Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Choice has been made.......................

Cash has moved from his rear-facing infant carrier:

To his new, after much research and inquiries to all we know, (da da da)........
Britax Boulevard!!!!

He loves it, and so do we! Thanks to all for the recommendations!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A MUST SEE TO BELIEVE.............

A couple of weeks ago I had just changed Cash's diaper and he was playing on the floor in front of the TV. I walked into the kitchen to grab something, and upon turning around found him doing this!!!

He now throws all his diapers away for us, but has moved from doing it the scoot style, to doing this!!!

He also has seen me wearing this when I go running, so he wanted a try!
Love his dance moves and cuteness (what you think - should they use him for the next dancing ipod commercials?)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preview of what I am about to learn!!!

Taking great pictures!!!
My friend came over and we had a photoshoot (or tried to anyways)
with our little kiddos who are 1.5 months apart!
We took Lizzy and Cash outside by my house since it was raining, and just stayed close so we could go inside (later this week we are going to some other cool places)
More to come of our future one - however, she showed me some cool tricks on my camera, and is teaching me about editing and all sorts of cool ones!

Emily is a great photographer, and Cash and Lizzy are both so darling to shoot and see interact so it was really fun -- Lizzy is teaching him to be tough as she tackles him and moves him out of her way!!! She was so cute in the tutu, and he loved holding the beads and throwing rocks!

Here is a couple she took that i LOVED!!!

Lizzy is about the cutest little girl ever, and she has the funnest personality - we had a great time dressing her up in beads and tutus!
(i haven't posted pics before of the ones I sell because I didn't like any pictures I have taken of them - so Emily is helping me, and these are more of lizzy then the tutus - but i loved them and she is so cute in them I couldn't resist. )

More pics of all the tutus to come! This one is called Watermelon Juice and is pink and green with darling polka dot ribbons and rhinestone decor on the flower and ribbons!
Isn't she cute!?!

Friday, September 4, 2009


You know when you want something so bad you can almost taste it?

This is what I been longing for:
the crisp cool mornings of utah when I am out for an early jog
the crunchy bite of a delicious apple in the fall from an orchard up the road
the smell of a hotdog at a BYU game and the fun excitement in the air from Football season
the smell of new books
the smell of my new place of living
meeting new roommates
the butterflies in my stomache as I attend all my classes for the first time

checking out all the "potentials" in my classes and making lists of those I could date, those that would be fun to hang out with, and those that would just be fun for a NICMO (ok, i don't really miss this that much - but the semester when I met chip i do - and our super fun dating adventures fall 2005)
Meeting new friends and forming study groups

opening up my notebooks for the first time and feeling, for a brief 2 seconds, that I am going to be organized and stay on task all semester (who am i kidding? this NEVER happened)
figuring out how to squeeze in my schedule all the dance classes I want to take
going to team auditions and kicking off team socials
going shopping for my "new school clothes"
going to the library for the first time to "study"

the fun times TAing in the accounting lab - and laughing as the new jr. core students are freaking out about their first huge case study!
the feel of new sweaters, a warm jacket, and a cup of hot soup in my hand!
smell of crisp air, beautiful leaves changing, and walking around campus in the gorgeous weather
meeting up with pals at the wilk for a quick bite to eat and to discus weekend plans
people watching on campus
fall parties to kick off all the great shows that make their debut mid-september
the first trip to the testing center (i know, sick I actually liked this)
making lists and schedules for my week

getting up early and heading to the gym
working out late at night as I read my assignments for the next day (i only fell off the machines 2 times while doing pretty good considering some of my best reading moments came on a treadmill or eliptical machine)
waking up early to go to school, which at first was a dread but actually I DO LOVE
getting all my syllabi and seeing which classes I want to actually stay in
riding up to school on my scooter and not having to deal with parking
having a graduate pass to park close to the tanner building!!!!

Yep, pretty much from this list you can tell.
I am longing!
Longing to be back in school.
As if I wasn't at BYU long enough.
I know, but i just lOVE it so much!
I love school, learning, and most of all fall semester!

So, although I won't be attending BYU this fall - I am going back to school.
I am taking 1 class only from UVA.
Creative Digital Photography.
Hopefully this will fulfill some of my longing!

PS (i never actually did make lists of "potentials" at all....but everyone knows you gotta check out whose in the class and see if there is any hope of those to date!!!)
Happy fall semester to all those at my alma mater!
You are lucky - drink it all up as it will go way too fast!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Window dressings and cake drippings!

So I recently took on a project I have NEVER done before!
Creating Cornice boxes for my windows!
I was originally going to do valences, when my sister-in-law Beth informed me those were out and to do this cornice box thing instead!
I looked it up, and decided to give it a whirl!

I love how they turned out!
Thank you Beth for the great idea!

Also, I usually like neutral colors - and stick to safe, contemporary decorations - but decided to throw all caution to the wind and do bright and cheery colors in our family room!
The pillows were first, and the drapes came second

They did, however, take so long I almost didn't get everything ready for Cash's birthday bash on Saturday!
However, thanks to a very handy tool-man, great Mr. Mom, super-cleaner, and an ultra patient hubby, they were up exactly 2 hrs. prior to guest arrival!
We had a great bbq with friends and family to celebrate, and another cake experience for little Cash!

This one is just for you linds - miss your face!!!!

Guests at the party
Enjoying the grub - (don't the drapes look good?)
Wo - what is that?
not wanting to get messy - so using his fork!
this fork is not working so well!
maybe i will try using my fingers afterall!

hmmm......interesting flavor!

so good!
give me more!
i really love being center of attention!
this is so great!

yum yum (i love his bottom tooth)

messy fingers!

give me that!

some of the results!
this is so much fun mommy!

who is gonna clean me up now?

Special thanks to Emily and John Jones who shot some of these great photos!!!! What a great night!