Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 months!!!

Our little Ivy Jane turned 5 months on Sunday, 10/28/2012!
Her 5 months stats (due to us moving and delaying the 2 month checkup to 3 months so the 4 month checkup to 5 months --- yes it confused even the Dr. at first for her stats....we had to adjust them!)
Height: 26 inches long (80%)
Weight: 15 lbs. 4 oz. (60%)
Head: 16 inches (50%)

She is so much fun - and we love her to pieces!  Can't believe it has been 5 months since she came into our lives.  We have had so many changes it has just flown by!  We didn't get many pictures of her in her blessing outfit the day of her blessing, so I set up a little photoshoot and took some on my own - her dress fits her better now than it did back then anyways.  Her Grandma Betty made it and it is so beautiful!  I made her headband and even included one of the flowers is made out of my wedding dress fabric.  It was a special day and we were so blessed to have so many good friends and family there with us!  Enjoy the pic overload!  The lighting wasn't great so they didn't turn out as good as I wanted, but it was what we got!

My favorite!!!

Yesterday we tried to get a few pics of her in the dress she wore to Heidi's wedding.  We didn't get many of her at the reception either so once again tried another set up and take by mom.  Unfortunately she wasn't in the best mood for the pictures - I think the dress is itchy and uncomfortable, it was hard getting the boys to help out hold the blanket up, and she was just not having many - so it was a real quick shoot as of like 5 minutes.  I did manage to capture a couple I liked and also get the pics done before she outgrows this little dress!  I made the headbands for her and my niece Adella and they looked so cute in them!

The only way we could get her to not fuss at the first was to hand her this book!

 Probably my favorite below left!

 Such a pretty girl!

 Once again had to resort to letting her play with a toy to make her happy again!  Daddy would be proud!  She loves to play football ;)

 Cute chubby princess!

The back had this pretty bow!  (yes I had unzipped her already before taking these pics!)

Mom - enough is enough!!!!

Griffin really wanted to be in the pic with her!

Cash also wanted a pic and I said no because he wasn't in nice clothes to get in and so he went and put on his wedding "church" clothes so he could take one too!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk-or-Treat 2012!!!

We had so much fun at our Trunk-or-Treat that we failed to take pictures, and the ones we did take somehow didn't come out great ---- thus I have vowed to be better on Halloween so we have some good photos, because the costumes were awesome!  So for now, we only have a few - but it was a great first experience here in Cali at our ward Trunk-or-Treat!  The kids had a blast, Chip had a blast decorating the car (minus the fog machine not working), and I had a blast all decked out again as my favorite......Cruella de vil, carrying around my little cute dalmation!  Chip was the puppy thief, Cash was Captain Jack Sparrow, and Griff was a little monkey!!!  Enjoy!

Captain Jack Sparrow!  RRRRRRRR....matey!

Ready to head out to the party!  (too hot for Griff to wear his jacket in doors here!)

The best shot we got as a family - in front of our car all decorated - Puppy thief with one dalmation, Cruella de vil, monkey, and Captain Jack Sparrow!

 Captain Jack with his 2 best buddies - ironman (Owen), and Darth Vader (Crew)

Griff and daddy outside the car - ready to get candy!

 Princess Leia and Cruella!

 Family shot that was a little blurry!

 Closer look at the car, and Cruella's cape!

Puppy Handoff - and yes I made my cape!

 Eating some grub!

 awesome treats!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Week Before Halloween!!!

And all through our house..........
We were busily getting our costumes ready! 
We take Halloween seriously at this house!

Cash helps a LOT with Ivy Jane now and was holding her while I busily fixed up something on my costume!

I was working on something on Griffin's costume and turned around and Griff started laughing hysterically saying "look, look!"  I turned around to see he had put a hat on Ivy while she was playing in her exersaucer!  She didn't seem to mind, and I had to giggle at Griff laughing so hard!  Funny boy!

Since Cash isn't in pre-school I try to do things each week that would be activities like those of a school and this week we cut out pumpkin shapes with felt, and then stems, eyes, noses, and mouths of different shapes to play "put our pumpkin together!"  Griff loved it too and as you can see his is VERY creative!  It was a fun activity and helped Griffin learn his shapes better -- Cash already knows all his!

Griff's!  He really likes the stems you can see!  Also, he always wanted to put "cheeks" on his!

 Cash's when I said to use round for the eyes and moons for the nose and mouth!

 Griff's with a little help from mom - of course including cheek!


 Cash's scary mouth one!

 Griff wants to do everything Cash does and so put on his underwear (over his diaper) and Cash's old boots and refused to wear anything else!  He makes us laugh constantly!  Skinny legged boy!

 Twin shirts! Tall boys!

 Copying Cash making a funny face! Love these two crazy boys!

Ivy has learned how to play with her toes, and even get them in her mouth these days.  I have a picture of me as a baby where I look just like this!  Makes me laugh!  Chubby thighs are so fun and squishy ;)

 I made a wedding hair piece for someone yesterday and was happy to check that off my list amongst all the costume stuff going on!!!

 Ivy got to wear her hat out and about as yesterday was actually cold!  Love dressing her up for the fall - my friend made her the CUTEST little booties to go with this but they got kicked off!

She makes us all smile with this cute little face!

A little preview and take one of the costume - Captain Jack Cash Sparrow!  Seriously business here I say!

What you going to be?