Wednesday, November 26, 2008



I love this guy so much! From his smart inquisitive mind, to his infectious laugh and never ending teasing, to the cute and loving way he plays with Cash! He is the biggest blessing that has ever happened to me and each day I am thankful to have him in my life. Happy 29 baby! I am so grateful you were born 29 years ago on this day and look forward to sharing many more birthdays with you! I love you!

To celebrate we had Chip's favorite cake last night (a day early so we could celebrate with friends)! It is the Costco chocolate cake that is so decadent and rich and simply delicious!!! We don't have a Costco here so I had to go to great lengths to get it, which was a great surprise to Chip....and totally worth it. (I put a post on my NC ward blog asking if anyone was going to Costco on Monday and could pick it up and drop it at the Macdonalds since they were coming up Tuesday night......luckily the Johns were and they got it for us - thanks guys you are awesome!) Now just can't wait to give Chip his other presents tonight.....more b-day pics to come later!!!

.....and now a birthday note from Cash:

Dear Daddy-
I love you so much. You are the best dad ever! Thanks for playing with me all the time, bathing me, changing my diapers, putting me to sleep, and making me smile. Happy Birthday dad!!!
love Cash

We hope you have a great day and we are so glad you are part of our family....Happy Birthday honey!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Grateful For.......


Last week the highlight for me was the 2 hours I got to spend being visit taught. I am grateful for 2 girls who probably have no idea how much it meant to me to be visited and get to interact with other adults and meet some people out here. Living in a new place with a small baby and not much interaction with society lately has made life a little lonely for me here at the Brown home. I am grateful this day for a church that has such wonderful organizations and programs as the visiting teaching program that allows us to interact and serve one another in small ways, but yet ones that truly do make a difference.

I am grateful for many other things, but today feel especially grateful for my wonderful visiting teachers who fulfilled their calling and truly made a difference in my life this week! It has been a huge blessing for me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being A Mommy Aint Always Easy

We are back from our great trip to Utah (pics to come soon)! However, both Cash and I returned with bad colds. This means that he isn't his normal happy self, and although he isn't too fussy either, things could definitely be going better today.

So far we have experienced:
Cash spitting up huge 3 times - 1 time right down my shirt onto my bare skin - SO GROSS!!!

1 major blowout - I knew he was messing his pants so decided to take his clothes off and lay him on the changing table to finish, except when I grabbed his leg to pull it out of his jammies I got poop all over my hand -- I was already too late!!!
A bathtime experience he didn't enjoy
Refusing to nurse once again - bad for both baby and mommy
3 very VERY short naps
1 Exhausted mommy

All of this and yet still he looks up at me and smiles as if nothing is wrong, which although frustrating can't help but bring a smile to my face as well!!! May we both get better SOON!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


2 month stats
weight: 12 lbs. 11 oz.
height: 24 inches long

2 months old means...............

2 shots in each leg and an oral vaccine:

Too big for his newborn clothes: check out the comparison from the day he was brought home from the hospital and then 2 days after he hit 2 months - last time he will ever wear this one!

bringing him home from the hospital

the arms are too short, feet are too small, and he fills out the whole outfit (and the carseat too)

Too big to wear the newborn diapers:

diapers are now more expensive for the bigger size!!!

Too small to move around, but big enough to grab onto his toys and shake the parrot

He loves to grab the bird - Dr. said this is a 4-5 month skill!!!

Too little to not be bundled when sleeping:

he LOVES his swing and watching the fish go round and round

Too little to roll away and so much fun to watch wiggle and smile and laugh with:

thanks Nicola for the cute sweater

Such a fun stage!

Too young to go trick-or-treating: he was tuckered out before the night even began!

Still SO fun to dress up - my cute little sleeping pup

Too big a BYU fan already: whenever he wears this shirt the Cougars win!!!

Thanks Alison for this darling shirt....and thank heavens the cougs pulled it off last night!

Too cute and fun for words: (the following were taken in sequence to capture the whole moment)

Cash is SO much fun right now. He is always laughing and smiling and loves to talk and "coo" and babble. Lately he is sticking his tongue out all the time tasting anything it will touch. It is especially funny to have his daddy blow in his face, because then he shuts his eyes and sticks his tongue out in the funniest little face. We are having a blast with this little guy and wouldn't trade him for anything!!!