loving their new shades!

 0-0-7!!!  Love this pic!

 We have a tradition that from a friend we started 7 years ago and I still love it.  It makes me excited every year - and that is to write down 100 reasons why we love each other!  Funny thing is it sounds like a lot but once I get going I could keep on going for a lot more than just 100.  Today I had to stop myself!  What can I say I love my man Chip and I am a lucky girl to have him as my hubby.  Can't wait to share them with him tonight over our candle light pizza (we also order and stay in every Valetines) and I made a yummy yummy strawberry brownie torte to go with it!  Yummy!

Happy Valentines Day to ALL!
Spread the LOVE!!!