Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Lately!

It is really busy here, and already the calendar for April and May we are booked every single weekend, so only getting busier!  I guess that is a good thing, altho makes time for blogging scarce! However, wanted to get a few things up to document what we have been up to!

Getting ready to watch Frozen! We bought this movie the week it came out and We LOVE it! Cash sings the songs all the time and I love it!

 Ivy's first french braid!

 Easter Egg fun!

 Playing hairstylist!

 Pre-game talk with buddies!

 Alex came to visit for the day - SO MUCH FUN!!! Ivy loves Uncle Al!

 Chip and Matt chatting during the game!

Griff had fun playing with Alex during the game too!

 Ivy loved Stephanie Kirkham! Baseball game buddies!

 Dinner at an Italian place in MB and then a walk on the pier with Alex!

 And of course icecream at the Manhattan Beach Creamery! Griffin chose cookie monster flavor!

 Ivy loved the coconut!

 Cash and Stephanie!

 One more of Ivy at the game from Alex!

 Easter Craft - the start of my wreath and then the finished product! (i don't love our door, but the wreath is cute!)

 And a fun sweet 16 birthday cake to do up for a friend! Love her - she is a darling girl in my ward here and is the cutest and nicest and always has a smile! All she wanted was my coconut cake for her birthday - so of course I had to come through - she is gonna love it I hope! And her favorite color is orange so had to go with that!

 Coconut dream cake!  Happy Sweet 16 Emma!

 Also some delicious brownie cheesecake deluxe cupcakes with toasted marshmallows and chocolate ganash! Yummy!

 We helped in Griffin's class today and it was so much fun!  Ivy was in heaven, and G was so cute putting his arm around her and going everywhere with her and watching out for her!

 Sharing his show and tell with the kid!  And of course another shot with Ivy!

 Ivy's stink eye!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wacky Wednesday!

This is a wacky post full of lots of random things.  However, want to document our lives for purposes of journaling so enjoy the random assortment of photos and thoughts!

Ivy and I watching Griffin jump on the couch, photo courtesy of Cash!

 Our garage broke last week and we had our car inside, so we were trapped and couldn't get out.  The place we were supposed to have come fix it told me they couldn't come until Friday - it broke sunday night - which definitely wouldn't work as I NEED a car to run the kids around and do errands and live each day so I called another guy and he came that afternoon.  He managed to hoist the garage up so I could get it out, and then told me the spring to the garage had busted, both of them actually.  Well, those springs are HUGE and our garage is very insulated and with windows and so heavy which means lots of money to fix the springs.  However, props to our LL who was gone and came back a day early and was here when a different guy came two days later and fixed it and she paid him and I didn't have to worry at all!  Phew!!!  The kids sat down all on their own to watch and were so entertained, ah the simple things!

 For the first time ever I had a kid fall asleep in the high chair.  Literally this has NEVER happened to me, and she doesn't fall asleep well even in her car seat cuz she is a stomach sleeper so she must have been VERY VERY tired.  Love the spoon is still in her hand.  Yes she transferred great to her bed even tho I had to wash her and get the big and shoes off and bow out and up to her bed.  Sweet baby girl!

 Griffin got into the brownies we made one night before I had the chance to cut them and got himself his own helping.  I am just grateful he didn't puke from eating all that himself!

 That same night Chip brought me home the tuna roll and also some delicious keylime and peach froyo!  What a stellar husband! Think I'll keep him!

 Griffin is LOVING pre-school and my friend Jen took this pic of our kiddos when she was working in the classroom!  So much fun!

 The kids started tae kwando and seriously love it and it is actually the BEST ab workout ever for me as I laugh for almost an hour straight at them, er I mean with them.  It is way too cute!

 Sitting in their different lines waiting for the next drill!

 Started a little redecorating of my own room (finally) and love these new additions! (pics of my jewelry racks to come soon!)

 We are enjoying WARM weather and also the color blue/denim look as I realize Ivy's wardrobe is very much based on this color scheme as of late!  SO much fun shopping for a girl!

 We went to Homegoods and found this AMAZING chair which I wanted so badly for her just for fun - totally doesn't go with her room but so cute.  She had fun sitting in it and being queen of the roost!

 Then she saw this one and decided it was her favorite!

Saying Cheese!

Today is my Grandma Katee's 87th birthday!  I am grateful for her and for the example she has been to me in my life.  She is amazing and so talented and I love that I can video chat with her and see her weekly and talk to her whenever I want!  Happy Birthday Beautiful Grandma Romans!!! (pic from last april when we went there for Easter!)

Happy Wacky Wednesday!